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Here's the truth about Brexit, the "punishment" that some people claim the EU wants to inflict on us, consequences of "no deal", and dangers of a possible transition period. Buckle in, it's quite long. Better to be thorough than leave stuff out! 1/25
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The EU isn't punishing the UK for Brexit. We're punishing ourselves. Losing all the benefits of EU membership IS punishment, in the same way as no longer being able to use the fitness equipment, weights or other facilities is punishment for quitting the local gym. 2/25
If you cancel your gym membership, you might well put on weight. But you wouldn't then turn around and say "Hey, the gym punished me for leaving by making me fat!" That would be absurd because it's the consequence of losing your gym membership, not the fault of the gym. 3/25
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Oh my god! I'm so sorry I missed this!!
I swear #Marr asked something like "Was that ok?"
Theresa May: *Murders with eyes*
Andrew Marr: *Shuffles papers to avoid turning to stone*
If you're wondering why May would have been furious at that point, watch this!
Also... HI MUM! I'm on TV with the Prime Minister!! 😄😄
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Here's the truth about Brexit, the "punishment" that some people claim the EU is trying to inflict on the UK, and the real consequences of "no deal". Buckle in, it's quite long. Better to be thorough than to leave stuff out! 1/19

#marr #bbcsp #ridge #pienaar #newsnight #bbcqt
The EU isn't punishing the UK for Brexit. We are punishing ourselves. Losing all the benefits of EU membership IS punishment. Just like no longer being able to use the fitness equipment or the weights is punishment for quitting the local gym. 2/19
You might well put on weight because you cancelled your gym membership. But you wouldn't turn around and say "Hey, the gym's punishing me for leaving by making me fat!" That's the consequence of losing your gym membership, not the fault of the gym. 3/19
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1/ Just want to talk about something that has been happening since last night. I am not sure if talking about it will make it any better - knowing Twitter, it will probably make it worse. But here goes.
2/ Yesterday morning I tweeted about Jeremy Corbyn on the #Marr show on antisemitism. I have been commenting on this issue for many weeks, as many of you know. I don't think my comments in this instance were unfair although reasonable people might disagree
3/ Just for background - I decided to start tweeting about Corbyn and antisemitism in a deeper way a few months ago as I felt there was a serious problem in the Labour Party. I am in a fairly unique position as I am Jewish, on the left, have a human rights law background
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12 whole minutes (from 40:40) of #Marr questioning Jeremy Corbyn on antisemitism. No really expression of remorse, apology or empathy - all are absolutely crucial to resolving the antisemitism issue…
Corbyn won’t even accept, after all that has happened, that the mural of Jews sitting on the backs of the oppressed is antisemitic. For people who say this issue is about being able to criticise Israel, it’s not. It’s about insight and empathy and Corbyn hasn’t shown either #marr
Corbyn can’t even bring himself to confirm that had he known members of Black September (who carried out the Munich Olympic murdered) were to be commemorated that he wouldn’t have gone. No insight or empathy. On this performance, he will never budge an inch
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.@DominicRaab was on the Campaign Committee at Vote Leave. I assume he will be asked questions by the police due to the role he played. Why is he still in office? #Marr perpetuating doubt in democratic institutions by asking “Do you trust the EC?”. That shouldn’t be up for debate
But the fact that it has to be asked is so revolting. And his answers are ever more reflective of how far these people are willing to go to undermine our institutions. This ISNT a debate. This is the law vs. Politicians and people who broke the law or were complicit
Dominic Raab is basically arguing that it doesn’t matter if people break the law during an election. If you win, you win. Even if you cheated to get there. THESE are the people you want your children to look up to? To have as their leaders?
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Put this way:
Say we vote to get rid of plastic bags completely, after being promised new eco-friendly bags.
But then the government offers us bags that tear like tissue, or even 'No Bags', and we have to carry everything by hand.
It's what we voted for, right?
#PeoplesVote #Marr
Or say we voted to make roads with potholes illegal. But instead of fixing the roads, the government just shut down every road that had potholes in it.
It's what we voted for, right?
#PeoplesVote #Marr
Again, I could go on and on with this, but can we please all accept that the argument "It was leave or remain; We voted leave" does not hold up if we end up with a bad deal or no deal at all.
A #PeoplesVote on whatever Brexit ends up as, is the only democratic way forward.
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This is absolutely shameful from Dominic Raab... Or perhaps shameLESS, given that he was PART OF VOTE LEAVE.
What the hell has happened to the fairness of our democracy! #Marr
This is SPOT ON!!
"Dominic Raab" #Marr
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Oi Dominic Raab!!
You have no democratic mandate for leaving the EU with No Deal!
Everyone was promised a BETTER deal and Leave only won by 2%.
Stop hijacking the country!!
Some people seem to be focusing on the 2% figure as if that's the crux of the point I'm making here.
The point is that if 51.9% of voters vote Brexit after being promised a better deal, if they'd known it was a bad deal or no deal, that would have easily shaven off 5..10 even 15%
The point is: just because @Jacob_Rees_Mogg seems to be whispering in the ear of every decision-maker in Westminster, doesn't mean that all Brexit voters are as extremist as he is.
Most were pragmatic about wanting a better future. Now if that's no longer on the cards...
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If May's goal on #Marr was to sell the #WhitePaper as 'Mansion House tweaked', it was not a successful outing to the BBC. The divergence from original Brexit promises has now been exposed completely.
First, a few points of clarity. May's claim that UK has to stick to "EU rulebook" to trade is simply not the case. "Mutual recognition" could allow for trade in goods to continue & give UK real autonomy (look out for new IEA research tomorrow:…) #Marr
Second, May is right that UK would want to keep a bunch of regulatory standards set by the EU. But there are plenty that are bureaucratic and harmful that UK would want to scrap too! (See IEA blog series here:…) #Marr
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Sadiq Khan on #Marr talking about Trump baby balloon: "It wasn't my blimp. We have in our city a rich history of the right to process."
#Marr asked Sadiq whether Trump doesn't like him because he's Muslim, "That's a question for president Trump. You'd also have to ask your next guest [May] who is so close to him."
#Marr pushes Sadiq on whether Trump is racist. SK maintains it's "not for me to say" but mentions the RTing of Britain First and use of language like "infestation". Says "it's easy to see why people draw that conclusion."
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Keir Starmer hints on #Marr that Labour's policy is preferential treatment for EU citizens after Brexit: "If you want a good deal with the EU, which we want, it comes with citizens being treated in that way"
Michael Gove tells #Marr he likes the Chequers deal because it will liberate the UK's services sector from the EU's "regulatory orbit." That's certainly one analysis.
Andrew Marr: "I think this is fake sovereignty"
Michael Gove: "Well, I think you're wrong. I think that's a fake question"

Ding ding
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There were three drivers behind Brexit: malign Russian influence (undermine Western democracy), US business (import low quality goods / privatise NHS) and super rich wanting to avoid tax (to detriment of public services). The public we conned. #Marr…
By excluding services from any potential agreement with the EU, the government leaves British banks free to launder dirty money and avoid tax; and US companies free to snap up bits of the NHS. After all, that is what people voted for, isn’t it?…
*were conned
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THREAD: The PM is making a speech about money for the NHS and will be on #Marr tomorrow. It’s likely there will be a shopping list of reforms requested in exchange for the cash. But what have we learned about previous calls for reform in return for money?
1/9: When promising reform, don’t assume that all the new money can be used for new initiatives in the NHS. There is often a need to repair the foundations and plug financial and quality holes after years of underspending. More on this from @sallygainsbury on Monday
2/9: Beware of the planning fallacy – NHS reform proposals often contain unrealistic assumptions about the time required and the costs involved. This is often linked to failing to understand the need for headroom and spare capacity to create change.
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THREAD: This morning, during the review of the Sunday papers, Andrew Marr referred to Tory MPs who are considering rebelling against the govt on Brexit as “Tory hardcore Remainers” ffs #Marr
This terminology is disgraceful gaslighting. It confirms yet again that many senior figures at the BBC have swallowed the Brexiters’ narratives, rather than exercising the independent critical judgement that we licence payers are entitled to expect.
We can debate whether pro-Brexit narratives are regurgitated by the BBC because of bias, acquiescence in the face of bullying, or (my pet theory) an undeclared paternalistic view that continuing Brexit debate is “divisive” & the BBC’s role is to heal & unify a divided country.
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Flashback! Watching #Marr? Remember when they invited @IsabelOakeshott on to attack my investigation? Turns out she KNEW then about @Arron_banks' Russian connections. Had known for MONTHS...
Love that @AndrewMarr9 show making sure to call it a @thesundaytimes scoop. @IsabelOakeshott fled to the @sundaytimes when she found out about our Observer story on Friday...…
So @helenlewis & @andrewmarr9 claim we got emails through "journalistic skulduggery". Um no. @IsabelOakeshott is not a journalist & shd never be allowed on that or any other show again. She sat on info for months. Journalists do not do that. We get things into the public domain.
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1) let's talk about @BarryGardiner & @Emmabarnett #Brexit "car crash" interview on #marr, and the lessons for Labour.

In summary, when you are confident of your ground, and believe in what you're saying, then a hostile interviewer, as Michael Hayden demonstrated, can't touch you
2) the real story of #marr was the follow on interview with Michael Hayden (ex CIA). Barnett hit him over and over with "hasn't Trump achieved a lot", "you prejudged him", all of which he easily deflected.

He knew his ground, believed in his position, and was thus unshakeable
3) in contrast, @BarryGardiner and @uklabour position on #brexit is weak & inconsistent. Gardiner has made comments on brexit which are doubtless true but not party policy, thus he's left defending the indefensible, hence the car crash
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The rapid rise of the "Tax Payers Alliance" on prominent BBC politics panels is massively worrying and should be challenged ... they're an anonymously funded far-right wing think tank, not a grass-roots popular movement as their name implies. #Marr
Chloe Westley has been on Question Time, Daily Politics and now #Marr ... she's not given great performances despite clear media training. Taxpayers alliance clearly want people to pay almost no taxes ... sounds great until you think about it for a second 👎 bye bye NHS.
From her performances, she's clearly not an expert on economics. She's representing an organisation with unknown backers and no political mandate. So why are you giving Chloe Westley all this airtime, @BBCPolitics ?
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How on Earth is Yulia Skripal's cousin Viktoria being denied a visit to come and see her not a massive news scandal? What the hell is going on, as if the government didn't look bad enough already! What kind of precedent does it set for when a UK citizen is hospitalised in Russia?
Lets have a look at what has happened from the initial incident - Thread

1/ In the immediate discovery of the gravely ill Skripals, the initial reports said that Mr Skripal was potentially being treated for opiate overdose, specifically the opoid Fentanyl. Why was this reported?
2/ Then the narrative changed to nerve agent poisioning and Media reports emerged of around 40 people being treated for exposure to toxic chemicals - later refuted and totally debunked by Doctor in local hospital.
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I am so angry & upset with 10 Downing Street for outing Shahmir. And I’m fucking furious with the BBC for treating it like a spat. #Marr…
This is absolutely indefensible. Number 10’s press office outed a 24-year-old man against his will. Think about it. This was sanctioned and approved by Theresa May’s government.
Why? Because this is a scandal that goes to the very heart of government. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & 2 of Theresa May's advisors in the frame. This isn't about party politics. It's about the law.
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The joint rubbishing of @carolecadwalla by #Marr & the #Brexit cheerleader Isabel Oakeshott is one of the most shocking things I've seen on TV.

Read Cadwalladr's superb investigative work & decide for yourself whether Vote Leave .EU & cheated.…
.@CarolineLucas: "What these revelations show is that there is something rotten at the heart of our democracy...what I want to see is a proper investigation... it calls into the question the legitimacy of the EU referendum."m #Marr
.@CarolineLucas: calls for a #FinalSay: "It is not a second referendum - it's a first vote on the final deal...So many things were promised that have not come to pass"
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The PM told #Marr the Canada trade deal (CETA) & draft US deal gave some hope that UK financial services access could be similar to existing ‘passporting’ rights with EU because “financial services are referenced” in those texts. But those ‘references’ are pretty derisory…
The EU-Canadian deal does not allow financial services firms to ‘do business’ or ‘solicit’ in each other’s territories without licence (Article 13.7.6). There just aren’t the automatic rights to establish business activities that UK currently has across Europe via #Single Market
Trump administration will not allow UK financial services access to American markets because any trade deal done at federal level won’t override local state-by-state licencing, insurance regs, banking licence conditions etc. So UK firms won’t be able to trade freely in the States
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Liam Fox on #Marr claims the EU couldn't penalise the UK with tariffs under WTO rules and simultaneously that the UK could cut tariffs for developing nations. Profoundly worrying that the International Trade Secretary seems to understand so little about international trade rules.
Firstly, tariffs are a cost, but not an absolute barrier. The Kingom of Exceptionalistan cannot just make toasters, which may or may not explode on plugging in, export them ito the EU and just pay the tariff. The EU could *absolutely* penalise the UK with non-tariff barriers.
Secondly, in the absence of trade agreements, if a country is operating purely under WTO rules, the *one thing* it cannot do is cut import tariffs selectively for some WTO members and not for others. The idea that Kindom of Exceptionalistan would be allowed to do both is fiction.
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By some distance, the most catastrophically anti-democratic thing that British political media has done over *decades* is to frame political activism of tens of thousands of people as insignificant & non-newsworthy, while obsessing over the remarks of individual politicians.
James Ball there is just regurgitating received wisdom of the political establishment, they've convinced each other that marches, demos & rallies are insignificant & not newsworthy. It's one of the major reasons why they misread the Corbyn's 17 election campaign so profoundly
The Guardian's readers editor admitted a few years ago that it is the paper's policy not to cover demonstrations unless they turn violent. And that's the Guardian.
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