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This. This whole incident triggers so many memories for me of when I stood up for myself and for Black students and other students of color and was punished for it, sometimes severely.
My career was shifted and nearly completely derailed repeatedly because I asked for justice, I asked for fairness, and even sometimes when I just asked for compassion.

If you all hate us asking for fairness, maybe be fair so we don’t have to?
My first experience with this was in THIRD GRADE, yes the age of 8, asking my teacher why she left all the kids with two Black parents off our class play program, if it was racism. I was curious. She threw me out of class. The lesson? Don’t call racism what it is.
Later I was forced to go into an important professional stage without a needed letter of recommendation because the person felt that I was too strong in my commentary about anti-Black racism.

These are silencing tactics. And they operate to crush our souls.
So many Black women are being triggered today. I’m not the only one.
Punishing Black women for defending themselves and their communities is about breaking Black women. It is a practice that goes back to slavery.
You beat someone enough psychologically or physically, maybe they stop trying to be themselves, stop trying to make you respect their humanity. What’s powerful about #SerenaWilliams is that she refuses to be broken.
Naomi is an extraordinary player. A Black woman. An Asian woman. The hope and the dream of the Haitian Revolution. I hope that she will have an easier time than Serena has. This is not a promising start, that the referee didn’t consider how he was marring her experience.
I think Naomi had a good chance at winning that match, and now she will never know if it was just her skills or referee interference. That’s so deeply unfair to her.

Being robbed of the chance to see what we are capable of by white supremacy is all too common.
I hope Naomi does what Serena did many times over the years: come back and win harder. The persistence and strength is there.

I don’t hope for #SerenaWilliams because I know she can and will.
For people saying that this is a sad moment for Naomi because an Asian woman was robbed of her crown by Serena’s experience with anti-Blackness, you are missing a critical piece of the story:
A young Asian woman who is also Black just witnessed her idol, a Black woman, get treated like shit in front of her. Now she will struggle with feeling like she can’t stick up for herself because otherwise she too, as a Black woman, may be punished.
They are BOTH victims of anti-Blackness here: Serena as the direct target and Naomi as a terror victim.
Every Black woman watching that, every Black girl, was being told to know her place. Naomi was one of them. Today she was the victor, as Serena has been many times before, but if she “gets out of line” maybe she will be in Serena’s shoes. Imagine playing in those conditions.
Look, here’s the other thing: Naomi may be lighter skinned than Serena but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to her one day. So Asian American commentators who are failing to note the threat that this constitutes to her: you are failing to understand what your hero is facing.
And Asian Americans choosing not to be outspoken about the anti-Blackness Naomi is facing should think carefully about what message that sends to people who are Black and Asian about their place in Asian American communities. Black women are out here defending them. Will you?
The Electric Ladies are preaching. What are the rest of you doing?
So this same umpire tried it on Venus, and Serena saw the writing on the wall and wasn’t going to play games with him and was tired. One day Naomi may find herself in the same situation, helpless against unjust gaslighting, and she may ask for justice too. That’s how this works.
What you say today informs Naomi of how she will be treated in the aftermath of a confrontation with misogynoir.
I think some of y’all would prefer an Asian American hero who doesn’t have to face anti-Blackness, and that is some seriously anti-Black shit.
This is heroic too, and it is critical to see Osaka's identities cannot be separated but are rather entwined:

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Oct 8, 2018
Students of color feeling marginalized in STEM are not always people in need of remedial programming and assuming they need remedial programming is really problematic/hella racist
Learn to talk about people of color like we're the same species as you
Now that I have a moment to expand on this: what I said to the room where this was said today is that white people are the majority of people on welfare. It’s important to know the difference between majority and disproportional. Minorities are disproportionately poor, yes.
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Oct 7, 2018
Tomorrow and Tuesday I’m attending the #astro2020 decadal early career researchers workshop and as part of the requirements to attend, I had to read about 200 pages of (publicly available) documentation relating to the last decadal. I learned some things!
1. Apparently the NASA budget doubled between 1988 and 1991
2. The National Research Council *is* part of the National Academies (which are charged by law to produce a decadal survey in the various earth and space sciences every 10 years)
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Oct 6, 2018
There is seriously a thread of white women in my mentions very committed to denying white women's complicity in white supremacy, in response to a tweet from a Black Lives Matter organizer who has, you know, thought about this for longer than 5 minutes
When I pointed out to one of them that she was a repeat offender, she said I had cyberbullied her when calling her out on something I saw her do last year by letting folks know that her response to me was condescending and privileged
When I pointed out she had shown up in my mentions today, she deleted her tweet and didn't apologize for acting like I was the aggressor. Now every time I think the thread has died, another white woman steps in to wake it up again. Almost all of them are scientists.
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Oct 5, 2018
PARTICLES FOR JUSTICE IS LIVE! I am proud to be a co-author on this statement from high energy physicists:
"We write here first to state, in the strongest possible terms, that the humanity of any person, regardless of ascribed identities such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, gender presentation, or sexual identity is not up for debate."
"Belittling the ability and legitimacy of scientists of color and white women scientists using such flimsy pretexts is disgraceful, and it reveals a deep contempt for more than half of humanity that clearly comes from some source other than scientific logic."
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Oct 3, 2018
Thing I felt grateful for today: as a child of divorce and an international activist family, I spent a lot of time on planes and sometimes in passport offices alone, and along the way, many adults took an interest and talked to me and this meant I never felt alone or scared
Props to the woman at the passport office who enjoyed my diatribe about Jane Austen and later mailed me an old BBC adaptation that I hadn’t seen. Btw turns out a 13 yo needs a parent present to renew a passport, much to my dad’s chagrine lol
And to the many business travelers who, rather than wondering what the hell I was doing in business class (where the flight attendants often put unaccompanied minors back then), played cards with me and talked to me about my dolls.
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Oct 3, 2018
This tweet 👇🏽 is flat out wrong. Speaking as someone who does gender studies in addition to particle physics — gender studies is actually a notoriously difficult field to get published in, harder than physics actually, and only a few journals are really taken seriously.
It was actually easier for me to get a peer-reviewed paper on gender studies published in an astronomy journal than to get one published in a gender studies journal. I’ve now been successful in both. Let the critics say the same. ;-)
One piece of advice I got from a senior woman in science, technology and society studies who does race & gender in technology history was that gender studies is a very hard field and I should be careful. Her husband is a string theorist, so I think she knows what she’s saying. 😉
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