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I’m at a panel on ‘is Silicon Valley a threat to democracy?’ with @carolecadwalla @DamianCollins @RVAwonk @JamieJBartlett and @CatrinNye
At @BylineFest

#Bylinefest #BylineFestival #FixingDemocracyInTheRain
Carole talks about the resistance of the big SV companies to any real transparency or accountability. One of her Guardian colleagues ran a story about Facebook data a long while ago, but Facebook wouldn’t respond, when Carole started with story got the same brick wall...
She says it was only when @chrisinsilico came out as a whistleblower with hard evidence for the public to see that Facebook finally addressed the problem. They have no interest in public scrutiny until there’s a threat of bad PR.
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Back @BylineFest for day 3 - starting here in Forest Forum to hear @RVAwonk @J_amesp @zabrinazabrisky chaired by #BylineFest best-dressed chair Peter York
Audience member @stonesister7 offered to explain the #AltRight as a fake term invented by #SteveBannon - what are we taking about is #Nazism - to make it sound hip & trendy & it’s working
Another adds: #AltRight are nationalistic, xenophobic & prepared to suborn democracy to achieve their aims

Chair @PeterPeteryork takes these on & asks what links these trends across USA & Europe
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Next up at @BylineFest a panel with @DamianCollins and @carolecadwalla

Damian is chair of House of Commons Select Committee for culture Media and also sport, which conducted investigation into ‘fake news’ which followed evidential trail that broadened the remit...
That investigation ended up looking into Brexit and the Cambridge Analytica law breaking, and produced a comprehensive and extensive report.

Damian starts by speaking a little about his work with the enquiry...

He says that what he started looking at was content hosted by tech companies that was intended to mislead. It wasn’t just fun or silly stuff like jokes about Trump, it was completely false stuff like the bodies of white women being found with ‘black lives matter’ carved in flesh
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Here @BylineFest @peterjukes introduces @DamianCollins with @carolecadwalla - findings that Electoral Law was broken
Peter reminds us 🇬🇧 has no mueller investigation. The closest we have is @CommonsCMS #FakeNewsInquiry - #hybridwarfare

We don’t have criminal investigation

[yet - Yet!]
Support the Rule of Law. Consensus about evidence. This is not a party political issue @peterjukes
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Now it’s time for the @BadPressAwards at @BylineFest hosted by @johnmitchinson

He says there’s a Chinese proverb - lies in a newspaper are like rat droppings in a soup. They are both disgusting and obvious.

He says today the awards are a cornucopia of shit soup…
@BadPressAwards @BylineFest @johnmitchinson … John says that standards are lower than ever before, and this year international bodies have cited the UKs news industry as an outlier in terms of how little the public trust it.
The first award: most obvious sponsored content. News that is really advertising, but is disguised as a news story...

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
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The next panel at @BylineFest starts with a few words from Tom Watson. He starts by saying there’s a few things he wants to say about monopolies and media ownership, and how things might change under a Corbyn Labour government…
He talks about the decline of the local press, titles closing all the time - byt that the loss of local journalism also brings a loss of trust in local political institutions.
What has then been happening is local press has been bought at fire sale prices
He says ownership is becoming concentrated.

“We are coming to the end of the Murdoch era, thank god. But we need to make sure that the powerful of Silicon Valley don’t simply fill the void.”

#BylineFest #BylineFestival
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Next up at @BylineFest is a conversation between two of the UK’S leading investigative journalists @carolecadwalla and @lukeharding1968

Thread of live tweets starts here…

Carole begins by asking Luke when he began investigating Trump. He says he first investigated Manafort, when he was a senior Republican strategist who got involved in the Ukrainian elections… and began to see patterns that linked back to emerging Trump campaign
Carole says her investigations into Brexit began doing features on technology, noticing tech companies popping up linked to fake news stories, election campaigning and so on… then the election and she began seeing links between it all, and the name Cambridge Analytica came up…
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Carole asks Luke: when did Trump cross your radar?

Luke: summer 2016. When Manafort became campaign manager whom Luke had met in Ukraine who was consultant transforming Yavchenko. What was he doing in Soviet Empire?? He was best connected political lobbist in area. Pre-Steele!
.@lukeharding1968 was investigating Deutsch Bank. DB kept lending even after Trump sued DB for losses arising from #FinCrisis. Dec 2016 Luke met Christopher Steele who said, Follow the Money, Follow the Sex #BylineFest @BylineFest
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