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Why do we object to the Serena Williams cartoon charicature?

Because dehumanizing African Americans is a time honored tool to hinder equality in America through “humor.”


Angelfood McSpade was a comic character in 1968 described as the “stereotypical Black woman.”

She was naked except for the skirt, portrayed as a nymphomaniac and unintelligent.

Artist Robert Crumb declared the comic book character “not racist.”

Cartoons have been a pernicious aspect of bigotry since their inception.

Children get early indoctrination to stereotypes in classic Disney films.
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This may be the most offensive article I've ever read.

That men pay other men to write this crap is why women are still 2nd class.

Whining Serena Williams Is Tennis Hillary Clinton…
This guy switches out Serena Clinton and Hillary Williams to drive his comparison home.

What a [redacted].
Men love to depict powerful women as out of control lunatics--yelling, faces in a rictus of rage.

Just remember when you let your misogyny run riot that it's men doing all the killing, raping and assaulting.

Not women.
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1) #SerenaWilliams is a national embarrassment

Didn't cheat? Coach admitted cheating.
Broke a racquet
Told umpire "I have a daughter"
Verbally abused umpire, called him a thief
"Men do a lot worse, b/c I'm a woman you take a game from me?"

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka
2) Then she cried on court, playing the victim.

The crowd was berating the umpire from the stands. The commentators were biased. Serena stole all the happiness from the winner Naomi Osaka.

America looks terrible over this.

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka #SerenaWilliams
3) This is how #NewYorkCity fans behave on a world stage?


They get this way when they lose, right Hillary? All #BlueWave2018 voters. Bitter, sore losers.

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka #SerenaWilliams
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Djokovic Gets Into Argument With Same Umpire Carlos Ramos at French Open, multiple violations did not result in docked point or game.
Here’s Djokovic again telling Carlos Ramos he’s crap, resulting in multiple verbal warnings and zero point or game loss penalty.…
And here’s nick telling Ramos his umping is ‘fucking bullshit’ after being given a violation. No game penalty, no point penalty.…
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This. This whole incident triggers so many memories for me of when I stood up for myself and for Black students and other students of color and was punished for it, sometimes severely.
My career was shifted and nearly completely derailed repeatedly because I asked for justice, I asked for fairness, and even sometimes when I just asked for compassion.

If you all hate us asking for fairness, maybe be fair so we don’t have to?
My first experience with this was in THIRD GRADE, yes the age of 8, asking my teacher why she left all the kids with two Black parents off our class play program, if it was racism. I was curious. She threw me out of class. The lesson? Don’t call racism what it is.
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