1) Starting a lunchtime coffee ☕️ thread on the #JulieSwetnick allegation.

At the risk of repeating myself—
1. I speak only for me.
2. I support victims.
3. We don’t hang people based on accusations.
4. Mob thinking helps no one.
5. We have to be willing to be wrong.
2) We are all human and make mistakes. Example: I spelled Dr. Ford’s maiden name wrong. It is Blasey, not Blaseley.
3) My instinctive response to the Julie Swetnick allegation is skepticism.
4) For one thing, I think the lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, has an agenda. @politico calls it an “avenging angel” role.

5) The timing is certainly suspicious. Why didn’t this victim come forward when Dr. Ford did?
6) Avenatti does not seem to be coordinating with the Democrats, at least not openly. He is playing the role of a maverick.

I don’t know how Ms. Swetnick reached him, but find it odd that she didn’t connect with Ford or even Sen. Grassley first.
7) I find it odd that Avenatti introduces the statement of his client with his own email. Does the statement not stand alone?
8) “No response to my email”—over and over.

We are dealing with a gang rape.
9) Here is the statement by Ms. Swetnick, in screenshots. Why wasn’t it posted to a document-sharing site?
10) We will get back to the statement in a few minutes.
11) Odd photo released.
12) What is Mr. Avenatti trying to achieve by releasing this photo?

I don’t know.
13) Like, what’s with the wide smile? She is alleging gang rape.

14) None of this disproves her allegation but it does serve to paint a picture of the framework within which her bombshell declaration arrives.
15) As of 1:18 pm on September 26, 2018 there were 46 posts with the hashtag #JulieSwetnick on Instagram.

Michael Avenatti’s face is the profile photo.
16) Avenatti posted the sworn statement about 2.5 hours ago, at 10:42 am. As of approximately 11:15 am, when I looked up #JulieSwetnick on Instagram, there were 3 posts and the icon was a campaign image with her name and a tag line, #believewomen.
17) It is not believable that someone magically created a social media campaign within half an hour of Mr. Avenatti sharing his client’s sworn statement.
18) If you really wanted to help move things along, wouldn’t you submit relevant information ASAP to the Senate Judiciary Committee and worry about making a hashtag campaign later?
19) Based on his pinned Tweet, Mr. Avenatti is clearly positioning himself for a run for public office. I find myself wondering whether he exploits women as part of his campaign strategy, eg find a woman who has allegedly been mistreated and champion her.
20) The problem for this narrative is that @realDonaldTrump didn’t rape Stephanie Clifford. He paid her off.
21) Unlike Dr. Ford, Swetnick is not elite—went to a public high school, Gaithersburg High, rather than an expensive girls’ prep school.

I find myself wondering if it is an accident that Avenatti is representing an alleged victim once again in the “working class” demographic.
22) It’s an important point, because Georgetown Prep and Holton Arms students circa 1982 seem unlikely to invite “public school kids” to their private house parties.
23) This isn’t to say that gang rapes didn’t happen at those parties. It isn’t to say that the guys didn’t spike the punch. It’s only to look closely at this particular narrative.
24) It has already been demonstrated through the yearbook that Holton Arms had racism and Islamophobia.

I don’t think they normally socialized with public school kids.

25) It should go without saying that I am not denigrating public school.
26) Here’s another thing that doesn’t make sense to me. Regardless of what did or did not happen to #JulieSwetnick, if it’s true that Kavanaugh and Judge were routinely groping and grinding against girls, getting them drunk, not objecting to gang-rape — why didn’t they rape Ford?
27) I know Ford said she escaped, but it seems to me that two high school seniors versus a 15 year old isn’t an even match.
28) Do we not have to allow for the possibility that the girls who went to these house parties, went in order to have sex?
29) I am out of time, but it seems odd even by #JulieSwetnick’s own account that she would repeatedly go to parties where girls were taken advantage of...and keep on going.
30) Any investigator would ask about Ms. Swetnick’s financials and record of court cases. This is public info. casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/pro…
31) That’s what comes to my mind so far. (End.)
32) I do not believe #JulieSwetnick went to Gaithersburg High School. (Continuing the thread of research.)
33) Several different variations of her name have just been added to Gaithersburghighschool.net. In two different class years. It is 6:10 pm on 9/26/2018.
34) Empty profile. Maybe entered hurriedly.
35) She’s not here.
36) She is not here (yearbook).
37) 4Chan was the starting point for the high school research. Thank you to the person that shared this.
38) If #JulieSwetnik did not attend Gaithersburg High School then the statement shared by her lawyer Michael Avenatti is inaccurate.
39) The results of a quick web search show that she lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Not Washington, DC as her affidavit states.
40) A search of federalpay.org (public information) showed no result for #JulieSwetnick for any of the years 2004-2017.

I believe if she had a clearance, it was so that she could work as a contractor.

41) These are screenshots for the years 2010-2013. The previous Tweet covered 2014-2017. (Maybe I misspelled her name or she used another name, but I am going by the statement Mr. Avenatti released.)
42) 2006-2009
43) 2004-2005. (It doesn’t go back past 2004.)
44) #JulieSwetnick misleadingly states that she worked “with” the Federal government. That would be true, if she was a contractor.

However, based on my research (again, I could be wrong) she cannot say she worked “for” the Federal government because she is not a civil servant.
45) I say the statement is misleading because it would lead the average person to believe she is a government employee, especially if they don’t understand the distinction between being a civil servant and a contractor.

I am not imputing a motive here.

46) Avenatti has confirmed she’s Jewish. A well-known relative wouldn’t talk to the Forward (a Jewish publication) when contacted about this story.

Did Dr. Christine Ford’s parents come out in support of her claims?

47) I share the part about her being Jewish as a biographical note. I am Jewish as well and this is not intended as a form of anti-Semitism (I am very proud of my faith) or self-hate.
48) Why wouldn’t her lawyer arrange an interview with the New York Times when they asked for one?

49) Why couldn’t the Times get any third-party verification of her statements?
50) NYT: “@WhiteHouse issued a statement from the judge describing the allegations as ‘ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone’ and denying that he even knew Ms. Swetnick. ‘I don’t know who this is and this never happened,’ the judge’s statement said.”

51) Someone on 4Chan found link to resume.

Private sector job experience
52) 2 jobs with the DC government
53) Those jobs are not Federal, but they are actual government jobs.
54) Contractor jobs with the federal government (like many people in the #DMV area and nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of - this individual is clearly highly intelligent and accomplished professionally).
55) This job for the IRS may be a federal one. No contractor is listed. I can’t tell.
54) Is this her real signature? Looks scribbled.
56) Credit to 4Chan anons for the resume link and the HS check.
57) At one point lived in DC. Now? Immediate prior residence? That can be checked.
58) If this is her dad—Martin Swetnick, formerly of NASA, Federal employee—this could be important.
59) Mom Elaine’s obituary ties Julie Swetnick to Martin J. Swetnick. Montgomery Village.
60) Martin J. Swetnick, NASA. It matches.
61) Dad a serious scientist. I would think the government would be highly interested in his work. I leave it to experts to determine how interested. Is there a secret military or intelligence aspect to his research?
62) I can’t verify the claim that she is an “atheist” and has “10 kids with no daddy.” But those are facts that can be checked.

If true we could be looking at a Deep State recruit who is also a member of a cult. Of course this is just speculation and I don’t know.
63) 8Chan anon points out:

“Kav was an underage MINOR and Swetnick is 3 years older but still attending high school parties?”

64) This was shared. Keep in mind that sleeping around can often be a mark of trauma. But that doesn’t mean the trauma was caused by Kavanaugh.
64) 8 minute audio calling her troubled. (Again, maybe trauma but could also undermine her credibility.)

Another key point has to do with Georgetown Prep kids mixing with kids perceived as lower class. It wasn’t a social reality, says this caller. wrko.iheart.com/content/2018-0…
64) Last one for now, @JennyLynnO1 doing a deep dive into the text itself. I am too tired to process this fully right now, but I like how people like Jenny are picking up on this idea of doing a close read.

67) Haha you know I am exhausted when I repeat “64” 3x. Have a good one everyone and let’s hope that Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed without any further delay.

68) End (for now)

• • •

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