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For the first time Commander of IRGC Ground Force Brigadier-General M.Pakpour confirms the report:
“Ongoing 2 drills in Kurdistan province&one in Oshnaviyeh and Kaffarestan(the land of infidels,which IRI says for Kurdish lands)heights to clear anti-revolutionary forces.”
According to the source 15 of IRGC members have been killed in Kurdish regions in the past 5 days. 8 in Kurdistan province and 7 in Kermaahan(Kermanshah). Furthermore, 37 members of IRGC have been wounded by Kurdish forces.
The bombing is intense in the region.
IRGC has been deploying more troops and military equipments to the Kurdish regions. Last night more than 35 lorries transferred tanks, canons to Kermashan(Kermanshah) and Kurdistan province. KODAR forces are the target in these regions and confrontation has already started.
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1-The Turkish soldiers and their affiliates are running a prostitution network of Kurdish womens in Afrin. One FSA medias was angry at the Turks for arresting one of them (Salah al-Safi) and threatened to expose them if he wasnt released. The Turks refused so they posted proofs
2- They have in their possession a lot of video proofs and pictures which they will release if he isn't free from the Turks prison. This is crazy stuff that the UN is letting happening.This FSA channel is no better wince they are only releasing this for their own agendas #Afrin
3-But we need to take a stand against this and we need to speak to our political representatives in whatever country we are living in. This cannot go any longer because each days that goes on there is man and women suffering from those #WarCrimes #twitterkurds
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Kurdish opposition parties asked Kurds in Iran to go on strike to protest the execution of 6Kurdish political prisoners by the Islamic regime.Kurds responded to their calls,shops are closed&no one has been to work. Security forces threatened people but it didn’t work.
All the Kurdish cities are on strike. To see the unity and how organised the Kurds are is unique. We haven’t seen this anywhere else in Iran. This should be taking Into consideration when it comes to confronting the Iranian regime. A united force is crucial.
Kurds in Iran are on strike in response to brutal and inhuman executions of Kurdish political prisoners. Shops are closed in all Kurdish cities and no one is working which demonstrate the Kurds can be more important and effective in confronting the Iranian regime. This is unique.
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#Breaking on #IranUpdate
Islamic regime of Iran executed two other political prisoners. According to the reports executed political prisoners were members of @PDKIenglish.
The regime is lashing out. Trying to save itself by continuing the regime of fear.
#Iran #TwitterKurds
Very disturbing Update:
According to reports two members of the PDKI were tortured to death. Half an hour after killing two Kurdish prisoners under torture,IRGC bring in a judge and ask him to sentence them. Islamist judge sentences them to death and IRGC execute dead bodies.
Ahad Shabab
Naser Azizi
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In Kurdish city of Mariwan(Marivan) anti-establishment protests are on going. People are in the street to condemn the killing of four Kurdish environmental activists by the IRGC forces.
More protesters are joining to protest regime's discrimination policies against the #Kurds. Protesters are chanting "savages(regime officials)want to stay in power using oppression methods. We are on the streets because our heroes have been killed."

The anger amongst Kurds are growing and Kurdish opposition groups as always are incapable of leading/helping the people. Anti-IRGC/establishment protests and condemnations are on going in Kurdish city of Mariwan.
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In Kurdish city of Mariwan(Marivan) IRGC forces killed four environmental activists who were members of Green Chya Association.
According to some local reports Iran has a secret nuclear site in #Mariwan. #Iran had repeatedly refused IAEA's requests to visit Marivan.
Tens of thousands in Kurdish city of Mariwan condemning the brutality of the IRGC, protesting, started marching and chanting " martyrs don't die, if you want the country then come and join us."
Kurdish women are leading the protests.

More protesters are joining in Mariwan chanting "martyrs' path will be continued."
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PKK's Iranian branch has published its Plans of Action Map which includes ten suggestions to unite Kurdish Parties in Iran:

"1.Joint commission formed from intellectuals and experts to sort Kurdish parties disagreements(It was my suggestion). 1/6
2.Establishing a National-Democratic council to monitor Kurdish parties' practical steps. And all the parties must be responsive to the council's decisions.

3. Forming a national army without any party having the upper hand to defend the Kurds. 2/6

4. Forming a military council which is watched and monitored by the National-Democratic council.

5.Establishing a joint diplomacy commission monitored by the National-Democratic in order to represent Kurdish people at international stages. 3/6
#IranProtests #Iran #twitterKurds
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#PKK's Iranian branch(#KODAR-#PJAK) published their project for future of #Iran.Mostly is theoretical arguments taken from Abdullah Ocalan's books about history, politics,revolution&democratic nation.
Here are the bullet points: 1/5
*PJAK wants "the rights of all nations in Iran(Fars,Azari,Kurds,Ahwazi Arabs,Balouch etc) in a democratic Iran to be guaranteed&rejects any independence efforts.
*PJAK claims US & Europe want to turn Iran into another Syria which PJAK wants to stand against such efforts.2/5
*PJAK slams reformists/moderates for misleading people and accuses them of being a power thirsty mafia and nothing else.
*PJAK believes those who are asking for a referendum[ such as reformists&Monarchists,@PahlaviReza] want to have a share of power rather than changing Iran.3/5
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#THREAD, #IranUpdate
This statement is very important.PKK's Iranian branch is the most organised opposition group inside Iran followed by other Kurdish parties,Ahwazi Arabs(3 MOG),Balouchis(mostly underground but very organised called SAHAB).1/10
Azari people who are mainly organised by NGOs(based in uni&abroad)but they may find support in possible changes in Iran by Turkey and Azerbaijan.
The difference between these groups is that PKK's branch(PJAK)has a significant armed forces positioned inside&outside of Iran.2/10
PJAK's forces are positioned inside Iran as you can see in this img, and also have bases inside Iraqi Kurdistan used for training, media etc.
This statement doesn't belong to PJAK. It is the PKK who designs PJAK's strategy and in most cases its tactics. 3/10
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PKK's Iranian branch PJAK-KODAR claims that they'll publish a project as a map4future which guarantees the rights of different nationals(ethnicities). PJAK-KODAR claims they are the only opposition who has project& a significant military force to protect ppl from IRI
In the statement PJAK-KODAR hopes that with their project a free Iran, free and democratic Kurdistan can be established(within Iranian border) and achieved by the peoples.
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