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The best dick I’ve gotten so far🍆🤪 #thread #storytime #storytimethreads #threads #storytimes (very detailed😭)
Before we start just know I’m talking bout my boyfriend the same one that’ BEEN fucking me, the same one that took my virginity😂👐🏽 . Ok so like two weeks ago i mentioned to him that the next time we fuck i wanna make a tape🤦🏽‍♂️
So yesterday we planned on him coming over so that way when he leaves he can tell the guard that he’s coming back so that way they won’t call my house and get me caught😂. But he ain’t come cause my grandma was going out so she said that he can come today but I’m too tired
Ok let’s start so the last time i snuck him in he told the guard he was coming back and i thought the same guard works on Saturdays but i guess not but anyways i told him I’ll come to the guards booth cause they’ll let him in if i come to booth instead of calling, ya dig?
I prepared for some dick like two hours before he came over because i like to bathe before i fuck😂. So i accidentally fell asleep and coincidentally woke up at 12 which was the same time we was supposed to come over😴. So i woke up and texted him and i guess his phone was dead-
Cause it wouldn’t deliver so i was mad cause i was lookin forward to his dick😂😂but then i got a call from a Jamaican number but i already knew it was him cause my friends don’t call me on normal call they use WhatsApp. So i answer and he’s like “you still want me to come”
And I’m like “yeah” and after i hung up a bitch got up and washed her face and brushed cause yk i just took a nap😂🤦🏽‍♀️. So before i start lemme try to explain how big my room is, so when you walk in you gotta bust a left in order to go to my bed then to the right-
Is a closet and then a door leading to the bathroom which is big af for no reason😂. So I walk downstairs and before i took my nap i closed my grandmothers room but i kept it open a lil so i can see when she’s asleep so I’m bout to walk down the steps and i see this bitch missing
But then when i went back upstairs to get my slides so i can walk to the guards booth i seen her going back to sleep so i walk to the guards booth and i saw him pull up and he’s talking to the guard and he’s telling him that I’m right over there so let him in.
So he got out the car and walked to me and we snuck up back in the house and then into my room😏. I already had Netflix on cause the last time i was loud af and the tv in the guest room wasn’t cutting it😂. So let’s skip to the juicy part, he started sliding his hands in my pants
But mind you i be planning these outfits that’s not even outfits cause it’s sleeping clothes but i put on a dark blue tank top and these white sleeping shorts that show basically half my ass🤦🏽‍♀️(I’m getting fat) so yeah he starts fingering me and i tried to push his hand
So he was like “you rather me put my dick first?” And im like “no” so he’s getting smart talking bout “ok so chill” so he’s doing his thang and I’m moaning yk☺️😂. Then i thinkkk he put me in the position to receive backshots👐🏽 but yk its been a month since we’ve had sex-
So my hole got back tight and that shit hurted🤦🏽‍♀️so i told him to stop cause it was too big so he put spit on his 🍆 and continued but instead he told me to ride him and lemme telllllll you😂i rode that nigga like a horse 🐎, anyways. After that he got on top of me
And all i remember is after he got on top and we did our thing in that position he made me arch my back and during that position he asked if we should make the tape now, so i was like yea so i see a flash come on but mind you my head is down so i ain’t really care🤷🏽‍♀️
And i guess this nigga was tryna show off for the camera cause this wa sonly my third time having sex and he normally goes slow but this nigga decided to go fast so my dumbass is moaning loud as shit so this nigga basically grabbed me by my hair a push my head into the pillow
It’s nun bad cause i like that ruff shit for sum reason😂so I’m still moaning cause yk he clapping my shit like a standing ovation😭, and like while he’s doing that I’m also throwing it back but omg i was so embarrassed cause since my 🐱 was so wet when he was stroking it
It made a noise, yk what i mean by noise😂and idk why but ig this nigga liked it so he’s going deep and it just wouldn’t stop like jesus🤦🏽‍♀️. So i told him to change positions cause that one was making too much noise so we went in a position where he’s on top and he’s holdi-
Ng down my legs so he’s really beating it up and I’m like “baby tek yuh time” and tell me why this NIGGA went faster😐. So I’m tryna push him off cause my legs started to shake but he just choked me and continued😭. So after like a while he busted a nut 🥜.
But instead of getting soft this nigga just stayed hard so we’re cuddling and he’s like he’s still horny so i was like “let’s go again” ion know wtf was wrong with me cause i knew damn well i couldn’t handle another round with that beast🤦🏽‍♀️. So he’s like he gotta clean th-
E leftover nut so yk im giving him sum quick head to get it off and I’m damn near suffocating to please him cause I’m DEEEEEEPthroating 👅so basically i had my first orgasm cause he was not showing mercy😭. So i honestly don’t know how but we ended up at the edge of the bed
Like my head was hanging off but he didn’t give a FUCK😂and idk how my like my 🐱 was tightening around him so he’s making these ugly ass faces and moaning when he was putting it in😂so i didn’t even know this shit was possible but like my 🐱 was so wet his 🍆 slipped out-
And he told me to put it back in but i was like no so he choked me and was like it’s either you put it in or I’ll put it in and if i put it in I’m gonna go deep👐🏽so my scared ass put it in and either way his ass went deep when i specifically told him “your too deep baby”
So we’re doing our thing and he put me back in the position where he’s holding down my legs so I’m tryna push him off cause once again i states to shake but all he said was “move yo hands” but i didn’t so he started going hard😭. In all we probably fucked for an hour
And he probably busted three or two nuts ion even remember😂so he moved to a next position where we’re basically side to side but he’s in front of me and my left leg is on top of his shoulders idk how to explain is but he was beating it up in that position🙌🏽
Then this nigga took it out and was sliding the tip in and out and slapping it on my 🐱 and lemme tell you that felt good but Yk what felt even fucking better? when he put the whole thing in😩. I could tell he was bout to cum cause he started going slow and was making-
Sum ugly ass faces😂so he pulled out and nutted almost everywhere but the first time he pulled out and i swallowed his nut💀idk wtf typa sex devil came over me last night. So after he’s holding me in his arms and once again i fell asleep and he woke me up😐. So idk how but
We were doing sum weird ass shit😂 he asked for a kiss and he was doing this weird ass thing with his lips😭but i just pushed his lip cause he’s too damn weird😭but after he did it like twice i gave him a kiss the same way he was doing his lips and his face was priceless😂
So we’re just there being weird as fuck🤦🏽‍♀️and after a while we were just sitting there in silence watching each other in the eyes😩☺️but after a while i just covered his eyes cause I’m very shy and awkward. But yea after like two hours he left. But lemme tell you-
This nigga gave me a hickey on my boob so now i gotta pull my tank top high asf when I’m walking around the house😴. But i walked him to the door and he blew me a kiss when he was leaving
But yea he left his jacket and he’s not getting it back😁.
Moral of the story: GET YOU THAT DICK SIS🤪🤷🏽‍♀️ (if there’s spelling errors my bad, i was typing fast)

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