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How dumb do folk like @ChrisLHayes look? You made a big deal of #Ocasio supporting Bernie-Backed candidates. Yesterday, Chris Hayes said twice #ElSayed had earned the backing of Bernie but the front runner was #Whitmer who had been in politics for a while, "the Establishment".
@ChrisLHayes even had the gall to have El-Sayed on his show on Monday. What possessed him to do such a thing. What narrative was he trying to set? Come on, it wasn't even close. He got walloped.
The press fawned over #Ocasio who won a low turnout primary in a district where the demographics mean she should've won. She thought she had some magic juice to sprinkle & took her ass to campaign with a man, instead of being humble & working on her race. He got whooped.
This fool #Ocasio took herself to campaign in #KS03 for Brent Welder against a Native American progressive LGBTQ woman. She made a further fool of herself when she said she wanted to flip it red. Her magic juice was spoiled because he lost.
Go home #Ocasio, learn humility. Learn about how politics works, learn about foreign policy, learn about unemployment and labor, learn about the New Deal, the Great Society, and civil rights. Matter of fact just try not to let repubs #FlipItRed in your district.
And to the pundits, like @ChrisLHayes, quit trying to create this false narrative about the Democratic Party. Quit tryna make Bernie Sanders happen. We're not into him. Do your jobs. And the next time you have him on tv, ask him about why he appears on Russian tv as a friend.

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Oct 4, 2018
#StephonClark had a cell phone
#TamirRice had a toy gun
#AltonSterling was selling cds
#EricGarner was selling loosies
#SandraBland tail light was broken
#PhilandoCastile had a legal weapon
#RekiaBoyd was out with friends
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Sep 30, 2018
This is an important thread & I want to piggyback off it & go a bit further.

I"ve long said things in this country won't change with our generation, including the Millennials. It's why I was invigorated when I saw how Generation Now is. That includes my son & the Parkland kids.
There is something about that generation that is different from all of us. Raising my son, I get to see it every day. These kids have a wisdom from young that we didn't have. Their thirst for knowledge, their activism, their openness, everything. I can't explain it any other way.
Generation Now and Generation Alpha (Kids born after 2013) will be the parents to the children who will get to grow up in a country where Whites will no longer be in the majority. 2045 is when that is slated to happen. That will be when we start seeing the changes we have wanted.
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Sep 28, 2018
I've been trying to process what I saw yesterday. I never feel ok until I analyze things and try to come up with a conclusion or solution not based on emotion. No matter how bad it is, I analyze it. So these are my takeaways from yesterday.
Rachel Mitchell: I think she knew Dr Blasey Ford was telling the truth. What was seared into her mind was Dr. Ford repeating the names of the people at the gathering, she'll never forget their laughter, & she just needed to know when Judge worked so she could figure out the date.
I think it was planned that she would only do some of the questioning for Repubs. If Rachel Mitchell doubted that Kavanaugh was guilty, that disappeared after watching his opening statement. She prosecutes sexual assault cases. She knows the signs. She knows when they are guilty.
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Sep 25, 2018
Pro-Tip 1:
If it is pouring rain and your wipers are on, turn on your damn headlights. You put others at risk especially when there is low visibility and people can barely see your car. #FlickThatWrist
Pro-Tip 2:
If you're driving at night or in conditions that require lights, especially if in areas with no streetlights, and one or both of your headlights and or taillights don't work, take your car to get those lights fixed. You put others at risk with your broken ass lights.
Pro-Tip 3:
If you're driving at night, especially on curvy mountain roads with no streetlights and you see someone coming in your direction, turn off your damn high beam lights and then turn them back on after the car goes by. Your high beams blind people & put them at risk.
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Sep 20, 2018
Crazy thought:
Rob Porter. We didn't know about his domestic abuse allegations until it was leaked. This had turned up on his FBI report which was sent to the White House. The White House decides what to do from there. The public may never be aware of what comes up in the report.
Apply Rob Porter to now and ask yourself if this could be the reason why the Trump WH & the GOP is not willing to do the FBI investigation. Maybe this already turned up on Kavanaugh's FBI background check & we just don't know it. It would make everything we have seen make sense.
When you think of it, all the references to Kavanaugh's coaching & mentoring & marching his team into the hearings now make sense. When you think of it. Kavanaugh being in a war room type scenario answering all kinds of questions to prepare for a hearing makes sense.
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Sep 17, 2018
I was 23. One of the few people who I told about my rape told me to have the courage to go to the police & report it even if it had been a few days. They knew about my first time being raped a few years before & how I stayed silent. I found the courage to go to my local precinct.
I was crying as I told them what happened. They asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said I was scared because we lived in the same neighborhood. I knew what people would say because of my reputation. I told them that the people would judge me & wouldn't believe me.
I was crying because of my reputation & explained that my first rape at knifepoint at the hands of my first boyfriend is why I became promiscuous to take away the pain he caused me. I kept telling them no one would believe we were supposed to only hang out to drink & smoke.
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