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#TodayInHistory Francis Day of East India Company gets a small strip of land from Peda Venkata Raya of Chandragiri, grandson of Aliya Rama Raya, to build a factory and warehouse in 1639 AD. That strip would become the metropolis known as Chennai. Happy #MadrasDay
Chennai, the city where I started my career, stayed there for a year, been there many times after that too. A city close to my heart, of which have some great memories. A city of culture, tradition, and a rather laidback lifestyle. Happy #MadrasDay
Spencer's Plaza in Mount Road, one of our favorite hangout joints. Much before malls became common in India, this was one of the more well known ones. Of course more often than not came here to beat the heat. Not sure if it is still as popular now #MadrasDay
Quite often seen people dismiss Chennai as a boring city. Yeah maybe if ur looking for pubs, night clubs it is not the place really. But personally never felt it that way, there were just so many options to enjoy and explore. And never been much of a pub hopper anyway.
If nothing else, the Marina beach was always there in Chennai to hangout, just laze around, or if you felt it too crowded, there was Elliot's Beach. And weekends, there was always Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, driving one one of the best roads ever, the ECR. #MadrasDay
Also Chennai had one of the early multiplexes in India, the Satyam theater complex, now being taken over by PVR. Standard hangout for movies, esp the latest Hollywood flicks here. Other theater we used to go was Devi complex on Mt.Road #MadrasDay
The true delight of Chennai, lay in exploring places, that were not so well known. Parry's Corner had this wonderful Gujju restaurant tucked away in one of the numerous small lanes. Simple place, no frills, but the Gujju thali here was just delicious #MadrasDay
Chennai had a long association with Swami Vivekananda, the RK Math at Mylapore here, is the 2nd oldest after the Belur Math, started in 1897. The Ice House where Swamiji stayed is now named Vivekanada Illam, and is converted to a memorial #MadrasDay
And if you love temples, Chennai has some magnificient ones. The most well known being Kapaleeshwar at Mylapore and Parthasarathi at Triplicane. It's believed Parvati worshipped Shiva in form of a peacock, hence name Mylapore( mayil is Tamil for Peacock) #MadrasDay
The Kapaleeshwara Temple is one of the largest, built in typical Dravidian style, with huge gopurams and large perimeter. Shiva is worshipped as Kapaleeshwara here, while Shakti as Karpagambal. One of the Paadal Petra Sthalam revered by Nayanars #MadrasDay
Apart from the Kapaleeshwara Temple, Mylapore also has the RK Math, Adi Kesava Perumal Temple, and the Madras Music Academy. It is regarded as Chennai's cultural district. Not to mention you get to eat some real good food here too. #MadrasDay
Other famous temple in Chennai, is the Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane, dedicated to Krishna in the form of Arjuna's charioteer. Dating back to the Pallava times, it is the only temple in India where you can see Krishna with a moustache. #MadrasDay
Triplicane where Parthasarathy Temple is located is the Bachelor's Paradise of Chennai. Full of "Mansions" which are essentially lodging homes for students, people on work. Stayed in one of them. Also the iconic Chepauk stadium is here, and Marina just a walk away #MadrasDay
Chennai is one of the best places for a #WalkToTemple, apart from Kapaleeshwar and Parthasarathy, there are at least 50 other well known temples here, that are worth a visit. Ashtalakshmi temple at Adyar, Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple at Beasant Nagar just a few. #MadrasDay
Every neighborhood in Chennai has one or more larger temples, that is worth a visit. If you are doing a #WalkToTemple here to all the major well known ones, would take more than a day. And most of these temples are stunning architectural wonders #MadrasDay
And if you love history, can drop into the Government Museum, at Egmore. Has an excellent collection of artifacts dating to Chola, Pallava, Pandya, Chera periods, as well as some wonderful Nataraja bronzes. Could do with some better maintenance though. #MadrasDay
The IIT campus at Guindy with it's deer park and mini forest, along with the Snake Park nearby is another great place to visit in Chennai. Also the crocodile park en route to Mahabalipuram, on weekends. #MadrasDay
BTW if you want to see what Dipavali shopping rush looks like go to T.Nagar or Parry's Corner just a week before. Crowded even at the best of times, during Dipavali it is madenning. And the celebrations here in Chennai are something else #MadrasDay
T.Nagar, the shopper's paradise in Chennai, is named after Sri P.Tyegaraya Chetty, Justice Party leader and one of it's founders too. Yes has nothing to do with the legendary composer. In fact almost all places here are named after Justic Party members. #MadrasDay
The Panagal Park in T.Nagar is named after Raja of Panagal, Sri Panaganti Ramarayanigar, who was also CM of Madras Presidency from 1921-26, and who also was instrumental in the founding and construction of T.Nagar. #MadrasDay
North and South Usman Road- Named after Khan Bahadur Mohd.Usman, who was Home Minister in the Justice Party cabinet of Madras Presidency and also acting Governor of Madras. #MadrasDay
Pondy Bazaar, which is one of the main shopping areas in T.Nagar is named after another Justice party politician, and a prominent Nadar leader, W.P.A.Soundarpandian. #MadrasDay
Adyar one of the more posh neighborhoods in Chennai, gets it's name from the river that flows by. Home to Theosophical Society, Kalakshetra founded by Rukmini Devi Arundale, and the Elliot's Beach. As also the iconic Adyar Anand Bhavan, famous for it's sweets and snacks.
Alwarpet is Chennai's celebrity area, the iconic Poes Garden, home to Kamal, Rajni, and late Jayalalitha is located here. Stalin's home is also here, and C.V.Raman used to stay here too. #MadrasDay
Kodambakkam is Chennai's movie district, the hub of Kollywood. AVM set up it's first studio here in 1948, followed by L.V.Prasad, Vauhini, Vijaya. Also has one of the first flyovers in the city. Its believed to get it's name "Karkodagan Pakkam" a snake that worshipped Shiva.
One thing I observed in Chennai, rather simple lifestyle of most people. That guy sitting next to you, dressed in just a dhoti and shirt, sipping his Kaapi, cud well be a multi millionaire, and you may not know it at all. Only time they spend lavishly is during weddings.
Also it does not matter who you are, cud be a big shot, a crore pathi, a middle class Govt employee or office worker, or a daily laborer, early morning Kaapi(yes in Chennai we call it that), the Hindu newspaper is a must #MadrasDay
Was a delight having breakfast early morning in Chennai, most of the hotels were simple, maintained neatly, smell of agarbatthis, M.S. Subbalakshmi's Suprabhatam playing. Wonderful atmosphere, and of course the regular Saravanna Bhavans, Sangeethas #MadrasDay
Inspite of being ruled by Atheist Dravidian parties for decades, Chennai remains more religious and traditional than any other city in India. Common sight of Ganesha murthi at every nook and corner, and in front of every home. And small temples in every lane #MadrasDay
Very common to see people on their way to work, or some other purpose, stop before one of the numerous Ganesha murthis, do a quick prayer and then move on. And I guess one of the few metros where you still see females with flowers in the hair #MadrasDay
Ambattur known for it's industrial estate and also an auto ancillary hub is also one of the 108 Shakti Sthals in India. Shakti is worshipped here as Vaishnavi Amman, and as it comes 51st in order it's called aimbaththu onraam oor, which gives the place it's name #MadrasDay
fThough another theory says that Ambattur got it's name from 50 small towns comming together( Ambattu Ooru). TI Cycles that made the famous Hercules cycle, was the first to set up factory here in 1951. Also hub of auto ancillary industry #MadrasDay
What we know as Anna Nagar, was originally Mullam village, and in fact in official records it still has that name. The area was developed in early 70s following the World Trade Fair in 1968. This tower is a popular hangout place. #MadrasDay
Avadi famous for it's ordnance factories is considered to be an acronym for Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India. However locals state that the name means a place full of cows in Tamil. Most of the defense establishments are located here #MadrasDay
Ashtalakshmi Temple near Elliot's Beach in Beasant Nagar, is one of Chennai's more well known temples. Constructed by Chandrashekara Saraswati of Kanchi Matha, was opened in 1976. It has 8 forms of Lakshmi in 2 floors, as well as Dashavataram #MadrasDay
Beasant Nagar is one of the upscale areas in Chennai, also has the Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, well known one. Not to mention the Elliot's Beach, an alternative to Marina's, the Theosophical Society. #MadrasDay
Iconic Chepauk Stadium full name is M.A.Chidambaram Stadium, named after former BCCI President. Chepauk is believed to have got it's name from an Urdu word "Che Bagh" or 6 gardens. It also has an old palace, built for Nawab of Arcot, and Univ of Madras campus #MadrasDay
Apart from the Govt Museum, Egmore also has the Connemara Public Library, named after the then Governor of Madras. In fact both are adjacent, has a very good collection of books, periodicals, though cud do with better maintenance like the Museum #MadrasDay
Burma Bazaar, one of Chennai's well known 2nd hand goods market, esp for it's Phoren goods( actually the smuggled stuff), is so called after Tamil refugees who had fled Burma in the 1960s. Yes there were many Tamilians settled in Burma, most of traders #MadrasDay
While the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia, Singapore is fairly well known, there was an equally large Tamil community in Burma( Myanmar) too mostly traders. Rangoon was quite a popular destination. However in early 60s many of em migrated, and Burma Bazaar was set up by em.
HQ of EID Parry, after whom Chennai's famed Parry's Corner is named. The company founded by a Britisher, was taken over by the Muragappa Group in 1981. Famous for it's Sugar factories, that division is however now taken by GMR, #MadrasDay
Parry's Corner though is one part of Georgetown, which contains Fort St. George, where the Assembly is located, the High Court and the Kaligambai Temple. It's believed Shivaji Maharaj visited this temple. Famous Armenian Church is here too. #MadrasDay

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“The vultures have resigned, I don’t know what to do”
When the richest man in the world, the Nizam surrendered helplessly to a commoner K.M.Munshi. His army routed, all the people around him had either fled or surrendered themselves, leaving him alone.
The Nizam after Operation Polo, quite often positioned himself as a helpless victim of the Razakars, a quasi military organization, founded by Qasim Rizvi, that wanted to integrate Hyderabad with Pakistan, and run it as per the Sharia. #HyderabadLiberationDay
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Vishwesarayya was born in Mudenahalli, now located in Chikballapur district on Sept 15,1861 to Srinivasa Sastry and Venkachamma. His father was a well known Sanskrit scholar, from whom he learnt to respect the culture and traditions of Bharat.
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Today is the anniversary of the start of Operation Polo, an act that ensured Hyderabad would not end up as another Kashmir in India.The police action that integrated Hyderabad with India, bought an end to the Nizam's rule started on this date in 1948.
The Nizam of Hyderabad then the world's richest man, had refused to sign the Instrument of Accession in 1948. The Nizam's original idea, was for Hyderabad State to be an independent constitutional monarchy within the Commonwealth.
Mountbatten advised Sardar Patel initially to resolve the issue of Hyderabad, without resorting to force, and through negotiations. K.M.Munshi led the negotiations from Indian side, while the Nizam was represented by his Prime Minister Laik Ali and Sir Walter Monkton.
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Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Saragarhi, one of the greatest last man standing actions in military history, when 21 Sikhs held of 10,000 Afghans against all odds, going down to the last man. A tale of sacrifice, honor and courage. #LestWeForget
To understand the significance of Saragarhi, one needs to take a look at the backdrop. The Afridi tribe had a deal with the British to protect the strategically important Khyber Pass for 16 years, who in turn created a local regiment composed of the Afridis entirely.
However the Afridi tribesmen, turned against the British, and began to capture all the outposts in the Khyber, espeically on the Samana Range near Peshawar. Saragarhi was one of the posts, here, manned by the Sikhs. The British started the Tirah campaing in response.
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