Welcome new followers! Are you ready to play one of the most fun #Scicomm games on Twitter??? Well get ready, because #CrowOrNo is here and ready to knock your socks off
How does #CrowOrNo work? Every Wednesday at about 11:30am PST I’ll post a photo of a bird. It’s up to you to decide if it’s a crow or not.
In this game, a correct crow answer constitutes any bird that has the word crow in its recognized common name (what you’d find in a field guide).
Photos can be sourced from anywhere in the world and show a bird of any age. Typically I’ll reveal the answer at 5:30om, though today it will be closer to 4:00. Ready???
This week’s #CrowOrNo submission comes from @537H. What did Seth capture here? Good luck!!!
I hope none of the new players weren’t scared off #CrowOrNo today, because this was not an easy one folks! But the extra hard ones are what keep you on your toes, and after such a long hiatus I didn’t want anyone thinking I’d gone soft 😉
So what’s the answer to today’s #CrowOrNo challenge? 🥁🥁🥁🥁 This week’s bird is NOT A CROW! It’s a turkey vulture!
Flight is tricky because so often we see birds either streaking past us so fast we can’t really pay attention to their wing shapes, or we see birds soaring where the wings are fully extended as with the crow below.
In this case though the vulture is kind mid breast stroke, so the primary feathers (the finger-like wing feathers) have condensed together and you start to see a more dramatic bump of the carpal (the wrist).
One hint (admittedly not a particularly strong one) that it’s not a crow is the tail. See how the feathers are sort of scalloped? Crow tails are generally a more smooth line, but TUVUs often show this kind of scalloping.
But admittedly all these clues are pretty hard to detect and I wouldn’t blame you for still being dubious, so let’s hand over the real kicker. Here’s the same photo with the shadows removed. So nicely done to the folks that guessed TUVU!!!
Well what did the new players think? Will you be back next week? I hope so! See you next time folks, and thanks again to @537H for the submission!!!

• • •

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Sep 13, 2018
Omg apparently he @‘d tons of folks that RT’d this, to play armchair psychiatrist and double down on it being a raven. WHAT A WANKER 🤣🤣🤣
😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying.

For new followers/crow fans, both crows and ravens have blue eyes as babies. It transitions to the adult brown around 3-4 months. Some species OTOH, have brown eyes that turn blue!
Read 4 tweets
Sep 12, 2018
Hey guess what? It’s the best day of the week! It’s #CrowOrNo day!
Today’s challenge is brought to you by @Sciwhat. So what kind of a peeping Tom do they have here? A #CrowOrNo? Answer at 5:30 PST! Good luck!
Woof, I’m pretty late tonight, but data always takes precedent. Thanks for your patience! This week’s #CrowOrNo photo is...a crow!!!
Read 6 tweets
Sep 11, 2018
Here’s the thing about red squirrels...I dig their whole vibe. Here’s a thread of me just being delighted about them.
An explanation of their cache sites or middens. FYI I totally blanked on the word “scales” (you can tell by the long pause) but I meant to say scales not leaves.
My favorite midden yet!!! BTW did you know they can chatter without stopping for up to an hour?!
Read 9 tweets
Sep 5, 2018
It’s Wednesday, right? For sure? I’m not falling for this “it’s Wednesday, but not really” nonesense again today.
Ok well since it is actually a Wednesday...let’s get our #CrowOrNo on! New players: just tell me if at least one of these birds is a crow or not before 5:30ish PST. After that I post the answer and ID tips. Good luck!
You folks ready for your #CrowOrNo answer? The bird on the right is not a crow, it’s a raven! But the bird on the left is...
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Sep 4, 2018
These responses make me want to crawl under a rock. Honestly I don’t even know what I want to do which is terrifying enough, but add the “it took 5 years and 100+ applications” to the mix and it feels completely fucking hopeless.
Do I even want to stay in academia? IDK! I can’t imagine not doing researching but at the same time academia makes me so unhappy sometimes. And maybe I just want to stay in research because it’s the only life I’ve known.
Then there’s the whole issue of uprooting my whole life again and again over the next several years to chase something I don’t even know if I want. How do people with families swing that? Like they obviously do but...how?
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Aug 29, 2018
Nature is metal 🤟
This is a bleeding tooth fungus or Hydnellum peckii. Despite their deadly appearance these mushrooms are nontoxic, though they’re very bitter and bad to eat.
They are also key players in healthy forests because they are symbiotic with the trees around them, exchanging nutrients and fixed CO2. Kind of like some lichen species this fungus can indicate polluted or unhealthy forests.
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