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Alright, let's break down this NYT Op Ed.

I'm not going to Speculate who wrote it

I do not think #Anonymous is a Hero

The 25th Amendment will not be Invoked against this *POTUS, it's a Distraction

First of all, this Op-Ed baits it's Audience by Stating they are part of "the Resistance" when #Anonymous is nothing of the Sort.

They are COMPLICIT. Grifting on a Failing *Adminstration in Order to have Power over the Policies being set at the White House.
#Anonymous admits this fact later after baiting us using "the Resistance" Title, all while Praising this *Admin's Policies

Most in the Cabinet know *45 is Unhinged & Dangerous, but they're willing to "Thwart" him long enough to get their "MAGA" Agenda Done

How Heroic! πŸ™„
They go on to Praise the Conservative Policies that only Prove to Harm most Americans, however the Credit does not go to *45, but to those "Insulating their Operations" from him.

Which Begs the Question, who are these UNELECTED Officals Steering Policy in the White House rn? πŸ€”
The Words offered here dont even Offer Cold Comfort, do not be lulled into a False Sense of Security!

Because wtf is a 2-track Presidency?
That's Unprecedented...
Who's running the other Track?

Are there only 2 Tracks or does Everyone have their Own "Track" in the WH? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
While of course most do NOT want *45 in Charge of our Government, this Demonstrates that our Executive Branch is Highly Fractured & Unstable with No Leadership, Letting Multiple Policy Agendas Fight for Supremacy.

This obviously makes America Weak Domestically & Internationally.
Again the sense of Security #Anonymous is trying to Instill here is False -there is Nothing Steady about this *Admin!

The 25th Amendment is dropped merely as more bait, there is 0 Chance this Cabinet would Invoke the Process when *45 is helping them Instill their Policy Agenda
So essentially, we are supposed to Trust #Anonymous & the "Two-Track Presidency" to Ride us through this Sh*t Show *Administration, all while they Happily Cut Taxes for the Wealthy, Slash our Healthcare, Deregulate Everything, & Fail to Reunite Families...

Uh, F*ck That!!
In Sum, There is no "Resistance" within this *Admin, even if #Anonymous believes as much.

They haven't put #CountryOverParty, they are simply Putting out Fires while they Desperately try to push through their Conservative Agendas.

But #Anonymous is Right about One Thing...
It's up to #WeThePeople to come Together & Fix the Mess that Exists in our Government

While Debunking Propaganda such as this Op-Ed is Important, in the end they are Distractions

#Midterms2018 & #GOTV should be our Main Focus.

Great Points Made Here:
Main Takeaway:
People like #Anonymous are Exactly why this *Admin is so Dangerous,

They're Unwilling to hold the *POTUS Accountable while they Silently Pursue their own Motives at the Harm of our Nation.

Elections Have Consequences!

#VOTE! πŸ—³

#Election2018 will be Pivotal to Securing our Democracy &Ensuring a Stable Path for America's Future

If the GOP & *45's Cabinet Refuse to put #CountryOverParty, its Time they Hear our Voice with our Votes πŸ—³

Find Great Tips to Help #BlueWave2018 Here 🌊…

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May 25, 2018
-A Yellow Bracelet to Identify Parents who are arrested w/ their Children & Prosecuted in Operation Streamline

-A Yellow Star used to Segregate Jews, Watch/Control their Movements & to Prepare for Deportation

I ask you America, how far will we let this go, where is the Line?
1,475 Migrant Children were lost after they were placed with their Sponsors, they are suspected to be in the Hands of Human Traffickers or Forced Laborers.

1500 Children Gone, IN AMERICA, Facing Horrors Unknown.

How much Inhumanity will we Tolerate?
Yet, per this *Admin's Policy we are Separating Children from their Parents/Caregivers to "deter" Illegal Border Crossings, with no real idea where the Children go πŸ’”πŸ€¬

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Dec 22, 2017
🚨Attention #Resistance!

After following the Suggestions from @SpockResists below, dont forget to change your Search Settings as well!
Instructions BelowπŸ‘‡

Then let's talk about what "Shaddowbanning" is Exactly & how to Recognize it!

2. First off, As you can see here when I search for my Friend @SpockResists under the people tab, @Twitter does not turn up any results -but he defintely exists!

To Solve this Click the Three Dots to the Right of the Search Bar.

3. This display has two settings. Uncheck the "Hide Sensitive Content" Feature.
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