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It started heavily even in Thiruvananthapuram. Heard that Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar receiving heavy rainfall and Madupetty Dam shutters are opened. Mullaperiyar is at 136.60 ft at 12noon today. #KeralaFloods
The water from Madupetty Dam will flow through Munnar to Kallarkutty and Lower Periyar Dams and will join Bhoothankettu Barrage in Periyar River..
Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar is used to receive heavy rainfall. This sub basin along with Mullaperiyar catchment created great havocs in 1924 and 1961 floods.
It seems Mullaperiyar getting filled fast

Water level today

6AM - 136.10 ft
8AM - 136.20 ft
10AM - 136.40 ft
12Noon - 136.60 ft
1 PM - 136.80ft
Understand the Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar.

It has 6 reservoirs viz. Kundala, Madupetty, Anayirankal, Ponmudi, Sengulam, Kallarkutty.
But these 6 reservoirs having 162.40 MCM (5.74 TMC).

To get a perspective, please understand that live storages of other reservoirs in the Periyar

Idukki -1460 MCM
Idamalayar-1018 MCM
Mullaperiyar- 271 MCM
It seems Mullaperiyar getting filled fast

Water level today

6AM - 136.10 ft
8AM - 136.20 ft
10AM - 136.40 ft
12Noon - 136.60 ft
1 PM - 136.80ft
2 PM - 137.00 ft
#Mullaperiyar reservoir water level at 5 pm is 137.50 ft, at this rate of inflow continues, the reservoir may reach its Full capacity within 26 to 27 hours. Crisis management decided to start evacuation of people as spill of the reservoir is imminent #KeralaFloods
#Mullaperiyar water level at 137.70 ft at 7 PM.

1.6 ft rise in last 13 hours.
0.6 ft rise in last 4 hours.

People are requested to fully co-operate with District/Disaster Management Authorities, as the chances of spill from the reservoir is imminent, if inflow is not reduced
Latest update:

14.08.2018 @08.00pm
Periyar Dam
Lake level ...137.90ft
14.08.2018 @08.30pm
Periyar Dam
Lake level ...138.00 ft
TN PWD issued second warning for #Mullaperiyar Dam as it's reached 138 ft at 8:30 PM today
Mullaperiyar Update 9 PM

Water level 138.10 ft.

No respite in the inflow.

So be alert
Mullaperiyar Update 9.30 PM

Water level 138.30 ft.

Inflow getting further increased.

So be alert
Mullaperiyar Update 10:00 PM

Water level 138.50 ft.

Inflow is heavy, at this rate expect opening of spillway gates any time in next 8 hours.

So be alert
Mullaperiyar Update 10:30 PM

Water level 138.70 ft.

Inflow is heavy, at this rate expect opening of spillway gates any time in next 7-8 hours.
Mullaperiyar Update 11:00 PM

Water level 138.85 ft.
Mullaperiyar is not having any flexibility like Idukki both is having almost equal catchment areas.

Mullaperiyar - 624 sqkm
Idukki- 625 sqkm

Mullaperiyar storage is just 20% Idukki storage, so Mullaperiyar will swell much faster. This reservoir is not having the flexibility!
That is one major reason, we are asking don't raise reservoir level. We allowed TN to increase tunnel size from 1300 cusecs to 2200 cusecs in 1954 and hence TN able to draw 96% of water from this reservoir even at 136 ft.
So after the diversion tunnel size increase and Vaigai reservoir, the quantity of water taken from Mullaperiyar has increased and the spill is reduced.

But when emotions are in play, no one want to listen to the facts.
Mullaperiyar touched 139 ft at 11:30 PM, some small reduction in inflow now. But we are crossing fingers
In no reservoir, we can't take 100% water, even giants like Idukki, Mettur etc are also spilling.

We need flexibility of operation, we cant release water irrationally.This is one reason, we started operating Idukki at 2400 ft before it's FRL of 2403 ft while Dam top is 2415 ft.
Leave all issues or whether Dam is structurally or seismically safe. We should see it's hydrological flexibility. What gain we will active when we are able to utilise 96% of inflow in the catchment with present storage? Hardly less than 1% increase in utilisation from 136 to 142
Mullaperiyar Update
@12:00 PM

Lake level : 139.15 ft

This is to clarify to the media that TN is taking water at it's full capacity of tunnel at 2200 cusecs and there was no reduction in intake. Water level increase is due to heavy rainfall in the catchment.
District Collector, Idukki informed that evacuation of people from downstream of Mullaperiyar Dam is completed. Dam Spillway will be opened soon and TN will open it when its closer to 140 ft.
#Mullaperiyar Dam may be opened at tonight 1:30am as the inflow is heavy. Supervisory Committee Chairman is now in the loop
No one is sleeping tonight. All Senior Secretaries, SDMA people, KSEBL Chairman, Chief Engineers of KSEB and Irrigation Dept, All District Collectors, Police, Revenue..We all are in the loop, each minute is updated and collective decision making is happening. Of course, I am too
Idamalayar spill will be 22,000 cusecs and Idukki spill will be 26500 cusecs..

Kallar, Idukki's augmentation started spilling. Lower Nirar Dam, TN is spilling to Idamalayar
Idukki inflow touched a whopping 1817 cumecs or 64000 cusecs. This is now equal to what recorded there at 1961!
Mullaperiya‌r Dam 15.08.2018 @12:30 Am
Lake level : 139.30 ft
Inflow: 23200 cusecs
KSEB seeking sanction to release 24000 cusecs from the Kakki reservoir and 7000cumecs of water from Pamba dam in to the Pamba River. #KeralaFloods
Revenue Additional Chief Secretary and Chairman, KSEB are not even blinking. We all brainstorming how to handle this deluge. Kerala's bureaucracy is setting example here

Banasurasgar rain is reduced. Some comfortable news from Wyanad
Mixed news!

Idukki inflow getting reduced to 43,600 cusecs from 64,000 cusecs!

Meanwhile Mullaperiyar inflow increased to 30200 cusecs from 23,000 cusecs.

#Mullaperiyar at 1am is 139.50 ft
#Mullaperiyar further raised to 139.70 ft @ 01:30 hrs, at this rate it will reach 140 ft by 2:30 hrs and TN will start release from that point.
Learnt that Ullunkal Pvt Small HEP in Pamba River basin is sank in today's flood.
KSEB Chairman deserves a salute, still with the State's emergency response team. He is not ready to take any rest..Just staying with we engineers and scientists in the team
Our Engineers manning dams in Chalakudy basin deserves a standing ovation. They are doing their best to balance between Kerala Sholayar and Poringalkuthu. Even when water level in Poringalkuthu reached danger levels, they keep cool and acting their professional best.
None of the District Collectors are sleeping..

See message from a DC

"Announcement is going on. Tahsildars and vos are already in the field . Police is also alerting people."
Mullaperiyar reached 140 ft!
My field engineers reporting

Mullaperiyar @2:30Am
Lake level : 140.00 ft
Inflow: 23200 cusecs
Storage: 12218.0 Mcft
Discharge: 2200 cusecs

Now all 13 shutters of MPD is going to be opened for 1ft and going to release 4500 cusecs
Vertical Gate No. 3 opened for 1ft.

TN flood warning #Mullaperiyar
Mullaperiyar update:
11 shutters raised upto 1 feet and releasing 4500 CFS water.
We are planning for increasing Idukki discharge considering Mullaperiyar spill coming fast to Idukki Dam. It will reach Idukki by tomorrow morning 7.30 AM
In a flood like this magnitude, power draft becomes irrelevant. For Idukki inflow of 64000 cusecs, compare power draft of 4000 cusecs. For Mullaperiyar inflow of 30200 cusecs, consider tunnel draft of 2200 cusecs
Malankara Dam which receives Idukki PH tailwaters

FRL 42m.
At 3.00AM
Water level becomes 41.44m..

Now Opened shutters are 1,2,3,4& 5 are 1.5m each
Boothathankettu barrage is now discharge around 1,77,000 cusecs to Periyar River. This is the last point where the river is dammed. Waiting for update from CWC to see how much will be at Neeleswaram tomorrow?

Mostly this is matching 1961 flood of 2.5 lakh cusecs there then
#Mullaperiyar Update @3Am

Lake level : 140.10 ft
Inflow: 21690 cusecs
Storage: 12245.0 Mcft
Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus 4490 cusecs
Heavy rain continuing Pamba dam and Kakki dam area.

No messages from there. Some communication problem inside the forests ..
Flooding is reported from Pamba banks and fire force is in rescue operation.

Heavy rain is reported from Moozhiyar too

#Mullaperiyar Dam at 3.30@AM

Lake level : 140.15 ft
Inflow: 14190 cusecs

Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus 4490 cusecs

Glad to see inflow is getting halved from 30200 cusecs here
Mullaperiyar Dam at @4Am

Lake level : 140.25 ft

Inflow: 21690 cusecs

Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus 4490 cusecs

Inflow again increasing..:(

Only relief is Idukki and Idamalayar catchments inflow reduced to 65%. Hope the recession limb will continue till we can evacuate more people #KeralaFloods
#Mullaperiyar Dam @4 .30Am

Lake level : 140.30 ft
Inflow: 13180cusecs

Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus 3480 cusecs

Out of the 13 shutters, 3 are closed now and reduced spill to 3480 cusecs from 4490 cusecs

#Mullaperiyar Dam behaves crazy
Lake level : 140.50 ft
Inflow: 35680cusecs

Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus 3480 cusecs

Hope TN will increase Out flow.. space for manoeuvre is getting reduced!

Inflow jumps from 13.2K to 35.7K

Mullaperiyar Dam update @ 5:30Am

Lake level : 140.55 ft

Inflow: 13180 cusecs
Discharge: 2200 cusecs
Surplus: 3480 cusecs

Inflow is oscillating..We are keeping our fingers crossed. TN now promising to increase spillway release
Banasurasgar in Wayanad spilling 7700 cusecs and at it's full reservoir level (FRL) at 6AM
Pamba dam water level at 5am - 985.80m,
5 Gates opened

Spill discharge 8264 cusecs
Idamalayar Dam

At 6 AM

Water level 169.15 ft
Spill 24720 cusecs to Periyar
PH 2325 cusecs to Periyar
Anathodu Dam of Kakki reservoir
6 AM
Spill 25000 cusecs

Pamba Dam

Spill 8264 cusecs

Poringalkuthu Dam 423.50 M

Discharging 40,000 cusecs to Chalakudy River. Avoid trips to Athirappilly, river is dangerous!

No officer from the Assistant Engineer in the field to Chief Engineers to Senior Secretaries to KSEB Chairman to SDMA officials to District Collectors to Police to Fire Force have not blinked their eyes last night, all are working like a well oiled machine. Proud about our team!
Mullaperiyar touched 141 feet now!
Crazy Madupetty had 23cms rainfall last night
What we are witnessing now is a repeat of the 1961 flood!! The second biggest flood Kerala had in the last 100 years!

Please remember it's still nowhere close to what we had in 1924.


Lake level : 141ft
Inflow: 29878c/s
Discharge: 2178c/s
Surplus: 5200c/s

All shutters of #Mullaperiyar Dam is raised from 1 ft to 1.5 ft from 7 AM onwards to keep the water level to the permitted level of 142 ft.
#Idukki started to discharge 1000 cumecs (35315 cusecs) from 750 cumecs to accommodate #Mullaperiyar flood to Idukki Dam

Our field team just sent this picture of Mullaperiyar Spill #KeralaFloods
Aluva at 7 AM today. This is repeat of 1961 deluge #KeralaFloods

Sent by another colleague
Pamba getting crazier by each minute passing ..KSEB Engineers reside here for Ranni-Perunadu scheme all escaped #KeralaFloods
Idukki inflow again increases. Now it's 53515 cusecs! While it's spilling 30000 cusecs #KeralaFloods
Around 10 TMC of water is already spilled from Idukki reservoir since it's opening #KeralaFloods ,which is almost 20% of its live storage capacity
Its an overwhelming experience to see that how KSEB Chairman & Managing Director Sri. N.S. Pillai IA&AS encouraging and standing by his team of Engineers. Like a true leader he is leading them from the front. I am so proud of my parent organisation 👍

None of the Engineers in our generation seen such a flood and that did not deter our determination to manage this crazy deluge, we are stretched to our limits, but we enjoy doing this for our people. It's not what you learn in Engg College, it's the practical wisdom!
Now #Mullaperyar spillway release is 9000cusec. It will be increased to 15000 in another 1hr.

Water is entering the control room of 110kv substation kurumassery, EKM. We may be forced to shutdown the station if level further increases. Deputy Chief Engineer, Kalamassery informs #KeralaFloods
Neyyar and Peppara reservoirs in Trivandrum too getting brim and going to spill.

Mullaperiyar dam update @ 8AM

Lake level : 141.2ft
Inflow: 26291c/s
Discharge: 2178c/s
Surplus: 9113c/s

Another late opening pushing Mullaperiyar to brim:(

Just 126 Mcft remains in #Mullaperiyar to reach the Supreme Court permitted level of 142 ft, with the present net inflow of 15000 cusecs, MPD will breach 142 ft within next 4 hours

Flag hoisting ceremony at #Mullaperiyar Dam ..Happy Independence Day

Poringalkuthu reservoir again reaching danger levels and discharging 40,000 cusecs!!!

Idamalayar also getting huge inflow and KSEBL sought permission to increase spill from this dam

"Heavy Rains at Seethathode-kakkad area. Rise of water in the Kakkad river enormously. due to Heavy rain"

Our Engineers from Kakkad Project reports. #Pamba swells to danger levels .

Mullaperiyar dam @ 9AM
Lake level : 141.3ft
Inflow: 18893c/s
Discharge: 2178c/s
Surplus: 9215c/s

My field team reports that heavy rain and wind is blowing at Dam site

Idukki and Idamalayar together now spilling 1700 cumecs (60,035 cusecs) to Periyar River

Bhoofhathankettu level crossed 33m...Maximum it can accommodate is up to 34.95m

Nedumbassery airport stopped it's operations till 2pm

Periyar also swelling

As rains are intensifying and #Mullaperiyar will discharge more water to Idukki, KSEBL explore the possibility of enhancing the spillway release from 1000 cumecs (35315 cusecs)

Stay safe Periyar people

As Idamalayar getting huge rains spill release will be increased from 700 cumecs to 800 cumecs (28250 cusecs)

More water to Periyar

Mullaperiyar dam Update @ 10AM

Lake level : 141.5ft
Inflow: 27537c/s
Discharge: 2178c/s
Surplus: 10359c/s

Spill to downstream is increased considering the fast filling of MPD


Kochi airport operations temporarily suspended till 18th Saturday 2 PM since the inflow of water is still on a raising trend. We are working hard to drain out the storm water. All are requested to co-operate. Control room number: 0484 3053500, 2610094
Don't get the logic of TN Engineers to reduce the spillway gates height from 1.5ft to 1ft while there is heavy inflow?

#Mullaperiyar almost reached 142 ft! My field team reports ..
After restricting the spill to 3330 cusecs and after brought #Mullaperiyar Dam to 142 ft, TN suddenly increase spillway discharge to 10,000 cusecs!!

Now all 13 shutters are back to 1.5 feet height
Pamba and Kakki together is now spilling 33,300 cusecs to Pamba River basin.

Pamba is not safe, please stay away
Ponmudy Dam in Periyar basin
at 1.00 pm

Spill: 157. 5 cumecs
Water level 707. 65m
FRL: 707. 75m

Madupetty Dam in Periyat
at 1.00pm
Spill : 37. 5 cumecs
Water level: 1599. 55m
FRL : 1599. 59 m
Expect more spill releases from Idukki considering Mullaperiyar Spill.

Also expect more spill from Idamalayar as heavy inflow is there.

Madupetty & Ponmudi dams are already spilling

Aluva and further downstream should be very careful.

Kerala Sholayar dam in Chalakudy basin
spill status at 1.00 pm on 15.08.2018.

Water level : 2663.30 ft
Discharge rate -
304 cumecs (10735 cusecs)

IDUKKI RESERVOIR WL at 2.00pm 2399. 10ft

Inflow : 1675cumecs
PH discharge : 116 cumecs
Spill : 1100 cumecs (38,846 cusecs)

Mullaperiyar dam
15.08.2018 @ 1 PM
Lake level : 142ft

Inflow: 30056 c/s
Discharge: 2178c/s
Surplus: 12878 c/s

As WL reaches 142ft,
All 13 Shutters are now raised by 2ft.
WL at 4.00pm 2399. 28ft

Inflow : 1784cumecs
PH discharge : 117 cumecs
Spill : 1300 cumecs

Idukki inflow further rises to 1784 cumecs (63000 cusecs) and spill is now 1300 cumecs (45900 cusecs)

NDRF team from Pune is led by Commander Vairav is on the way to Trivandrum for further deployment in districts is coming with additional life saving equipments

Idukki spilling now at 1500 cumecs (53000cusecs) to Periyar

Water level-169.20M
FRL-169 m

Dam Spill-1000 cumecs
(35315 cusecs)

Dam Safety AEE, Moozhiyar 2 others who had gone to Kakki Anathode for gate operation yesterday could not return to Moozhiyar due to a landslide near Kakki Intake. The road between Kakki and Anathode also is blocked. Now they are stranded at Kakki with no food or communication.
Upputhara chappath area is reported to be flooded with water flowing over the bridge...

This is said to be release from #Mullaperiyar flowing into Idukki.

Flash releases from MPD could have been avoided, if they released earlier
WL at 6.00pm 2399.36ft

Inflow : 1799cumecs
PH discharge : 115 cumecs
Spill : 1500 cumecs

Ranni is under severe threat, many people are stranded on rooftops .

Pamba is getting worse!

Water level-169.16M
FRL-169 m

Dam Spill-1000 cumecs

WL at 8.00pm 2399.56ft

Inflow : 1867cumecs
PH discharge : 116 cumecs
Spill : 1500 cumecs

Inflow is getting upward as it's getting Mullaperiyar Spill

5 KSEB staff members are
seeking help for their rescue from Ranni south section. No food and water. Staying in the top floor.

Mullaperiyar dam @ 8PM
Lake level : 142ft
Inflow: 25671 cusec

Discharge: 2178 cusec
Surplus: 23493 cusec

12 shutters raised as 6ft by 7.30 PM
WL at 9.00pm 2399.60ft

Inflow : 1801cumecs
PH discharge : 117 cumecs
Spill : 1500 cumecs

Water level-169.15M
FRL-169 m

Dam Spill-1000 cumecs

Both Kerala Sholayar and Poringalkuthu are spilling so heavily. No reduction in inflows since 7 pm till now.

Chalakudy River

Mullaperiyar reservoir crossing Supreme Court set permissible level now it is getting to 142.4 ft.
A dangerous games by TN
110kV SS, Kaloor, EKM- Water level in the SS compound is in increasing trend. Rain is continuing. On Safety point, SS will be S/off if storm water enters control room.

#Kochi #KeralaFloods
Heavy rain at Ernakulam. Aluva level has already increased considerably. Several roads are inundated. Aluva town is also affected.

110 kV substation Kalur switched off
WL at 11.00pm 2399. 86ft

Inflow : 1893cumecs
PH discharge : 118 cumecs
Spill : 1500 cumecs

It's a record inflow!
This is official news from KSEB

There is no flooding in Kalamassery SS.
But there is flooding in the 110kV SS, Kaloor, Which is switched off at 22.25hrs.
All other SS in City area are in Safe condition.
Our field engineers just messaged that there is heavy rainfall in the Mullaperiyar catchment...

Really worried over the people in Ranni belt of Pamba River basin. The place along with Munnar and Sabarimala totally isolated and no respite for rain

Chalakudy Basin reaching dangerous proportions with heavy spill from Parambikulam Dam

Poringal Power house tripped . Porungal Dam water raised upto top of dam. Officers dam safety staff moved to inspection bungalow at top and safe

It is reported that 110kV Chengannur (Alpy dist) also to be switched off.
Water is rising #KeralaFloods
Following Gen Stations stopped due to flooding

Poringalkuthu LB Extn
Lower Periyar

Please please be safe people in Chalakudy basin, we are expecting something so severe there. Move away to safer places. The flood is unimaginable proportions here.

Take this warning very seriously

110kV Eranakulam out due to Kalur flooding #KeralaFloods
Konni and Perinad 33 kV substation of Pathanamthitta s/s switched off due to flooding of yard at Pathanamthitta

A request to journalists..

Please don't call me this time, I am part of the Emergency Response Team of Kerala, whatever possible I am posting here when I get time.

No time to explain to you over phone now. Please understand that.

Status of kabani dam ( Beechanahalli karnadaka )
FRL. .2284 ft
Present water level . 2279 ft
Inflow 65000 cusecs
Out flow .. 70000 cusecs
In Pathanamthitta,

It’s almost perfect/ safe in Ranni area (except some issues of food)

In Aranmula/ Kozhenchery - Our full available team of 5 Fishing boats and 15 NDRF boats are deployed and doing maximum possible operations
However, distress calls are on the rise and we are telling all of them and pacifying that - now water is stable and there’s is no need to panic.

We expect increase of water in Thiruvalla area and 4 fishing boats reached almost Thiruvalla and will start operation by noon.
Distress calls and social media messages and calls are on the rise

Air lift option may be looked into in all possible manners

#MullaperiyarDam Resident from Idukki moves Supreme Court. Advocate of petitioner mentioned the matter before a bench headed by J Ranjan Gogoi.

Bench directed to mention the matter before the bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra @ 2 PM.

Kakkayam dam in Kozhikode
at 11.00am

FRL +2487 ft
W/L +2487 ft
Gate opening- 3 feet
Spill 105 cumecs

WL at 11.00am 2401.64ft
F R L : 2403 ft

Gross inflow : 1726 cumecs
PH discharge : 114 cumecs
Spill : 1225cumecs

Spill is reduced to manage Aluva situation for the time being.
This is where Idukki reservoir's flood storage provision gives some flexibility to the authorities to synchronise it and Idamalayar.

Petitioner seeks directions to be issued to Centre under Disaster Management Act to ensure proper management of water level in Mullaperiyar dam mentioned in Supreme Court & better coordination b/w states. Petitioner is Russel Roy & Advocate Manoj George
It is learned that the Maniyar Private power house is submerged in water

Pamba Basin

"Thodupuzha town mostly submerged with people reporting 4ft wall of water in core town.. Access to my home (Kanjar) has also been cutoff due to severe landslides and paving of portion of the land holding water spread area of malankara dam"

My colleague message

Aliyar Dam 16.08.2018. TN
12.00.pm Level 1048.70/1050.00 Storage 3773.29/ 3864.00 mcft. Inflow.9218 cusecs.
From 12noon spillway discharge 10213 cusecs.

More water to Chittoorpuzha, tributary of Bharatapuzha

Be safe Palakkad
PIP Maniyar Barrage 2 pm, RL +33.20m, Discharge 547 M3/sec.

Pamba Basin

Message from our staff at Kakki Pampa

Heavy earth slip including heavy boulders near intake of kakki dam and two more slips. Electrc line broken at earth slip of kakki. Road to Anathodu and Vallakkadav also block no stock of food materials even in kochu pampa canteen
It is reported that heavy rainfall is happening in Kumili, close to Mullaperiyar

Periyar Basin

No evacuation going on in chalakkudy due to bad weather. Water level rising and rising

Saying District Collector

Peechi Dam Thrissur

Present 79.56 FRL 79.25
4 Shutters opened 56 inches

Be safe
I was forced put my mobile in blocking mode.

We lack a culture to respond in a crisis, it's not the time to have discussions at prime time with semi-informed "experts". Just report & do some help to alert the official machinery.

Not participating any debate till this is over

• • •

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Sep 18, 2018
Some #Demonetisation thoughts!

Many here asked me why I am not reacted to the latest RBI Annual Report which exposed DeMon as nothing but a perverted dream of a Tughlak.

First of all there was nothing surprising elements there for me!!
Then everyone was discussing the amount of 99% returned to the system! Some sigh of relief as our Urjit stop counting, but I don't get any evidence that he has stopped that!!

Because still we hear about old SBN notes are seized by agencies ;)
Annual Report 2017-18 of the RBI that Rs.15.311 trillion Specified Bank Notes was returned. While RBI in its AR in 2016-17 itself admitted that as of June 30, 2017, received Rs.15.28 trillion of SBN. 

Total SBN demotenised was Rs.15.44 trillion

99.2% vs 99.0% is a big deal?? 😉
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Sep 2, 2018
IMD started issuing alerts "be prepared" from August 8! "For action" was issued on August 9.

At least glad that IMD admitted that their alerts were that close.

Also thank you for not claiming that they have issued alerts for "extreme rainfall" and only "heavy rainfall" then
I scanned all those reports of this regional office issued. NOWHERE I SEEN AN EXTREME RAINFALL EVENT ALERT. Each Monsoon season IMD used to issue HEAVY TO VERY HEAVY RAINFALL alerts and small reservoirs used to spill and the spate will be comfortably negotiated by the rivers
Please understand the nuances. We can negotiate a heavy rainfall event, whatever allowances in the dams and river channels are sufficient to negotiate that one. You will see some flooding, may be a knee deep one & dams spill w/o any problems
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Aug 30, 2018
"In Kerala, there’s no reason to damn the dams" here is my answer to all pundits who are preaching an early opening of Idukki would have saved the flooding of Periyar..

Read it slowly and understand the nuances! nationalheraldindia.com/india/in-keral…
Grab the hardcopy and read @NH_India
I felt depressed when a person who served as the Director of the prestigious IITM says that he has given warning & Kerala has no respect for his warning but Odisha has!!
Oh boy!! I am at a loss if you cant discern cyclones in East coast and extreme rainfall in Western coast
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Aug 27, 2018
With due respect to his credentials as an expert environmentalist, I differ with him, because this is a repeat of 1924 and this type of extreme events will occur with an annual exceedence probability of 9.52% in a span of 100 years!

Extreme floods is not his area of expertise!
In our country, we have a habit of people and experts venture into the uncharted territory where they have no domain knowledge.

I can't/will not comment on ecology or environment because it's not my domain. I read and understand but never make sweeping statements about that
What about the 1924 flood? When Kerala had no encroachment and had one foruth of the population than now?

Now the scientific evidence shows that this 2018 is a repeat of 1924!! Nature has it's crazy behaviour.

Gadgil is right about landslides but not about floods. Sorry!
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Aug 22, 2018
I am ready for a debate with any of these experts who are blaming KSEB for mismanagement of dam operations.

Stop sweeping statements! Come out with data and talk sense!

Don't lead a literate society to blind spots!!
When our catchment areas had experienced one third of the annual rainfall within 4 days pinch yourself...Can you believe it?

& the Engineers managed efficiently and contained these floods even when you had a 1 in 1000 year flood!

Please don't destroy their morale!!
This is the hard evidence of 4 days of non-stop extreme rainfall

Idukki -811mm (Idukki Dist)
Pamba - 344 mm (Pathanamthitta Dist)
Kakki - 915 mm (Pathanamthitta Dist)
Kuttiyadi - 954 mm (Kozhikode Dist)
Idamalayar - 644 mm (Ernakulam Dist)
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Aug 21, 2018
Damn Dams!!

They created all hell in Kerala......

How many dams are there in Achecoil, Manimala & Meenachil which created havoc in Central Kerala?


How much yield of Pamba River is impounded in the dams there?

JUST 10.4%

Blame it on dams!!
Come to the Northern Kerala.....

There you have the Great Chaliyar River, which flows through Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

How many dams are there is this Chaliyar River basin other than some small weirs?

Blame it on dams..
Why ur doing annual maintenance of Idukki machines whn the Monsoon is active?

Smart QN.

But understand that Idukki is meeting Kerala's peak energy demand, its annual maintenance are done during monsoon and its all machine are needed in summer whn demand high, not in monsoon
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