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Let's talk about the tale of two Romancelandias.

For background, Rhonda Merwarth sent out a tweet.

I replied back with someone sarcastic but honest then we got into a discussion.
Bottom line is that despite the many hot-takes, most often call-out culture is valid. Call-out culture also paints WOC as the bad guys.
And the thing is the brunt of call-outs come from WOC. It comes with a price.
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It's fucking appalling how many fantasy worlds seem to be occupied entirely by white people (with perhaps a few POC crammed in a distant jungle across the sea-- Christ!). Fantasy has possibly the lowest bar to clear for diversity of ANY genre, and yet fails to do so CONSTANTLY.
As diversity becomes a more mainstream subject it also becomes a more nuanced one, with people taking up discussions around #ownvoices and wanting to see their lives and experiences portrayed by people who have... lived them, rather than as imagined by some white guy. Wild.
Which does not, of course, absolve us white guys of a moral obligation to make things better on this front, it just reveals the complexity that was always there.

But! O, fantasy to the rescue!
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A Taverna é mais um site brasileiro, parece que tá surgindo agora e no momento que escrevo este tweet está procurando autores pra sua primeira edição. Mas jpa tem alguns contos lá, resenhas, além de dicas de escrita.
Pra quem gosta de Contos rápidinhos de ler, se liga aí na sequência de links que eu vou postar.
O primeiro é o Every Day Fiction:

Que tem várias histórias curtas de Flash Fiction (ou Ficção Relâmpago) todos os dias pra você conferir. Eles também fazem um ranking das hist[orias mais bem votadas por gênero. Ótimo pra você não se perder.
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Nah. I have serious issues with this article. I am not sure whether or not I was approached but yeah....I see issues.…
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okay i am here for all the #ownvoices books always, but there is a way to write outside your lane if you choose to do so. aside from tons of research and feedback, it requires humility and an acute awareness that you are telling a story with severe personal limitations.
possesing the writing skill or a passion for the cause you’re writing about or a secondhand experience of having witnessed an event related to what you’re writing does not entitle you to write a story from a POV you don’t share.

there is no room for entitlement here at all.
there are systemic inequalities in place that have made it hard for certain communities to tell heir own stories, and you must acknowledge that when you choose to write outside your lane.

it’s a decision you must take seriously if you take yourself seriously as a writer.
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I know it must seem weird to be talking about science fiction and fantasy convention politics in 2018, but: fascism doesn't just walk up the steps of the capitol and declare it's in power.
Gamergate and its brother movements of the cultural alt-right like the Sad/Rabid Puppies have been described as "trial runs" and "recruiting grounds" for the political far right, but it would be more accurate to say they are and always have been a part of it.
One of the techniques we have seen applied by the cultural alt-right again and again is to try to create an illusion that they are much bigger than they are, that their ideas are widespread and accepted, that they represent the majority of a community.
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The way @worldcon2018 has treated a Hugo nominee -- ome of their honored guests -- has almost made me angry enough to stay home but I think upon reflection that instead I may be angry enough to show up.
So. Yeah. I am almost mad enough to skip WorldCon despite being out airfare and memberships. I seriously considered donating my memberships and just doing the "BarCon", maybe seeing some of San Jose.

But instead I am going to be there.
I am going to be there. I am going to be there and I am going to be present and I am going to be visible and I am going to be myself. I am there for my trans and especially my genderqueer and non-binary friends, family, and colleagues who have been mistreated so shamefully.
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Reading a few conversations online recently, I've been thinking a lot about the urgent need for us as Ts to do some hard, internal work of unpacking the identities we bring to the classroom. (Thread, a long one 👇🏾) /1
Teaching is an intensely human activity. We know that the best teachers are those who know that teaching—and Ss—cannot be standardized. We teach who we are. This is what can make our practice so powerful—even transformative—but also dangerous. /2
We bring all of our identities—and the experiences that informed them—into our teaching. So we have to interrogate the ways in which these experiences have shaped our practices and relationships with kids. /3
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Introducing trans and/or intersex characters - some common and less common pitfalls!
(A note that here I also include all sorts of nonbinary, genderqueer, gender-nonconforming and other kinds of non-cis / gender-atypical characters too, even if they are not explicitly labeled trans; but that wouldn't fit into the word limit. Sorry about that!)
A few words about me before I get to the pitfalls:

I both edit and review a lot of trans-related fiction. I edited Transcendent 2: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction 2016 (#Lammys winner) and the upcoming Transcendent 3 too. :)

So patterns stand out after a while!
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I'm re-reading @HHoangWrites #TheKissQuotient (read the first time in one sitting and forgot to tweet about it). Y'all, this is why #ownvoices fiction is so bloody important.

I can see myself in Stella. She sniffed Michael's t-shirt and is fascinated by his scent. That is so
accurate to my #ActuallyAutistic experience of sensuality and romance that I'm almost in tears on the second read because I can finally see me in a majorly recognized romance novel.

And damn Helen, can you ever write how to kiss! #TheKissQuotient

Publishing? I need MOAR.
This! Stella's night-time routine! Yes! #TheKissQuotient
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So I'm going to swing by Powell's to pick up some books for the reading room, but I think I have a friend I can get books from Amazon delivered to for the camp, and I was wondering who are some Latinx writers who probably won't be at Powell's who you think I should add?
(Powell's is super huge, so like who are some relatively unknown #ownvoices Latinx writers, especially queer and/or trans Latinx writers, whose work you think just really needs to be read who I will probably only find ordering online?)
(psst @benjanun_s you know like everybody, can I beg a suggestion from you?)
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We are making strides in improving representation in many areas of diversity, but disability rep is still light years behind. It feels like every day a new book is published with poor rep. Disability rep needs the same care as other areas of diversity. Some suggestions:
Use ALL of your resources. @DisabilityInLit is fantastic. Take a few hours + reading through that website. Sensitivity readers are ESSENTIAL to disability rep. Don't just have your nephew read it. Use sensitivity readers that represent throughout the spectrum of the disability.
My niche is specifically neurodivergence and mental illness, and here are a couple of tips if you are writing a character with ^.
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Hi @KMWhite18 et al, I'm a day late, but here it goes...


I'm Remy, just an average, middle-aged gay guy.

I write MM erotic fiction, probably best aligned with the paranormal subgenre.

Book Fave: What Belongs to You


A gay MM mashup of A Christmas Carol (minus the Christmas) with the movie Ghost.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #amwriting #gayerotica

Your MC in 5 objects:

- high school locker room
- old, broken watch
- bottle of Scotch, top-shelf
- tattered, frayed map
- run-down house in a decrepit neighborhood

#LGBT #LBGTQ #amwriting #gayerotica
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I wanna talk about ~historical accuracy in worldbuilding for a bit, particularly in secondary world fantasy. Because it’s something that’s come up in discussions w/ friends lately and it won’t let my mind go. So. A mini-thread!
Big secret: I did absolutely ZERO historical research for the world building of the Tensorate series. Like none. I just sat down with my notebook and a pencil for a couple of days and pulled the whole damn thing out of my ass.
.@crashwong asked me what kind of research I did for the series and I was like “errr haha sorry NONE ACTUALLY I just low-key based it off all the terrible Channel 8 historical fantasies/dramas I used to watch as a child???”

And she was like OH THANK GOD
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I am reading a thread of people complaining about #ownvoices and it is the cringiest thing. The term "SJW" appeared.
A male author is insisting that he is living proof that it's possible for a male author to write an authentic female protagonist.

Here's a quote from his first page.
At this point I'm not sure if I should try to explain the issue or just snipe.
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There is an uncomfortable corollary to All Your Faves Are Problematic, and that is that You Are Also Problematic.

The discussion going on right now around representation by whites vs. #ownvoices is very meaningful and uncomfortable and worth paying attention to.
There are choices we white liberal authors make, thinking we are improving matters, that...maybe don't? Or at the very least, which have very complicated results.

POC protagonists are a perfect example of this.
When I was still in early stages of drafting SILENT HALL, working on the first couple of chapters, I heard or read something or other about lack of representation in fantasy and said to myself, Hey, there's no reason these characters should be white.
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1/ A thread on #ownvoices and #representation as well as allyship, guests, holding babies, writing the other, and assorted issues dealing with POC characters/stories being written by white folks. Nothing super new, just bringing nuanced notions together, reflecting on my views.
2/ America desperately needs a LOT more #ownvoices books. That should be our priority. I've even advocated for a sort of #affirmativeAction in publishing. Agents and editors should be ACTIVELY seeking out POC talent, recruiting, nurturing, publishing.
3/ Especially in kids lit. Only 25% of books for kids feature protags of color. Only 6% are actually written by authors of color. Both of those numbers MUST CHANGE, but the second is the biggest problem. Writers of color need to be the main folks writing these stories.
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I want to do this too!! So many cool threads!

📚 1 like = 1 book in my TBR for 2018 📚
I will try to do it with Amazon links (US Amazon affiliate links as usual) so you can preempt me and read the books even faster :D
1: Juniper Leaves: The Otherworldly Tale of a Lonesome Magical Girl by @JazJoyner

* I love magical-girl stories
* Black nonbinary author
* Fabulous-looking cover!!
* I just got a copy
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Autistic people are human beings. We can and must make our own medical choices, especially about procedures as invasive+permanent as sterilization.

Forcible/involuntary sterilization because you're afraid of someone like me reproducing? Direct and clear example of modern eugenics.

You can't imagine your son in a sexual situation because he is autistic? You have a serious lack of imagination. Autistic people span the entire sexual and asexual spectrums.

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