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Hey guess what? It’s the best day of the week! It’s #CrowOrNo day!
Today’s challenge is brought to you by @Sciwhat. So what kind of a peeping Tom do they have here? A #CrowOrNo? Answer at 5:30 PST! Good luck!
Woof, I’m pretty late tonight, but data always takes precedent. Thanks for your patience! This week’s #CrowOrNo photo is...a crow!!!
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It’s Wednesday, right? For sure? I’m not falling for this “it’s Wednesday, but not really” nonesense again today.
Ok well since it is actually a Wednesday...let’s get our #CrowOrNo on! New players: just tell me if at least one of these birds is a crow or not before 5:30ish PST. After that I post the answer and ID tips. Good luck!
You folks ready for your #CrowOrNo answer? The bird on the right is not a crow, it’s a raven! But the bird on the left is...
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It’s that time again folks! From penguins to corvids, tuxedos are a popular look in the bird world. But is this particular fashionista a #CrowOrNo? I’ll post the answer around 5:30 PST, though no promises because I’m on fieldwork time 😉. Photo c/o Frans Sellies.
Nicely done folks with the amazing turn out! As most of you guessed today’s #CrowOrNo is most definitely a crow! An African pied crow to be precise.
You can distinguish pied crows from magpies by the heavier bill and thicker rictal bristles (nasal feathers) on the crow. Probably the best tell though is the hackle like throat feathers on a pied crow.
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Welcome new followers! Are you ready to play one of the most fun #Scicomm games on Twitter??? Well get ready, because #CrowOrNo is here and ready to knock your socks off
How does #CrowOrNo work? Every Wednesday at about 11:30am PST I’ll post a photo of a bird. It’s up to you to decide if it’s a crow or not.
In this game, a correct crow answer constitutes any bird that has the word crow in its recognized common name (what you’d find in a field guide).
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Yesterday I defended my thesis & become Dr. Kaeli Swift. For a little girl who couldn’t read until she was 8, who for so long thought she was doomed to academic failure, this is a huge moment. 2nd person & 1st woman in my family to boot. I’m really fucking proud of myself.
Wow. Just wow. The outpouring of support here has kind of blown me away. Thank you all so, so much.
I have to say in some ways finishing my grad program is bitter sweet. Sweet for your obvious reasons, but bitter because, well, I freaking love crows and I want to study them forever!
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After several weeks (well, years) of work my dissertation has been submitted to my committee. No telling what they’ll say, but while I sweat that out I think it’s only fair that you grapple with your own crow struggles. In other words... #CrowOrNo is officially back!
With it being 90* here in Seattle, I think this rather hot bird is a fitting photo for today’s #CrowOrNo. The question it a #HotCrow or a #HotNo? Answer at 5:30PST
Wooohoo thanks for playing everyone! This week’s #CrowOrNo is 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁a crow!!! A carrion crow to be precise.
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