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So, remember those #RobertOtto emails I stumbled upon? Well, I went back through them, & it turns out that #FionaHill was in there. She's friends w/ both Otto & his disgraced @CIA wife, #AnneJablonski, who got #BobLevinson kidnapped in #Iran.

You done fucked up, #Lodestar.
… in this 2nd #FionaHill-related email from ex-@StateDept official #RobertOtto's emails, we see #Lodestar being updated w/ private intel. Also inc. in the group: #AndrewWood (Sir Andrew Wood, or Orbis Business Intelligence?), #McCain flunkie #DavidKramer, & a #Clapper lackey.
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#lodestar is a very odd word. Not found in the bible. Not used by politicians, journalists or scientists. Not related to the more popular "lodestone" and easily searchable in its singularity. The perfect psyops false flag to put in an anonymous op ed. Let the games begin.
I would suggest that it is actually an indication that the author is a lawyer. "Lodestar" is a method for a court to award reasonable attorney fees.
Analytic software can predict the education and type of person that may have written it. I would save the effort. Logic and history would dictate that anyone that publishes a high profile "anonymous" oped in the New York Times...does not wish to remain anonymous for long.
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Dems should refuse to participate in what they've called "sham" #KavanaughHearings. They should release a joint statement that if #MerrickGarland was blocked FOR NO REASON, the #lodestar insurrection bars Trump from making lifetime appointments.
Yes, @KamalaHarris asked good questions. But that only sets up the narrative that #Kavanaugh was confirmed "despite a tough nomination process." He's being legitimized by this process. The GOP is pushing him through no matter what Dems do, so TAKE A STAND. Refuse to play along.
#TakeAKnee is a symbolic gesture, but an important one. #DemWalkout would be equally extraordinary. It would leave a permanent stain of illegitimacy on #Kavanaugh. Trump could be found guilty of obstruction, why are Dems participating in a hearing that could seat his defender?
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OK, let's put the #lodestar #NYTimesOpEd in perspective. We're told by the national media that dozens of senior aides and staffers are part of this WH insurrection. Yet, NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL has had the courage/integrity to resign and speak out.

I'm concerned about the internal pressure being placed on Trump. I've always thought the claims he was out of control were exaggerated. But having worked on presidential campaigns, I know the kind of paranoia leaking creates, and none of us should want that for ANY president.
If we're to believe #lodestar and others that Trump is a danger to America, then creating an atmosphere of extreme paranoia is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do. These people should step up, resign, and speak out publicly. It's the right thing for their country.
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1. El @nytimes publica un artículo ANÓNIMO de un alto cargo del Gobierno de Trump. Es uno de los textos más alucinantes que he leído nunca. El autor dice que él y muchos de sus colegas se han conjurado para trabajar contra el presidente…
2. Al principio del artículo, el @nytimes admite que publicar un artículo anónimo es una circunstancia excepcional pero dice que conoce la identidad del autor y subraya que el texto aporta información importante. También invita a sus lectores a hacer preguntas sobre el proceso
3. Estas frases resumen el artículo.

"Many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. I would know. I am one of them".…
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The @nytimes just published an anonymous op-ed from a "senior administration official." I'd like to posit a guess as to who wrote it. Getting my @ashleyfeinberg on began with a single word that jumped out at me...
The word is "LODESTAR." Note that it comes in the same paragraph praising John McCain. That would rule out flame-throwers like Stephen Miller and Dan Scavino and suggest someone with Senate ties. This reveal is not going to take long.
"Lodestar" just seems like an unusual word to use in general, not to mention in an op-ed that's going to be widely read. It has this whiff of sanctimony. So I search for John Kelly and James Mattis ever having used the word "lodestar." Nothing. But then...
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!!NEW Q Drops!! 9/5/18 10:34…
[Letter from Committee on Financial Services]
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member… #QAnon #UraniumOne #ClintonFoundation #ThoseWhoAreLoudest @RepMaxineWaters @realDonaldTrump
2. How do you obstruct oversight & obtain 'inside knowledge' to closed door 'financial' investigations?
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member
Those who are the loudest….
Have the most to FEAR [hide]?…
Money talks!! #QAnon #ThoseWhoAreLoudest @POTUS
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