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Now it’s time for the @BadPressAwards at @BylineFest hosted by @johnmitchinson

He says there’s a Chinese proverb - lies in a newspaper are like rat droppings in a soup. They are both disgusting and obvious.

He says today the awards are a cornucopia of shit soup…
@BadPressAwards @BylineFest @johnmitchinson … John says that standards are lower than ever before, and this year international bodies have cited the UKs news industry as an outlier in terms of how little the public trust it.
The first award: most obvious sponsored content. News that is really advertising, but is disguised as a news story...

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
First finalist - the Sunday Express with a puff piece for frozen food brand Goodfella’s pizza, about how to keep the kids happy on a budget in the summer holidays. Guess what, it involves lots of frozen pizza at home instead of going anywhere
Second finalist - The Daily Mirror for a story about Ghosts that turns out to be. plug for a TV programme
Third finalist - the whole mirror group including their local papers - “write a verse worthy of Hallmark in your Valentine’s day card - here’s how” which plugged both Tesco and Hallmark cards across multiple papers in a complete nonstory

And this is the WInner for this category.
Next category - non story of the year


The Sun condemns Raheem Stirling’s tatoo of a gun on his leg. Turns out the sun hadn’t contacted him for comment, but the it turns out to commemorate the death by shooting of his father, not celebrate guns
The Daily Mail - over 2000 words from Jan Moir on Heinz planning to rename Salad Cream because most people don’t use it on salad. Moir ranged on about it being another example of millennial ruining everything(!)
And the winner ....

The Daily Mail with 42 pages about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle falling in love
And the next category of awards: the least accurate article

Nomination 1:

The Sun- Vote for bargains: High Street prices are set to the Tumble after Brexit- if voters shun Jeremy Corbyn's plans

A massive set of corrections had to follow, as even the papers self regulator IPSO found it to be inaccurate
Nomination 2: Andrew Malone in The Daily Mail for ‘Powder Keg Paris’

A “devastating report” suggested 300,000 “illegal migrants” living in suburb of Saint-Denis, north of Paris, where drug dealing, crime and poverty were rising due to “quite simple” explanation of “immigration
... unfortunately the story turned out to be full of errors and lies. Even the tame press regulator IPSO found it at fault.

The story was so wrong that even the Mail removed it from their website
Third nomination: Larisa Brown in Daily Mail for ‘Another human rights fiasco!’ Which again was found to be full of inaccuracy and lies. And even the Mail says it has sent some ‘strongly worded disciplinary letters’ as a result

And the winner is - The Mail for Powder Keg Paris
And now a new award - The Unicorn Cup For Burying The Lede.

It goes to Isabel Oakshott, once of Sunday Times now often on BBC sofa.

Unfortunately Isabel couldn’t be here to collect the award today, so it was collected on her behalf by the true journalist @carolecadwalla
Oakeshott gets the award for having email evidence of links between Brexit Leave campaign and Russia, and not publishing the story…
Next up - the Piers Me-Me-Morgan award for journalists trying to make themselves the centre of attention...
First nomination:
Giles Coren in The Sunday Times: “A couple of xx's could end my glorious career” about the #metoo movement
Second nomination

Julia Hartley-Brewer in The Sun: Get a Grip
Third nomination:

Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail for
“Up close and VERY personal with the Donald on Air Force”

And the winner (loser?) is.... Piers Morgan!
Next category: most misleading headline

1. The Times “Christian child forced into Muslim foster care”

@BrianCathcart comes to the stage and dismantles every part of the headline with research

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
You can read @BrianCathcart’s analysis of this story here:…

And as that is the most shamefully misleading headlinethe judges have ever seen, it won outright!
Final category “The Rothermere award for the publication that most normalises Nazis”...
First nomination:
The Spectator starring Steve Bannon - “Orban and Salvini are redefining democracy in Europe”
Second nomination: The Spectator starring Rod Liddle - “Why Boris is wrong about burkas” (in which he says there’s not nearly *enough* Islamaphobia in the Tory party!)
Third nomination: The Daily Telegraph starring Tibor Fischer - “The Left doesn’t care to ask why Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is genuinely popular”
Fourth nomination: The Times starring Rod Liddle - “Just let Tommy Robinson have his say. He might even be right, occasionally.”
And the winner, of the Rothermere award for the publication that has done most to normalise Nazis, is... The Times

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
Finally, there was a spontaneous kind of Darwin Award for journalism - someone who has improved the journalistic gene pool by leaving it... and the award was for Paul Dacre for being made to retire early from the Daily Mail.

The audience gave three cheers!

That wraps up the @BadPressAwards awards for 2018 at the @BylineFest.
In closing remarks @johnmitchinson hopes next year will involve fewer Fascists and more fun.

The British press is at an all time low in terms of quality. We need to demand better

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
The Bad Press awards for 2018 have now been announced. Follow along in this thread…

@BylineFest @BadPressAwards #BylineFest #BylineFestival #journalism

• • •

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Sep 5, 2018
Anyone who works at the Home Office, in any role: at some point, just saying you were only doing your job and following orders is going to no longer be an acceptable defence. Stop enabling these wrongs, and stand up for what is right, before it is too late
History shows us there will be a public enquiry into the hostile environment policy, and these kinds of actions. It may be in 10 years or so, but it will happen. Do you really want to be waiting to be summoned to account for what you did or didn’t do? What you saw and heard?
Picture yourself walking into the court past the press (who are by now of course ‘shocked’ by what is emerging about the HO), your evidence televised live and recorded for the history books.

“I honestly didn’t know it meant they’d stop a 6 year old from being with his mother”
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Aug 26, 2018
Next up at the @BylineFest is @GaryLineker, someone who has chosen to use his position and celebrity to engage positively in public discourse and faced the wrath of the Press. He’s being interviewed by @thelisamaxwell
First up, how does he respond to people who criticise him using his social media platform to share his views and discuss politics. People who tell him to shut up and stick to football.

He says, I’d say they’re probably right, for all the grief it gives me...
... but in reality, why should I have less opportunity to talk about what I think than the people who raise that criticism. I have these views on political and humanitarian issues and it’s part of who I am, and I don’t just want to be boring like sportspeople who plug their book
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Aug 26, 2018
Next at @BylineFest is a session on what has happened since the first part of the Leveson Inquiry and what has happened to the second part.


First speaker is @BrianCathcart
He starts by talking about the Cairncross Review (…)

He says politicians are talking about an outcome of this being taxing tech companies and using the money to fund journalism...
But this raises the question of what journalism is, in terms of who should get the money.
The government tends to define it as ‘The Press’. So they’re talking about taking money from Google and giving it to the Daily Mail. That’s not going to improve journalism.
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Aug 26, 2018
Next at @bylinefest “Monstering Muslims in the Media”, hosted by @DrShazadAmin of @mendcommunity and a panel of journalists and academics

The discussion is started by @BrianCathcart a journalist turned academic. He says that the media has always liked to create monsters. It helps to sell papers to stoke a fear of ‘other’.
Next @richpeppiatt a former tabloid journalist says that essentially your job as a journo at a tabloid is to deliver the story you are told. He tells of one colleague who said she didn’t want to do Muslim-bashing stories, so the editor gave her more every day for weeks.
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Aug 26, 2018
I’m at a panel on ‘is Silicon Valley a threat to democracy?’ with @carolecadwalla @DamianCollins @RVAwonk @JamieJBartlett and @CatrinNye
At @BylineFest

#Bylinefest #BylineFestival #FixingDemocracyInTheRain
Carole talks about the resistance of the big SV companies to any real transparency or accountability. One of her Guardian colleagues ran a story about Facebook data a long while ago, but Facebook wouldn’t respond, when Carole started with story got the same brick wall...
She says it was only when @chrisinsilico came out as a whistleblower with hard evidence for the public to see that Facebook finally addressed the problem. They have no interest in public scrutiny until there’s a threat of bad PR.
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Aug 25, 2018
Next up at @BylineFest a panel with @DamianCollins and @carolecadwalla

Damian is chair of House of Commons Select Committee for culture Media and also sport, which conducted investigation into ‘fake news’ which followed evidential trail that broadened the remit...
That investigation ended up looking into Brexit and the Cambridge Analytica law breaking, and produced a comprehensive and extensive report.

Damian starts by speaking a little about his work with the enquiry...

He says that what he started looking at was content hosted by tech companies that was intended to mislead. It wasn’t just fun or silly stuff like jokes about Trump, it was completely false stuff like the bodies of white women being found with ‘black lives matter’ carved in flesh
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