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#mepolitics, this is government-created child abuse.

It seems like no one in this race wants to talk about hard federal issues in current events, and instead the focus is almost entirely on Maine.

I love Maine, but this job requires both.

Let's talk about that for a minute.
If a candidate isn't proficient in a wide swath of day-to-day issues for the average rural Mainer, they shouldn't be in the race.

If they avoid discussing controversial national events that should be the business of Congress, they shouldn't be in the race either.

We're all used to candidates saying they will work tirelessly for you (which is bs, give me someone who confesses to wanting a nap).

It's right up there with "I will put <insert state> before any other issues"...which is also, wait for it, bs.

The job is to make good, functional, humane, cost-efficient law that is the structure that our state laws function within.

Reps make sure that their states don't get trampled or neglected in the process...but they make federal law.

State law does (mostly) different stuff than federal law. The day-to-day contact the average person has with the law is usually state level.

Pick your governors and state legislature wisely folks.

Federal law impacts us, but feels really remote to most people.

How often do you think about...
- election security
- national defense
- theories of different tax schemes
- immigration quotas
- how HUD loans work
- how we choose student loan servicers

Ok, ok, PRIOR to say, 2015 how often did you get caught up in a conversation about hacking an electrical grid with any sort of detail?

It's important generally for this job even if it isn't specifically important to your daily thought process.

It's like a proctologist, you might not want to see them do the job, but you want to know they are capable of taking care of sh*t.

Challenge anyone running for federal office to discuss current events and policy.

You won't agree with everything they say, but if they consistently have no reasonable answer or no answer at all, back a different candidate - that one isn't qualified.

Find actual proficiency.

Can they read federal bills and demonstrate reasonable explanations?

Do they answer questions, hard ones?

Are they willing to say when they don't know?

Do they know what federal law does and what federal issues are?

...and the theme of this thread, do they duck unpopular, hard current events? (Even better, do they try to flag painful issues without you asking)

If your candidate doesn't meet basic proficiency, find one who does and support that candidate.


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Oct 7, 2018
Hey twitter -

I'd like to take my regularly scheduled #SundaySoapbox and do a last minute swap to focus on Susan Collins.

Let me preface by reminding you I am not running against Susan at this time, but I do have an election in a month that I could use support for.

I am a constituent of Susan's. Ever since I have moved here I am astonished at how incredibly effective she is at harnessing people's hope and her words like a damn magician.

Though she is a consistent conservative vote, she is able to focus all eyes on her.

Let's be clear, Susan is a troll.

Susan is truly brilliant. Absolutely amazing. She captures the hearts and minds of moderates repeatedly despite pulling the football every time.

It's horrific for most constituents, and a blasphemy to representative government.

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Sep 21, 2018
It's not very frequent that I comment on a presidential tweet, but this is not ok.

Sexual assault is traumatic. For many the thought of even admitting it has happened to them keeps them from reporting.

Then the worry about having to beg to be believed.

Then your family and community will look at you different.

Your behavior will be questioned, and even if you has zero responsibility, many will blame you for being a tease, wanting it, being irresponsible for choosing what should be a totally innocuous setting.

Since folks have posting yearbook photos, here is one of mine.

Take a moment to contemplate how many unwanted sexual advances and sexual assaults I had to fend off in the school-sanctioned athletic uniform.

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Sep 5, 2018
Hey #mepolitcs...Since I'm stuck for a bit, want to go with me on a journey?

Let's picture what the job and future elections looks like if I win.

Aka, what can you expect from a rep who does not perma-campaign.

In this hypo traditional campaigning requires around $1+ million per year to get and/or keep a house seat (plus all the other energy you have to expend to keep the peanut gallery PACs happy).

Let's assume they're at it 5 days/week and take a couple weeks off per year.

$1,000,000/50/5 = $4,000/day

Whew, that's a fundraising nut!

How much energy do you think it takes to rake in an extra $500 each work hour while doing important stuff like making laws?

That's more per hour than you make for the actual job. How would you prioritize?

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Sep 3, 2018
Hey #mepolitics, I found my inspiration for a #SundaySoapbox a day late. It's a holiday, right?

I had someone compare me to @BarackObama last week and minutes ago I had someone reference hope and change.

Let's talk about hope and change.
Change I'm all for, we'll get back to that.

Let's start with hope.

I have to confess, I don't love hope.

Hope...can be kind of a dick.

It teases you.

You *think* something maybe, kind of can happen.

If you just hope enough it'll be right?


It's probably my family law background.

Too many really lovely people hoping for their partner, child, parent, etc to be the person they could be if that partner, child, parent, etc if they only changed, which of course they have no desire and/or resources to do.

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Sep 1, 2018
Hey #mepolitics - Ready for another round of #SeeMaineWithTiffany?

Who wants to guess where I was today?
There were many apples, a wagon ride and delighted bees.

The views were amazing!

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Aug 28, 2018
I've been asked this a lot - what is the benefit of ranked choice voting?

If you feel like politics keeps pushing far left or far right as candidates differentiate, RCV lets you pick the moderate with the back-up of "not the other one".

I made you a chart.

Maybe you think of yourself as an independent, moderate, etc, and really don't love either party (but probably like one party less) - you can select me as your first choice, and still have the back up of another candidate if not enough people agree with you.
In this race, folks who like Bruce probably don't like Jared, folks who prefer Jared probably aren't keen on Bruce.

A lot of folks would like (or find less annoying) someone who really isn't a party. With RCV, you can do that! It removes the risk of vote-splitting.

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