"A key part of Nazi ideology was to define the enemy and those who posed a threat to the so-called “Aryan” race.". In India too, sangh parivar is busy with propaganda defining the enemy~non Hindus, opponents of hindutva & supporters of secular diverse India.
"The use of  propaganda and laws to define the enemy as a cohesive group was a key factor in achieving the goals of the Nazi regime"..in #NewIndia we see same type of propaganda against Muslims&Christians..religious identity used to attack Indian citizens
"Nazi propaganda was essential in promoting the myth of the “national community” and identifying who should be excluded."
Sangh Parivar propaganda is similar.hindi Hindu Hindustan agenda. Muslims,Christians r outsiders acc to RSS..even though they are all 100%native to the land.
"These campaigns incited hatred or cultivated indifference to it. They were particularly effective in creating an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Jews."
In #NewIndia increasing mob violence, vigilantes, assassinations, targeted harassment etc & less outrage each time.
"Nazi propagandists exploited pre-existing images&stereotypes to give a false portrayal of Jews"
Jews were called an “alien race”&accused of poisoning its culture.
#NewIndia-Muslim stereotypes pushed,accused of destroying Hindu culture,Hindu khatre mein Hain narrative. it matches
"As the Nazi regime tightened control over press&publishing after 1933,propagandists tailored messages to diverse audiences"
"offered more subtle antisemitic language&viewpoints for educated,middle-class Germans offended by crude caricatures"
Modia is doing this job in #NewIndia
"University professors and religious leaders gave antisemitic themes respectability by incorporating them into their lectures and church sermons."
Here we have a governor of a state who cheers for civil war between citizens on basis of religion!!
Propaganda also helped lay the groundwork for the announcement of Nuremberg Race Laws.There were laws that prevented marriage between jews&non jews.
Similar to #LoveJihad bogus promoted by every bjp neta&Modia. We are in propaganda stage now. How long before laws are introduced?
"Through their control of cultural institutions, such as museums,under the Reich Chamber of Culture,the Nazis created new opportunities to disseminate anti-Jewish propaganda"
RSS controlled bjp govt has installed sangh parivar members in key posts in every institution. #NewIndia
The Nazis made films as part of their propaganda...used the radio very effectively&controlled media as well.
In #NewIndia we see CBFC chiefs made videos for the regime&forcing movie goers to watch such propaganda..#MannKiBaat (no questions pls)&media controlled/harassed by regime
"While most Germans disapproved of anti-Jewish violence, dislike of Jews, easily stirred up in hard times, extended far beyond the Nazi Party faithful"
The otherization of jews happened over time.
How long before Indians internalize sangh propaganda&dehumanize Muslims completely?
We can already see how so many Indians cheer when kashmiri civilians suffer,
fake encounters in UP,Gujarat get dismissed &human rights activists get attacked for taking up the cause of victims who are Muslims,
Afrazuls murder was cheered &support poured in for murderer regar...
"During periods preceding new measures against Jews,propaganda campaigns created an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Jews. In some cases the campaigns exploited the violence"
In #NewIndia, the silence of GoI on violence against sangh opponents&non hindus is deafening
"Propaganda that demonized Jews also served to prepare the German population in the context of national emergency,for harsher measures, such as mass deportations& eventually,genocide."
In #NewIndia, sangh propaganda is already showing results- #NRC,rejecting rohingya refugees
Demonizing Muslims as Pakistani, punjabis& Bengalis who don't support hindutva as khalistani &Bangladeshi respectively are all effects of sangh propaganda.we are in propaganda stage..then is deportation&genocide. Fascism creeps up slowly...doesn't happen in one day. #WakeUp.
Am going to share examples of propaganda,demonetisation, establishing stereotypes, hate speech..all r welcome to add to the thread. If we don't keep on talking about it, we will also get desensitized like ordinary Germans under Nazi regime who were bombarded with Nazi propaganda
One major propagandist of sangh's New India regime is @vivekagnihotri . He labels dissenters of extremist supremacist hindutva organisations by labelling them as #UrbanNaxals. He makes films&writes books to spread the agenda..urban naxals demonises human rights activists mostly.
One person suggested a 'majority rights protection' ministry!!! In keeping with the 'Hindu khatre mein Hain' propaganda...KPs issue milked dry for votes, kairana turned out fake, love jihad is bogus&fake as exposed by cobrapost. this tweet is perfect example of sangh propaganda.
This man @TapanGhoshDa who has been demonizing Muslims for a long time was allowed to hold many rallies in Bengal. His organisation was allowed to flourish under tmc regime. The state did nothing. & I hold tmc accountable for rising hindutva poison in Bengal. Bjp gains by this
This is an IAS officer.Recently promoted too if I am not wrong.His TL is filled with similar filth.
"despite the low regard in which Hitler held civil servants and jurists,the German bureaucracy was an essential component of the machinery of destruction". motlc.wiesenthal.com/site/pp.asp?c=…
Murderers,assassins,lynchmobs are cheered in #NewIndia. Sangh propaganda is the cause and support for such crimes is accepted now. No action taken against such organisations. These are the people ruling India today.
Examples of Sangh propaganda of Muslim appeasement (a lot like Nazi propaganda on Jewish businesses), turning everything into Hindu vs Muslim, Hindu khatre mein Hain narrative.
Sangh propaganda targets intellectuals, liberals, rationalists..mocking&deriding such values in people..this has led to attacks on JNU students,professors,activists. Sangh has targeted &attacked writers&poets too..much like nazis burnt books&attacked intellectuals.

• • •

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