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A few minutes ago in Kurdish city of Kermashan(Kermanshah) IRGC fired a few missiles to an unknown destination. Two of the missiles crashed near the city a few second after they were fired.
At least 8 missiles were fired.
The missiles were fired from IRGC's base in Kermanshah called Shohada headquarters.
The moment when one of the missile exploded and a few minutes later crashed.
The IRGC has not published any statement.
And here is a video sent from Kermashan showing one of the missiles crashing near the city.
And here is the moment when the IRGc fired at least 8 missiles from Kurdish city of Kermashan(Kermanshah).
Two of the missiles were crashed a few seconds after they were fired.
According to a source inside the base the missiles fired were Four Chinese made Weishi-2/3 and Four Fateh.
It is likely that those two missiles which were crashed were IRGC made Fateh. However, there is no report on this yet. Iran has access to hundreds of Chinese Weishi-2/3.
One of the missiles was crashed in a village near Kermashan. A few houses in the village have been destroyed and four people have been wounded.
Here is another video from Kurdish city of Kermashan.
First IRGc fires four Chinese made Weishi-2/3 and then four Fateh(source). Two of the missiles were crashed a few seconds later.
Another two of the missiles fired by the IRGC have crashed. One near Jwanro(Javanrood) and another one near Salas Bawajani. So far four of the missiles fired from Shohada headquarters by the IRGC have crashed.
First photos of the first missile which was crashed a few seconds after it was fired.
Another photo from a different location where one of the missiles crashed.
Four missiles out of 8 crashed and not crashed ones(probably Chinese made Weishi-2/3) have been seen in the sky at borders between Iran and Iraq.
IRGC has published a video of missile attack into Syria's Abu-Kamal(Iraq-Syria borders)from Shohada HQ. It is not clear[in the video]if the missiles are Zolfaqar(modified version of Fateh-110 D)/Fateh-110 D(4th generation).
4 of the missiles crashed seconds after they were fired.
It is unclear why the IRGC claims they targeted ISIS in Abu-Kamal when months ago IRGC claimed Abu-Kamal has been taken from ISIS. IRGC claim is suspicious as always.
IRGC's Fars news agency claims missiles fired were Qiyam and Zofaqar(Modified version of Fateh-110 D) but the video published by the IRGC's Tasnim news agency does not show any Qiyam missiles. The video shows a missile very similar to Fateh-110 D and Zolfaqar.
No confirmation of any missiles targeting any location in Syria. In order to cover up IRGC's missile test failure, Iranian state media have published an animation showing that missiles did not crash but it was Qiyam(two stage). But videos received last night suggest otherwise.
Two of the crashed missiles destroyed two houses and now the IRGC has abandoned anyone to get close to the Sarawan village. Also in Jwanro and Sarpolzahaw security forces have blocked the roads preventing anyone trying to film the two other crashed missiles.
IRGC officially have announced that they also used drones following Missile attacks. What IRGC claim is that the drone fired two rockets as well.
It is unclear whether IRGC missiles ever reached Abu-Kamal.
IRGC also tries to hide the fact the missiles were fired from Shohada HQ.
According to the IRGC two drones were sent to Abu-Kamal each one fired two rockets at 'ISIS'.
IRGC also threatens US and Saudi Arabia and blame US and Saudi Arabia for supporting ISIS.
As reported last night, 8 missiles were fired, two of which crashed in Kermashan, here is Jwanro(Javanrood)only six missiles were seen, one of them crashed in Jwanro and a minute later another one crashed in Sarpolzahaw(SarpoleZahab).
Four of the missiles crashed inside Iran.
*Seven and not two.
In IRGC's official statement, IRGC announces that seven drones were used.

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Sep 29, 2018
Following Iranian media outlets, the @iaeaorg and international community should investigate @netanyahu's claim regarding Iran's secret atomic facility.
It is highly likely that the evidence provided by Netanyahu is reliable. 1/9
This was the video published by an Iranian website. It is interesting why these three men are asking people to not visit the location. In this video they repeatedly ask people to not try to visit the place because there is nothing. But they fail to show inside the building. 2/9
Iranian state TV reporter went to the location. The reporter refused to ask to go inside and show inside the building.
In the report, a man in a red T-shirt[was introduced as an ordinary citizen]makes fun of Netanyahu.Him and another person claim the place is an old depot.3/9
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Sep 23, 2018
Who was behind #AhvazAttack?
Another contradictory statement from spokesperson for armed forces:"Attackers didn't have military uniforms on them."But reports&footages published by Iranian media contradict him .
Ahwazi Movement rejects responsibility&claims IRGC was behind it.
IS has published a video claiming its forces've conducted #AhvazAttack.ISIS claims the video was sent to them.Those speaking mention neither ISIS nor Ahvaz.Some claim an Ahwazi group might have cooperated with IS which can't be true cause none of Ahwazi groups focus is religion.
Surprisingly Iranian media publish a photo of the third attacker [who was 'killed' by the Iranian security forces]just hours after ISIS publishes its video. Prior to the video published by Iranians, only photos of two killed attackers had been published by Iranian media.
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Sep 22, 2018
Be very careful about what you read about #AhvazAttack.
There are many fake news, unconfirmed reports, fabricated photos and photos taken for propaganda use.
For example @bbcpersian journalist @BahmanKalbasi claims a group has taken responsibility when it is not true.1/8
.@guardian journalist @SaeedKD mislead public opinion by writing 'children' were killed by 'terrorists'. And when you read his piece you only see there was one child and not children. But what the headline of the article suggests is very different to its context.2/8
Director of Iran project at @CrisisGroup, @AliVaez jumps in to protect Iranian regime and asks US officials to condemn the attack. However, he has never asked US officials before to condemn Iranian regime for arresting, raping, torturing and executing political prisoners.3/8
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Sep 22, 2018
Patriotic Arab Democratic Movemen in Ahwaz many times warned IRI to stop discrimination,arrests&executions of Ahvazi Arabs. In response to IRI discrimination policies,Arab Struggle Movement attacked IRI forces,killed 9[including a high ranking general]&wounded 40.
The attack on military parade targeted officials and generals who were watching the parade. No civilian casualties and the attack only targeted the location of officials and armed forces. 11 of IRI forces and officials have been killed and 60 wounded.
IRGC's Tasnim published a report&claimed only armed forces were targeted. But the report has been removed.Iranian official media claim civilians were also targeted.However, according to footages&reports only a few families of officials were at the parade.
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Sep 12, 2018
Kurdish opposition parties asked Kurds in Iran to go on strike to protest the execution of 6Kurdish political prisoners by the Islamic regime.Kurds responded to their calls,shops are closed&no one has been to work. Security forces threatened people but it didn’t work.
All the Kurdish cities are on strike. To see the unity and how organised the Kurds are is unique. We haven’t seen this anywhere else in Iran. This should be taking Into consideration when it comes to confronting the Iranian regime. A united force is crucial.
Kurds in Iran are on strike in response to brutal and inhuman executions of Kurdish political prisoners. Shops are closed in all Kurdish cities and no one is working which demonstrate the Kurds can be more important and effective in confronting the Iranian regime. This is unique.
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Aug 31, 2018
This is unacceptable and @AJEnglish must apologise.
In this programme by @AJENews its Tehran team has distorted what an Iranian guy says and Aljazeera fabricates lies and has completely changed the words to mislead people around the globe.
[0:55 to 1:05]Man speaking Farsi:"This medical centre has been very helpful. We don't usually receive treatment at this centre.The hospital we go to is in a different place but this centre now helps us."
This man does not even mention sanctions or the Americans neither politics.
Yet this is what Aljazeera claims to be this man's words:"I have something to tell the Americans. They shouldn't mix politics with patients issue. They must separate these things from each other."
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