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This isn't the longer piece I had been working on, and it's totally rushed, but it is important. The death of #AnthonyBourdain just got a whole lot more surreal.

#Ritualabuse #Pizzagate #SpiritCooking

Why? For starters, his final segment of Parts Unknown included a Bhutanese death ritual. This is massively significant in and of itself, but who he performed it with is equally important. None other than #DarrenAronofsky

#ritualabuse #Pedogate #CSA #SRA

What's so special about #DarrenAronofsky?

He is the Director of the film, Mother!

Movie poster for that film is.... telling, to say the least.

#Ritualabuse #CSA #Pedogate #SpiritCooking #RitualAbuse #SRA #cult
In "Mother!" we see a pagan cult kill and cannibalize a newborn, Jennifer Lawrence's heart is ripped from her chest, etc. This is very traditional #ritualabuse subject matter, with RA-anon, Kim noble and Dutroux survivors recalling specifically the role of birth in ritual abuse.
Again. The Director of Mother! Participated in the "Bhutanese death ritual" with Anthony Bourdain in the last full espisode of "Parts Unknown" before his "suicide."Are TPTB shedding the veil of secrecy on #Ritualabuse? I don't know - and I don't pretend to know why Bourdain died.
Dutroux survivor's description of horrific torture also includes birth in their testimony: TRIGGER WARNING on the material linked: archive.is/oOwJf#selectio…
Jennifer Lawrence's character having her heart ripped out in Mother! Is also very similar to the Aztec ritual human sacrifices, which we just saw news about recently:

So what does this all mean and why do we care? Because yet again, we are faced with obvious in-your-face #ritualabuse themes paired with a tradition - Bhutanese Buddhism - which is outside the usual paradigm for those looking into the origin of ritual abuse. Not Abrahimic.
I will be commenting on the significance of this type of overlapping interest in the longer piece I'm writing. It is important to point out that this is the type of evidence we are given by people who create very straight-up-ritual-abuse themed "art."
I don't want to go down a lot of paths others have rehashed a million times, except to state that this newest weird "coincidence" around Bourdain's death adds to previous observations regarding his gf #AsiaArgento, whose instagram account has since been deleted. #spiritcooking
#AsiaArgento with "artist" John Coleman... We all know she is into some #occult type er... lifestyle choices? Not to mention her father's "work" as a Director.


The news about Aronofsky adds to all of that and makes Bourdain's death that much more bizarre.
Most of us know #AsiaArgento's father was an Italian film director - below is a still from Dario Argento's film "Phenomena," known in the US as "Creepers." MKULTRA reference in addition to the many occult themes in his work.
Am I the only one who felt weird noticing that just prior to Bourdain's death, advertisements had appeared for a remake of Argento's "Suspuria"?

Related or not, the first trailer was released on approx June 4th..

Bourdain died on June 8.


Surely they wouldn't kill Bourdain as a sick marketing ploy... right? He would surely have been worth more financially alive and filming than however many more seats were filled on the release of one single remake? There has to be more going on here. #Ritualabuse
What's the plot of Suspiria?

Basically: Girl goes to ballet school, which turns out to be a coven of witches.
That sounds boilerplate enough, but what interests me is that it is a *ballet* school -- dance is intimately involved with ritual abuse. The body being the key to SRA
Confusing to ponder that, if tptb had wanted to hide this ritual, they could have cut it in the editing room (I guess?) or never would have filmed it in the first place. Why include it so overtly? MSM is reporting the "death ritual" headline ALL OVER the place. Why?
Much less a death ritual alongside the director of Mother!.....

Even if cutting the ritual scene from the last episode was impossible b/c it was edited by June 8 - tptb definitely have MSM on a leash so - it would be easy to prevent coverage if they wanted.
So -- is it possible that this death was made to look overtly occult to distract from/hide some other connection that played a role? Are we being directed to assume this is occult? Are they normalizing us to their cult behavior? Or are TPTB just recklessly arrogant? #Bourdain
It feels like this new information raises a million new questions and provides us no answers.#AnthonyBourdian #Bourdain #Ritualabuse
And then of course there was the time Asia Argento did this:




Note: Argento is NOT the same the girl shown the pictures at that archive link^ above, even though it looks similar: However, Argento was headlining that event.

You can confirm it's not her on the following blog --

TRIGGER WARNING on the content there.

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Jun 30, 2018
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Jun 25, 2018
People ignore the evidence of ritual abuse in plain sight because it doesn't come wearing pentagrams, inverted crosses or kabalistic imagery. It is a smokescreen to focus only on abrahamic faiths or inversions of them for the origin of #ritualabuse.

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