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“Theresa May is on her last legs...”

Oh, sorry: I misheard Kirsty Wark’s introduction “Theresa May is on the last leg of her charm offensive before she hikes off on holiday to Italy.” #newsnight #BrexitShambles
“Michel Barnier has been keeping a tight grip on the EU27,” opines Kirsty. Er, no- he’s following the mandate *they* have given him. Barnier is the servant of the EU27, he’s not pulling their strings. #newsnight #BBCfail #BrexitShambles
“Barnier does not have universal support,” says the report, proceeding to wheel out irrelevant fringe figure Hans-Olof Henkel MEP who gets disproportionate airtime on BBC cos he speaks excellent English, says the EU should cut a trade deal & they have his number on speed-dial.
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Extraordinary performance from John Humphrys, interviewing Keir Starmer after resignation of the Cabinet Minister in charge of Brexit. Spluttering, hectoring, making it about Labour, suggesting the resignation is no big deal as Brexit policy is run from No10 anyway. #r4today
For balance, Nick Robinson should now be interviewing Jeremy Hunt *equally* aggressively about the Davis resignation and govt Brexit policy. But no, he’s respectfully putting a contrary point of view, letting him put his case and not talking over him. #r4today #HumphrysMustGo
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Hey BBC, this is great! You have the People’s Vote march as your top story? Oh wait, what’s this “thousands march”? THOUSANDS? There were at least 100,000 so the correct unit if you want to give an honest idea of the scale is “tens of thousands”. #BBCfail…
And not only do you downplay the size of the anti-Brexit march (“thousands” instead of “tens of thousands” or “an estimated 100,000”) but you feel obliged to report the pathetic pro-Brexit counter-march, presumably for “balance”. It had “hundreds” so you imply 1/10 the size.
BBC story now updated to refer to “tens of thousands”. Good. When I did my original tweet the pusillanimous twats were reporting that “thousands” had marched. #BBCfail #BrexitShambles
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THREAD: This morning, during the review of the Sunday papers, Andrew Marr referred to Tory MPs who are considering rebelling against the govt on Brexit as “Tory hardcore Remainers” ffs #Marr
This terminology is disgraceful gaslighting. It confirms yet again that many senior figures at the BBC have swallowed the Brexiters’ narratives, rather than exercising the independent critical judgement that we licence payers are entitled to expect.
We can debate whether pro-Brexit narratives are regurgitated by the BBC because of bias, acquiescence in the face of bullying, or (my pet theory) an undeclared paternalistic view that continuing Brexit debate is “divisive” & the BBC’s role is to heal & unify a divided country.
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