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I'm re-reading @HHoangWrites #TheKissQuotient (read the first time in one sitting and forgot to tweet about it). Y'all, this is why #ownvoices fiction is so bloody important.

I can see myself in Stella. She sniffed Michael's t-shirt and is fascinated by his scent. That is so
accurate to my #ActuallyAutistic experience of sensuality and romance that I'm almost in tears on the second read because I can finally see me in a majorly recognized romance novel.

And damn Helen, can you ever write how to kiss! #TheKissQuotient

Publishing? I need MOAR.
This! Stella's night-time routine! Yes! #TheKissQuotient
Gods. I'm so in love with Michael. He breaks my heart because he's so certain he's broken.

Peeps. This book is well worth the buzz. #TheKissQuotient

If you're #ActuallyAutistic and love romance novels. Run, don't walk to the bearest place to buy it. You won't be sorry.
Holy hell. Helen *really* knows how to write a sex scene.

Lolz. My partner is always happy when I'm reading excellent romance. 😂

Aaaand I got so wrapped up in the story again I forgot to tweet about it.

This book means so much to me. To be able to see aspects of myself on page...

The aspects I've spent my entire life learning how to mask.

And in a book put out by a major publisher...

It means the world

• • •

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Aug 29, 2018
Okay. So I'm reading an old favorite of mine. And while I still love it it's so bad!

Head hopping.
Heaving bosoms
Blushing virgins.

oh my...

Oh gods... And bold manhoods too.
Ugh. This heroine is so freaking petulant.
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Aug 28, 2018
Friendship is the oddest thing.

I don't offer it to many ppl bcs I'm usually disappointed. It's just been my life experience.

Today I've realized that I'm likely to be friends for a very long time with one person I haven't talked to much lately bcs of life/baby stuff.

& I
sadly realized that two other peeps I had in the *friend* category have been demoted to *ppl I talk to sometimes*.

I don't really understand how or why that happens for me. It's very clear in my head, it's not something that's intentional in any way.

It just happens.

something happens that makes me realize they obviously don't feel the same way abt me as I did abt them.

Like if they considered us *casual mates* and I thought *found family*, or if they thought *potential love interest* and I thought *fun person to chat online with*

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Aug 8, 2018
Ok. I was finally pushed into soft-blocking someone. I just did not want a big wig m/a/g/a type following me.

I looked at the timeline & profile & noped out.

He didn't take the hint & kept refollowing (yes I feel bad, maybe he didn't get it, & it's still ableist)

But I
am a vulnerable minority, many of my twitter peeps are too, so nope nope. He's now blocked.

I sometimes hate this world.

For all I know he was trying to learn, but I can't afford to take that risk with either myself or my peeps.

Not in 2018.

SMDH. As I've *always* said
Soft-blocking can be ableist because its use is predicated on the assumption that everyone understands it exists & that ppl might use it.

Many ppl don't know or understand when it's happening, the very definition of intellectual ableism.

But if you have to use it for your or
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Jul 30, 2018
Gut punch.

500 agent queries on 3 books over 3 yrs.

I always told them my marginalizations (queer, autistic, mixed race, disabled, mentally ill) cause fuck, you'll see it in the MS.

I thought maybe I was fooling myself w/thinking my books were good.

Then I turned to small
press and got offers w/i months.

My most recent book is on bloody display at The Ripped Bodice (please go buy one there. Support their commitment to real diversity).

I was repeatedly told by agents that my books were *too diverse*.

I'm tired. But I'm not going to quit.
Ppl like Me, Like Sasha, like everyone need to be able to see themselves on page in all the genres they could ever hope to read.

The gatekeepers need to get with the bloody program.

Though I doubt I'll ever be strong enough to query agents again. Not after my exp.

Lolz, maybe
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Jul 21, 2018
I snort every time I see people down on mobile eyebrows for writing stuff.

It's ridiculous. Do all y'all writers ever actually LOOK at another human's face? Eyebrows, lids & corners of the eyes are the MOST mobile & expressive parts of our faces.

Even more so than the mouth.
I am quite proud to cling to my eyebrow motions in writing. My brows are the easiest way for you to tell how I'm feeling.

I can control my mouth and eyes okay, brows? Not so much.

Wiggly eyebrows are GOOD when describing characters. As with anything it shouldn't be overused,
but it's like that REALLY AWFULLY BAD ADVICE to get rid of all instances of *was*.

Seriously, have you ever tried that? (I have, it equals a very horrible piece of prose.)

With all writing advice, please, please, please remember that it's YOUR story. YOU write it how y'all see
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Jul 20, 2018
This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

So many ppl use the term *Mary sue* to basically bash an authors work because it didn't resonate.

Very few ppl actually know what a Mary Sue actually is. (It isn't nice/saintly)

There's actually a very specific definition of what MS is.
Betcha many of you couldn't explain it to a 5 year old, meaning you probably don't understand it.

So maybe don't use the term *Mary sue* with regards to an authors work unless you're REALLY SURE.

There's a (long) quiz linked on my website under resources for writers that
clarifies what a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is.

And honestly, the whole concept is rooted in sexism against women anyway.

I give anyone using the term extreme side-eye.

It's also painful as fvck to have a well rounded character (who you've worked really hard on) called that.

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