I have a serious problem with what my function is on twitter these days. And I doubt I'm alone. When we started off this whole Remain thing two years ago, there weren't many of us. And we worked night and day to get the message out about the benefits of EU membership.
With no help at all from the mainstream media or political parties, we were often the first to articulate the massive problems which came from triggering A50. Our mission was to educate people, to fight Leave lies, and never to ease up on the pressure.
And to a large extent, I think we succeeded. We made sure Leavers couldn't get away with lying. We kept Remain on the agenda and refused to leave the stage. We fought Kippers, Tories, Gammon and Corbynistas - or at least, those of us did who didn't want a career in Labour!
So yes, we kept the torch burning. But now, as the deadline approaches, there are so many more peole posting about Brexit than ever before. Politicians, celebrities, journalists, experts... People with platforms now have all the bases covered.
So ... having put all the information out there, what is our practical function now? Of course, we can repeat the same old info and slag off the same old players like always. And if there is a #PeoplesVote, then I'll know that my function is once again to pass on the basics.
But right now, the UK doesn't need information so much as it needs actions and decisions. From MPs. From the Government. From the BBC. From the Opposition. And all of them seem to be hiding in the pavilion until the match is over !!!
There is a disturbing stagnation in the air. Everyone knows that No Deal will be a catastrophe and that the clock is ticking. But nothing is happening !!!
We can all push the case for either a ref on the deal or to revoke A50. But we cannot vote through the legislation!
So simply put, we have done our job. The case against Brexit is clear. Any objective observer can now see clearly that a #NoDealBrexit is insane.
But what do you do when MPs and party leaders ignore the evidence? Having led the horse to water, how do you make it drink?
I have no idea. And until I have one ... or until someone in power actually makes a decision! ... I fear I may just be "tweeting in the wind".

This isn't about "giving up". It's a genuine question about how to win votes in parliament when the ERG right and the Corbyn left refuse to budge? IMO we need to force a Remain challenge for the Labour leadership right now. It's the only chance to end the deadlock.

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Oct 8, 2018
The great eye-opener of Brexit is that it's shown us how unfit many of our politicians are for the job.
This is mainly due to the UK electoral system. The FPTP system means that the only real "talent" every MP needs is the ability to win an election in his/her constituency.
But the problem is, that produces a monotone breed of MP who can do very little else. You don't have to be intelligent or informed to win an election. You just need to be good at public relations. And in safe seats, it's often enough justto toe the party line.
All of this is a major handicap when it comes to deciding big issues. Having no experise themselves, ministers are reliant upon the opinions of civil servants, while MPs are reliant upon the official party line or political think tanks. Most have no grasp of the issues itself
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Jul 27, 2018
Aggregate AIQ's targeted fake news ads for vote.Leave (and illegally for Be.Leave) used a two step strategy. First they needed to collect your data. So they either bought it from Facebook, or got you to give it away free by participating in fake competitions like this
Once they had your data, they'd use your age, address and social media history to target you directly. Most ads were interactive, and every click you made gave them more information. If you posted lots about animals, for instance, they'd target you with ads and lies like these
Sometimes they'd send out what seemed to be non-political ads, based on topical themes. Once again, the idea was to get you to react by clicking one of the answers. Because as soon as you did that, they'd have more information on you, and could target you better next time
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Jul 14, 2018
@ChrisGiles_ New EU tax directives for 2019 (1)
@ChrisGiles_ New EU tax directives for 2019 (2)
@ChrisGiles_ New EU tax directives for 2019 (3)
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Jul 11, 2018
Your daily reminder that if we leave the EU, we wouldn't be able to rejoin until the end of the next EU legislative period in 2024, at the earliest. But more likely at the end of the following period in 2029.
That means at least 10 years of economic isolation and decay.

For clarity:
Members can officially join the EU any time. But practically, witth 27/28 members, the preparation period takes several years, and is timed now to coincide with the start or ends of the 5 year budget periods.
Juncker has said, for instance, that Serbia and Montenegro would join "by" 2024, meaning in election year 2024. This policy makes sense for the following two reasons
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Jul 9, 2018
This #BrexitShambles is what you get when you try to force through massive change without winning a supermajority consensus. Not because those who didn't vote for it have stopped it. But because those who didn't vote for it knew it would never work.
I strongly believe that a supermajority requirement isn't just a hurdle to beat, but a safeguard against bad ideas. Regardless of the jokes, the majority of people are not stupid. They know extremely well what will benefit them, and what won't.
If politicians can't get two thirds of an electorate (with thresholds) to agree to a policy, then the chances are, the policy is shit. Leave fell 5 million votes short of that supermajority. That's a lot of people.
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Jun 30, 2018
Macron on Brexit: “We need a clear proposal in compliance with our values. The British prime minister is well aware of our treaties because they signed them and ratified them. There is a clear message in this respect – we can no longer wait."

Belgian prime minister Charles Michel on Brexit: "The feeling that dominates is the impression that the Brits continue to negotiate with the Brits and not with the EU. The red lines set by the UK are globally incompatible with the fundamental principles of the EU.”

All May had to offer the EU on Thursday night was a 15 minute presentation and a promise that a comprehensive paper explaining her position would be published soon.

Brexit means Powerpoint

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