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Vote Leave’s targeted Facebook ads have been released. Pls take the time to skim through these 100+ pages of ads: whatever grievance or fear people had (immigration, NHS, jobs, flooding, animal welfare) is cynically linked back to the EU. #LeaveLiars…
If you want an example of the vile cynicism of the Vote Leave targeted Facebook ads: “£350m per week to the EU or flood defences for Yorkshire?” (pg24) alongside images of submerged communities. Presumably postcode targeted at users in areas recently hit by floods. #LeaveLiars
Another example of the vile cynicism of Vote Leave’s targeted Facebook ads: “Imagine if we gave money to our maternity units instead of the EU- save our maternity units!”+ pic of smiling mother & baby. Again presumably targeted at areas where this is a local concern. #LeaveLiars
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Bannerman deleted his call for “extreme EU loyalty” to be classed as treason then retweeted it. The difference between the two tweets? He added the word “undemocratically”. Does he mean intimidation, death threats against MPs & inciting civil unrest? Cos that’s not our lot.
Or when he refers to “undemocratic” behaviour does he just mean campaigning to Remain in the EU despite the fact that there was an EUref in 2016? Or for the more extreme versions of Brexit to be avoided? Or just daring to criticise Brexit & pointing out it’s a terrible idea?
If so, then he is yet another Brexiter who really doesn’t have the first clue what democracy is. (I know, I know: don’t @ me) #BrexitShambles #LeaveLiars #BrexitDemocracy
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Liam Fox’s dreadful new soundbite (heard today on R4Today & BBC Breakfast): “we want a people’s Brexit not a bureaucrats’ Brexit”. Turns out he’s reheating his claim that “Brussels bureaucrats” want to impose something contrary to the interests of the people (both of UK & EU)...
In other words, he’s Brexplaining to the other side again what their best interests are. He (or the UK govt) know what’s best for the EU and its people, if only they would pay attention. #LiamFox #UselessTwat #LeaveLiars
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“Danny Dyer is a luvvy member of the elite. He is being secretly paid by George Soros to undermine the Will of the People!!!” #BrexitShambles #twats
Predictably, after criticising Brexit Danny Dyer has indeed effectively been accused of being a closet member of the elite. #DannyDyer #DannyDyerBrexit #LeaveLiars #twats
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THREAD: The mistake Oliver Norgrove makes here is assuming that ppl like Chloe Westley from the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance are attempting, in good faith, to “aid understanding of complex issues”. #AltShite #LeaveLiars #BrexitShambles #twats
They are of course doing nothing of the sort. What Chloe (and the rest of the pro-Brexit politico-media complex) are doing is following the Trump/Breitbart playbook on how to win political arguments when you have little evidence but can appeal to a sizeable aggrieved minority.
She muddies the waters, distracts, generates outrage from opponents, and panders to the prejudices of hardcore supporters (who thereby feel empowered to dismiss unwelcome evidence of experts and of real-world developments, in this case on Brexit).
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*nerd voice* “Actually, you’ll find that’s a Heinkel, not a ‘Juncker’.” #LeaveLiars #twats #BrexitShambles
(Seriously, though, it is a Heinkel.)
(And it appears to have been messing with the Russians, not with the British.)
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THREAD: This morning, during the review of the Sunday papers, Andrew Marr referred to Tory MPs who are considering rebelling against the govt on Brexit as “Tory hardcore Remainers” ffs #Marr
This terminology is disgraceful gaslighting. It confirms yet again that many senior figures at the BBC have swallowed the Brexiters’ narratives, rather than exercising the independent critical judgement that we licence payers are entitled to expect.
We can debate whether pro-Brexit narratives are regurgitated by the BBC because of bias, acquiescence in the face of bullying, or (my pet theory) an undeclared paternalistic view that continuing Brexit debate is “divisive” & the BBC’s role is to heal & unify a divided country.
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THREAD: Lots of twattish Brexiters are accusing the EU of “cherrypicking”. A few thoughts...
We’ll come to what’s *really* behind these claims at the end. But first let’s take them at face value. Even if accusations of EU cherry-picking had a grain of truth in them, they are a stupid argument on several levels:
a) the UK decided to leave the club, and is negotiating the terms of its departure; the EU did not decide to expel the UK, so it has a certain moral right to decide what terms it offers to a future non-member. The non-member is of course free to tell the club to ‘go whistle’.
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THREAD: Remember, Remainers: whenever Brexiters like Boris Johnson & Jacob Reed-Mogg say moronic attention-grabbing things (about the Camden-Islington border or whatever), *they WIN the argument even when they lose the argument*. We need to get smarter before it’s too late...
When they spout this jaw-dropping shit (remember the Boris bridge?) or repeat widely discredited claims (£350m per week; EU tariffs impoverish African farmers) plenty of well-informed people jump in & prove they are wrong/stupid. They “lose the argument”. But they don’t care..
They are not trying to “win the argument” (in the sense of winning ppl over & convincing those who currently don’t support Brexit that it is a good idea). They are trying to *distract* (think Lynton Crosby’s ‘dead cat’ strategy). They are setting the news agenda...
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