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I'm seeing a lot of blame going around so I want to provide some clarity on what I believe Dems did wrong. First and foremost, they failed to realize that the GOP would use their majority to seat Kavanaugh AT ALL COSTS.

Understanding that the GOP would not settle for anything less than Justice Kavanaugh, Democrats should have walked out of what they called a "charade" and a "sham." When you call something a sham and then participate in it, you're legitimizing it.

Democrats had ample reason to refuse to participate: Kavanaugh was nominated by a president who may have committed federal crimes. His records were being withheld. And so on. Simply applying the #MerrickGarland standard, Kavanaugh didn't merit a hearing.

For anyone whose response is "well if Dems walked out, Republicans would have immediately confirmed him," HE WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE CONFIRMED. The real strategic question was not how to change GOP minds, but how to delegitimize Kavanaugh altogether.

Now let's talk about the sexual assault allegations. Feinstein knew about them BEFORE the hearings began. Without violating #DrFord's confidentiality, Democrats could have simply said, "We are aware of allegations that disqualify Kavanaugh." Period.

If the GOP called foul, Dems could have stuck to the #MerrickGarland standard, refusing to participate in hearings until the investigation of Trump was concluded. They could have called for a confidential FBI investigation of Ford's accusation in July.

Democrats should never have played along with the sham hearings, but once they did, they made a crucial strategic error focusing on calling for an FBI investigation of sexual assault accusations. #JeffFlake saw the easy opening and walked right through it.

Instead, Dems should have zeroed in on #Kavanaugh's lies under oath, which even Trump and Republicans conceded were deal-breakers. The Dem line should have been: "We believe the women, but even if you don't, his lies disqualify him." FOCUS ON THE LYING.

Dems had it within their power to focus attention on Kavanaugh's lies and to lay down the gauntlet: Will the GOP confirm a perjurer to the highest court? That would have done more of a service to survivors by sparing them the GOP's hideous attacks.

Again, Republicans planned to seat #Kavanaugh NO MATTER WHAT. Democrats would have been wiser to walk out, call for a lawful and peaceful #generalstrike and avoid the monstrosity we witnessed the past two weeks.

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Sep 22, 2018
This was one of the most shameful segments to run on @CNN. A hit job on #ProfessorFord with no counterbalance to reflect public opinion.
Has @CNN responded to the information in this thread?
So will @CNN cobble together another panel of Trump voters and GOP operatives to smear #DeborahRamirez?
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Sep 21, 2018
I'm a proud Democrat, the party that sides WITH sexual assault victims, the party that believes girls and women, the party that trusts them and protects their rights.
To every rightwinger who responds by naming Democrats who have been accused of sexual assault and harassment over the years, YES, I default to believing the accuser.
I REPEAT: I default to believing women whether the accused is a Republican or Democrat. That includes all the "whatabout" names the right is throwing at me like Clinton, Ellison, etc. Bottom line: DEMOCRATS ARE NOT PERFECT BUT THEIR POLICIES ARE BETTER FOR WOMEN.
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Sep 6, 2018

Dems should refuse to participate in what they've called "sham" #KavanaughHearings. They should release a joint statement that if #MerrickGarland was blocked FOR NO REASON, the #lodestar insurrection bars Trump from making lifetime appointments.
Yes, @KamalaHarris asked good questions. But that only sets up the narrative that #Kavanaugh was confirmed "despite a tough nomination process." He's being legitimized by this process. The GOP is pushing him through no matter what Dems do, so TAKE A STAND. Refuse to play along.
#TakeAKnee is a symbolic gesture, but an important one. #DemWalkout would be equally extraordinary. It would leave a permanent stain of illegitimacy on #Kavanaugh. Trump could be found guilty of obstruction, why are Dems participating in a hearing that could seat his defender?
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Sep 5, 2018

I said this yesterday and I'll say it again today: Democrats are legitimizing #Kavanaugh by not walking out.

They should release a joint statement that until the #Mueller and #Cohen matters are resolved, Trump cannot appoint a #SCOTUS justice.
The GOP is hellbent on pushing the #KavanaughConfirmation through. If Democrats walked out and he were seated, he'd have far LESS legitimacy on the bench than if they went through the motions of what they called a "sham" proceeding.
No matter how sharp their questions, no matter how much they protest the rules and procedures and document dumps, Dems are ENABLING THE GOP in brazen court-stacking. Republicans STOLE #MerrickGarland's seat and are shoving rightwing justices through. WHY ARE DEMS PLAYING ALONG?
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Aug 23, 2018

OK, rightwingers you want to talk logic? How about this: If keeping out all immigrants will prevent all immigrant crime, then taking away all guns will prevent all school massacres. Want to go with that argument?

Bottom line: stop exploiting #MollieTibbetts
"Most research says crime tends to decrease in areas where immigrants settle, whether they’re in the country legally or illegally."… My issue is with the right's inordinate focus on crimes by undocumented immigrants, while shrugging at school massacres.
If the right's aim is to protect loved ones, then why not take more drastic measures to stop gun violence by white males? Or is violence by undocumented immigrants somehow more egregious? Saying it's "preventable" is meaningless. So are school shootings, if you banned all guns.
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Aug 22, 2018
You are EXPLOITING this tragedy. Her family deserves compassion. Her evil killer deserves justice. By making it about immigration, you're USING a victim. Have you done this with: Makiyah Wilson, 10; Kayden Mancuso, 7; Nia Wilson, 18; Casey Nicole Kizer, 17; Megan L Metzger, 19?
This is exactly right, and it holds for #Pence, #Trump, Fox News, and others who are exploiting this horrific murder.
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