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Oct 4, 2018 23 tweets 12 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
As we approach the landmark 2019 election which will confirm if the new power elite in Govt will be willing to surrender power again, the role of @inecnigeria must henceforth be under continuous scrutiny and this righteous task is one on which patriots shouldn’t be deterred.
Democrats take it for granted that politicians are desperate in their quest to fulfil ambition by taking power, hence, the importance of an imperial arbiter.

If politicians in Nigeria are devious or desperate, why would Democracy need @inecnigeria?
The #OsunRerun and #OsunDecides elections have continued to haunt @inecnigeria, so much so that up till this moment as I tweet, INEC is still embarrassed to tweet the official results of the election as it always did in the past.

Yet we should believe they mean well for Nigeria?
Integrity is one thing, Incompetence is another matter.

The integrity of all the people at @inecnigeria may be enough to fill a ten litre jerrycan but as presently constituted, this INEC is incompetent to stop the desperation of politicians yet, it shifts the blame to others.
By putting its stamp of electoral finality on #OsunRerun, by denying the various illegalities we saw as regards that election, @inecnigeria has compromised the salient trust of all Nigerians and rather than keep quiet and focus on political parties, Nigerians should ask questions
@inecnigeria failed woefully to even issue a statement condemning the foul tactics of @OfficialAPCNg in denying PDP voters access to voting areas, or even query @PoliceNG’s role in such an anomaly - now the template has been elevated to another abnormal norm in the polity.
It is of course ironic to me, that @AkinwunmiAmbode who gleefully partook in the charade of #OsunRerun with his party, had same foul tactic used against him.

But let’s focus pls: what is @inecnigeria saying on this issue of legitimate voters being prevented from voting??
And let’s not get it twisted:

If the security man you hired to watch your house, opens the gate and even fails to challenge the armed robbers, he is no longer an innocent or helpless bystander but at least an enabler, and at worst, an ally.

INEC is an APC ally by their silence.
Again, understand this point:

Politicians by the desperation of aspiration are ambitious and will always try to gain advantage over one another even by foul means.

But the onus to ensure everyone plays within the electoral limits of fair play is squarely and directly on INEC.
To continue to maintain stony silence over #OsunRerun and the illegal play of APC is @inecnigeria giving encouragement to other politicians to do the same elsewhere.

And it’s happening - which is why I brought in the Ambode situation. Another video is on @I_Am_Ilemona’s TL.
A quick detour also to highlight @inecnigeria’s failure on another issue before I return to the matter of #OsunRerun.

INEC by Law is supposed to monitor party primaries.
APC by its rigging nature is declaring fictitious figures from everywhere.

Lol, why is INEC silent on these?
APC by claiming figures like 2.9m APC members from Kano is preparing grounds for rigging from Kano and everywhere else.

@inecnigeria, the legal umpire of even party primaries, is silent on those figures - do these ones look like people who can be trusted towards 2019?

“The circumstances that led to the cancellation of the election in the seven polling units where the election were rerun including violence, also repeated themselves in most of this election, raising questions on why results obtained under these conditions should now stand.”
That is what the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room rightly said of #OsunRerun.

What is the response of @inecnigeria - criminal silence.

To make it even more interesting, we now have a detailed situation report from the Nigerian Bar Association Election Monitoring Team.
NBA clearly explains how APC voters were given identification bands for their arms and thumb so that APC thugs could allow them access to voting areas while PDP voters (who of course didn’t have the coded identification body wear) were beaten mercilessly and turned back.
In some places it was white handkerchief tied around wrist, in some other places it was a face cap of certain colours that signalled APC voters whom the thugs allowed to go through while those without it were beaten, had their phones seized and turned back as @PoliceNG looked on.
The NBA report indicts the electoral conduct in Orolu and Ife North LGAs from which places the APC recorded outrageous results and graciously in connivance with INEC awarded PDP crazy votes like 2.

And we are grateful but this isn’t democracy and INEC is complicit in this mess.
Amazingly, when asked by the PDP State Party Agent for #OsunRerun, Mr. Dele Adeleke, no single @inecnigeria official saw or heard any evil - not even to put on the record the foul means used.

Dear Nigerians: They collude

@inecnigeria is colluding with @OfficialAPCNg.
Stories of the integrity of INEC - let everyone keep it in their pocket, along with whatever else INEC is giving them.

By failing to document the illegalities of #OsunRerun and condemning in at least, @inecnigeria is guilty and this their attitude can crash this democracy.
Meanwhile, @inecnigeria is tweeting about seminars being organised with foreign donor funds from DFID - seminars organised with @PoliceNG which they’re claiming are the ones guilty of giving cover to the APC thugs.

Why not seminar on THE ROLE OF THE POLICE IN ELECTIONS for e.g.?
Is @inecnigeria not aware that disenfranchisement is a serious electoral infraction, not even comparable to gerrymandering which Democrats around the world now frown upon?

Organising seminars on electoral offences with foreign donor money, while ignoring the real problem - Shame
This talk may not be so sweet in my mouth as an openly partisan person, but take this as gospel from @cchukudebelu himself.

Then beg “Concerned Nigerians” to leave PDP and Wike and aspirants alone, and instead, face INEC and ask these questions.

The Fight for our collective Future is not for PDP alone - let nonpartisan bodies in Nigeria begin to mount pressure on @inecnigeria.

I strongly believe #OsunRerun is a divine warning from the God of Creation referenced in our National Anthem, 2nd stanza.

He who has an ear...

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
I should say this to all Igbos whom I feel have been forced by historical and recent events to take a position of “We don’t care about Power” in their own country:

If Power in any Nation is not something some parts of that Nation can aspire to, then it’s not a true Nation.
The office of VP is for Nigerians and if Igbos are indeed a part of Nigeria, then they should aspire to it boldly, openly and unapologetically.

If they cannot do it openly because some APC e-diots will come and say rubbish, some of us will do it for Nigeria - not just for Igbos.
If an Igbo isn’t in the highest power dynamics of Nigeria after 2019, then our claims to Nationhood will be sorely tested.

Nnamdi Kanu was active under PDP Govts but seeing Anyim as FG and the E in GEJ meaning Ebelechukwu helped PDP to hold Nation Nigeria.

This is about Nigeria
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Oct 9, 2018
So we just did this and my argument for an Igbo running mate for Atiku hinges on three things: Strategy, Reward to Achieve Higher Performance and Nationalism.

Let me start from the last: PDP cannot successfully claim to be a Nationalist party if SE doesn’t get VP - simple.
On strategy - we had 3 main thrusts from 2015 when PDP lost: a) Expose APC for failure b) Choose a Fulani Candidate to challenge Buhari in his base and c) Choose an Igbo running mate to turn out higher numbers than 2015 from the SE, like it did in 2011.

We’ve done a,b; now do c.
After Kano results came in and PDP lost woefully, I looked at 2011 figures and still felt confident that PDP would win.

If the SE had given us same figures in 2015 as it had in 2011, GEJ would have won in 2015.

PDP will win SE - I agree.
But will PDP win SE massively? Not sure.
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Oct 8, 2018
I think the current crop of political leaders across Nigeria have failed to learn one crucial lesson about Relevance, Influence and Rest - which many in our generation also don’t understand.

For me, it is what Uncle Bola Ige aptly described as the “Siddon Look Movement”.
Siddon Look basically is a posture of political inactivity or passive political participation rather than pushing yourself into the fray in order not to lose relevance.

Ige took this position in reaction to the IBB regime Third Republic and it was effective for his politics.
Many politicians, jittery of losing their political base participated in the Third Republic until it was scuttled.

Again during the ill-fated Abacha transition, Ige still didn’t participate until that also ended - yet by 1999, Ige and his party retained their power bases.
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Oct 7, 2018
As I was saying about the permutations that won the victory today...

Before Tambuwal came into the venue last night, an indistinguishable man was announced and I knew immediately that The Generals had decided and he was here to oversee.

His name, Ali Gusau. #PDPConventionPHC
In 1999, Atiku was presiding over a PDM meeting to endorse Ekwueme as PDP presidential flagbearer when Gusau came and informed him that Obasanjo was the preferred candidate of The Generals.

Atiku postponed that meeting for two days and when they reconvened, dynamics had changed.
A debt was paid last night with the change in permutations but Otta is not a power base that shifts easily.

It took a call from the West to shift the stand of Otta, where the god that resides there had as far back as 3 months ago vowed to support whoever emerged from PDP.
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Oct 7, 2018
Was mildly surprised last night to see that the APC was also holding a convention from which the only positive I see is that someone isn’t totally lifeless but merely sleeping at one of the most important events of his life.

But let’s talk a bit about #PDPConventionPHC.
The permutations involved the horse-trading between aspirants, the concessions made in delegates, political deals and also rumours from online about Cash - which I saw none of personally, know no one who saw but I am certain happened as always in politics.

But first let me explain (as much as I can) a little about the PDP delegate system for the #PDPConventionPHC of 2018.

A National Delegate is one (s)elected from each of Nigeria’s 774 LGAs to vote at the National Convention/Presidential Primaries.

So you have 774 Elected.
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Oct 6, 2018
Datti Baba-Ahmed.

Pro-Chancellor, Baze University.
Former House of Reps member.
Erudite Scholar.

Ibrahim Dankwambo.

Former Accountant-General of the Federation.
Serving Governor. 
Political Performer.

Kabiru Tanimu Turaki.

Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
Former Minister of Special Duties.
Former supervising Minister, Ministry of Labour.

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