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It's official. Brexit is the greatest act of self harm that a country has ever imposed on itself. I'm reading the House of Commons Breifing Paper now, and what the country is doing is actually crazy. A thread:…
1. Most economic modelling in this area shows that the potential benefits of leaving the EU with no deal over the longer term do not make up for the higher trade barriers to the EU, given it's importance to the UK"

So why are we doing this again?
2. Trade and Customs.

"This is likely to mean more customs controls, and probably increased costs and delays caused by customs checks of trucks from the EU and could cause a 17 mile queue at the port of Dover"
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1...Imagine (if you can) that you are the political plankton @PeterBoneUK.

For 13 long years you have held your nose & suffered the whiny grievances emanating from Midlands skid mark town #Wellingborough...
2...Your only previous claim to fame was when you were described as Britain's "meanest boss" by the Daily Mirror for paying a 17-year-old trainee 87p an hour while remunerating your wife £45k per year.
3...Suddenly, thanks to a decision of galactic size stupidity by #DavidCameron, you & your fellow has-beens & never-will-bes in the #ERG, find yourselves at a table with the big boys. Who needs viagra now you’re pals with Boris & Jacob & the press are all over you?
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1. Labour Schism: the threat's real if there's not a major shift in #Brexit policy at Conference.
A #BrexitShambles harms UK
A #PeoplesVote is Democratic
A #FinalSay Confirms the Will
#Remain + Current Deal is Best Deal
Prob is the Leadership Stance
1a Big diffs between 1980s & today's #Brexit emergency which play to a new Centrist Grouping not being SDP2..
1. Politicised Remainers
2. Party loyalty less strong
2. Far Right infiltration of Tories
3. Macron
4. LibDems a Catalist with a base
5. Big Funders
A new party is Viable
1b IMHO #Brexit must be stopped before a Gen Elect...time's too short for that & a Ref & this #BrexitShambles can't be sorted in a multi issue GE unless Labour stands full square behind
#Reject #Revoke #Remain #Reform
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1. Yes @UKLabour it is nearly beyond time..back your members...back your voters...back the Maj of the Ppl & actively Oppose not Appease.
Your 1st priority is to the Country. #Brexit in any form harms it.
@Labour4EU know it...Unions know it..Momentum too.…
2. Don't let the Govt stall or the @EU_Commission give them more time. Any #Brexit will become a Tory hands the UK to the Far Right & ERG.
The Ref validity is long gone...past its Use By date.
Lies, Illegalities & Rights to be Removed w/o CONSENT.

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay
3. PS Extensions, Renegotiations, Re-entry, Transitions & a Blind #Brexit are Tory #Brexiter & Labour #Lexiter #RedKipper CONS...
All lead to a Tory #BrexitShambles which Removes Rights & Impoverishes the UK...

#PeoplesVote for a #FinalSay with a #Remain #Reform option
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1. Never forget the Elephant in the Room..never debated not Consented. #Brexit = Loss of Rights.
If we don't stop the #BrexitShambles we know what follows Tories will Remove them outside the protections we currently have under international treaty...…
2. #Brexit is all about deregulation & Removal of Rights & Protections.
The EU doesn't prevent a Govt adding them as a member so why would the Govt wish to leave & repatriate control if not to Remove them?
This has No Consent
#PeoplesVote #Remain option.…
3. I appear to have a hidden grateful, if it's a troll, if #Remainers who can see the comment could give it hell & screenshot it for me so I can block it...😎
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So tired of all this Brexshit.
I wish I could find the generator of the Someone Else's Problem field that has bewitched people

Next they will ask us to #RespectTheResult.
I will, when it is a respectable result. Not this #Brexitshambles
#Fairvotenow #FinalSay
Brexit won't just hit the UK.
Many of the places it will affect the worst did not choose it.
I get Brexiters don't care about me, but is everyone really OK with the fact that this will seriously impact on all our neighbours too?
We're not just shitting our own bed in protest here
Maybe I'm wrong but I do not want to believe that enough people were aware of this + all the other things that voting Leave would mean.
This is why I want #EUref2
I don't #RespectTheResult - because I #RespectTheRules & informed Democracy
#VoteLeaveCheated #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw
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In between all the #BrexitShambles it's interesting to note that Brexit never really took off as a "New-Brit" cultural trend. It didn't ignite any sense of excitement in the population. It left music, fashion and the art world cold.
Despite the BBC's slavish sycophancy, Brexit as a cultural phenomenon has remained as old, tired and ugly as the people who support it. That's why it's dead. They failed to make it sexy to others because the vast majority of those who voted for it had no interest in others!
It was always going to be a problem, introducing massive change without a supermajority. But beyond that, it's shown that Leavers had no real creativity. Indeed, when you look at the diversity, creativity and sheer staying power of Remain, it's clear they never stood a chance!
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Seems the EEA advocates think that EEA countries do not contribute to the EU budget. This is wrong. Check this link from the Norwegian Governments own pages:…
Ideologists, huh?
Norway contributes to the EU budget in three major fields: to reduce social nd economic disparities, to take part in EU programmes (Horizon2020, Erasmus+, Galileo, Copernicus), and the Schengen cooperation.…
Norway and other EEA countries’ contributions to the EU programmes (Horizon2020, Erasmus+, Galileo, Copernicus) are on foot with full member states.
There is no taking part in EU programmes without contributions to the budget.…
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“Theresa May is on her last legs...”

Oh, sorry: I misheard Kirsty Wark’s introduction “Theresa May is on the last leg of her charm offensive before she hikes off on holiday to Italy.” #newsnight #BrexitShambles
“Michel Barnier has been keeping a tight grip on the EU27,” opines Kirsty. Er, no- he’s following the mandate *they* have given him. Barnier is the servant of the EU27, he’s not pulling their strings. #newsnight #BBCfail #BrexitShambles
“Barnier does not have universal support,” says the report, proceeding to wheel out irrelevant fringe figure Hans-Olof Henkel MEP who gets disproportionate airtime on BBC cos he speaks excellent English, says the EU should cut a trade deal & they have his number on speed-dial.
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Bannerman deleted his call for “extreme EU loyalty” to be classed as treason then retweeted it. The difference between the two tweets? He added the word “undemocratically”. Does he mean intimidation, death threats against MPs & inciting civil unrest? Cos that’s not our lot.
Or when he refers to “undemocratic” behaviour does he just mean campaigning to Remain in the EU despite the fact that there was an EUref in 2016? Or for the more extreme versions of Brexit to be avoided? Or just daring to criticise Brexit & pointing out it’s a terrible idea?
If so, then he is yet another Brexiter who really doesn’t have the first clue what democracy is. (I know, I know: don’t @ me) #BrexitShambles #LeaveLiars #BrexitDemocracy
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@PbaxterPeter @f_grovewhite Let’s think. 1) leavers haven’t come up with a plan. 2) we were told by the PM that we were “citizens of nowhere” and that our views didn’t count 3) a narrow victory was taken as a landslide 1/?
@PbaxterPeter @f_grovewhite 4) a one question advisory poll became a mandate for state control of migration, pulling out of the single market, euratom, open skies, europol, the customs union, and dozens more, adding thousands of bureaucrats to the state payroll 2/?
@PbaxterPeter @f_grovewhite 5) the government tried to assume absolute power to decide without parliament 6) parliament then supinely voted to avoid scrutiny of future trade bills 7) 3 million EU citizens were described as “bargaining chips” 3/?
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1/3 #Brexit is as if the shareholders of #UK plc were asked by a criminally irresponsible MD to bypass the board & make a Yes/No vote on the most complex issue imaginable about which none of the directors agreed, either in terms of what it meant or what the outcome might be.
2/3 Those shareholders knew far less about it but, triggered by years of speculative, prejudiced nonsense in the popular press & cynically lied to by the side with most to short term gain, ended up voting 52/48 % for a hugely risky venture which could literally crash the company.
3/3 Now the press is hell bent on rounding 52% up to 100 & 48% down to 0 &, with the MD having fled the scene, it is the lonely, frightening task of directors like @Anna_Soubry to try & minimise the damage in the face of death threats from the demented winners of #Brexitshambles.
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Cracking letters in the Telegraph yesterday. My fave: “We have always undersold Brexit. There needed to be a vision... of the excitement of trade on the high seas, the protection of our precious legal sysyem, the sovereignty of Parliament, not to mention NATO.” #BrexitShambles
Another corker: “It is now being suggested that Brexiteers did not have a plan. I had a plan. It was to announce immediately that, since the EU would never concede a free-trade arrangement, we should instead expect to trade on WTO rules.” #BrexitShambles #twats
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This #BrexitShambles is what you get when you try to force through massive change without winning a supermajority consensus. Not because those who didn't vote for it have stopped it. But because those who didn't vote for it knew it would never work.
I strongly believe that a supermajority requirement isn't just a hurdle to beat, but a safeguard against bad ideas. Regardless of the jokes, the majority of people are not stupid. They know extremely well what will benefit them, and what won't.
If politicians can't get two thirds of an electorate (with thresholds) to agree to a policy, then the chances are, the policy is shit. Leave fell 5 million votes short of that supermajority. That's a lot of people.
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After the referendum May slammed the door in the face of the 48%. Then she locked the moderate leavers up in another room, and negotiated #Brexit with her own cabinet and the pure Brexit ideologues. Goodbye to reality and compromise. #BrexitShambles
In Norway PM Gro Harlem Brundtland, who had campaigned for #Norway to join EU, stayed on her post so that she could negotiate an outcome as many as possible could accept. She went for #compromise and managed to unite a split country. 🇳🇴
PS. Gro Harlem Brundtland made an international career after she left Norwegian politics. I don’t agree with her politically, but she deserves respect. 🇳🇴
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There is a detectable wry smile on @theresa_may's face as she thanks her departing Foreign and Brexit Secretarys' in a statement to a packed Westminster house. /1
Her statement on the Chequers Proposal is detailed, dense and nuanced - a bit like one of her set piece speeches, albeit with 90% less Cakeism. /2
This doesn't mean the EU will accept it of course. But that's an issue for another day. Right now it is telling that @LiamFox, the Brexiteer Trade Sec. is sitting beside her. /3
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This points to No. 10 having made up its mind about the toxicity of @BorisJohnson. Which makes sense. His ability to fight proxy wars, betray colleagues, and barefacedly lie is hard to get past.
But the appointment of @DominicRaab suggests she just blinked. /2
This doesn't suggest the Brexit crew feel particularly confident about rolling May any time soon. /3
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In fairness, I now should list all the political predictions I have got *wrong* in the last two years

1. Brexit
2. Trump
3. Tories to win narrow majority in GE2017 [warning: thread contains bad swears; only time ever I have dropped the C-bomb on Twitter]
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Extraordinary performance from John Humphrys, interviewing Keir Starmer after resignation of the Cabinet Minister in charge of Brexit. Spluttering, hectoring, making it about Labour, suggesting the resignation is no big deal as Brexit policy is run from No10 anyway. #r4today
For balance, Nick Robinson should now be interviewing Jeremy Hunt *equally* aggressively about the Davis resignation and govt Brexit policy. But no, he’s respectfully putting a contrary point of view, letting him put his case and not talking over him. #r4today #HumphrysMustGo
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Depressing that someone who actually knows the facts is so delusional about the chances of the EU giving up on the agreed four principles. Still, sometimes you have to put your desperate attempts to get re-elected before the interests of the country.
The position taken by @iainastewart and others is essentially that of a drunk pitching up to Currys and screaming "BUT I'LL GIVE YOU TEN QUID FOR THE TELLY! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO BLOODY MINDED? TAKE THE TEN QUID!"

It's a pretty pathetic but standard delusion for the quitters.
For background, @iainastewart's seat is likely not to exist much longer and so he needs to position himself as a hard right Leaver to get a safe seat somewhere else. If he didn't, he'd have trouble getting selected. (The internal politics are vital to understand)
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If the Conservatives unite around May’s Brexit plan as adopted at Chequers (a big if)- does Corbyn’s Labour attack it for being too Brexity or not Brexity enough? #BrexitShambles
My bet: Corbyn will try to stay on the fence, attacking May’s plan for damaging the economy but also for not delivering on her earlier foolish promises to deliver a cake-and-eat-it Brexit. He will try to continue appealing to all groups (Leavers, ex-Remainers and Remainers)...
...while also desperately trying to continue avoiding the subject of Brexit as much as possible. #BrexitShambles
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“Danny Dyer is a luvvy member of the elite. He is being secretly paid by George Soros to undermine the Will of the People!!!” #BrexitShambles #twats
Predictably, after criticising Brexit Danny Dyer has indeed effectively been accused of being a closet member of the elite. #DannyDyer #DannyDyerBrexit #LeaveLiars #twats
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THE most brutal assessment of #BrexitShambles by the US embassy in London

- the economy is gonna tank
- the British Government isn't interested in telling people they got it wrong
- worst kind of inflation
- Brexit ends up not helping people
- leavers are absolutely terrified
As a lot of people are asking... this is from Channel 4 documentary #InsideTheAmericanEmbassy
What I like most about this is the expression that the very long term economic factors which fuelled Brexit... will absolutely not be resolved by Brexit

And there will be huge political consequences as and when people realise that it will not help them
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THREAD: The mistake Oliver Norgrove makes here is assuming that ppl like Chloe Westley from the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance are attempting, in good faith, to “aid understanding of complex issues”. #AltShite #LeaveLiars #BrexitShambles #twats
They are of course doing nothing of the sort. What Chloe (and the rest of the pro-Brexit politico-media complex) are doing is following the Trump/Breitbart playbook on how to win political arguments when you have little evidence but can appeal to a sizeable aggrieved minority.
She muddies the waters, distracts, generates outrage from opponents, and panders to the prejudices of hardcore supporters (who thereby feel empowered to dismiss unwelcome evidence of experts and of real-world developments, in this case on Brexit).
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