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The best dick I’ve gotten so far🍆🤪 #thread #storytime #storytimethreads #threads #storytimes (very detailed😭)
Before we start just know I’m talking bout my boyfriend the same one that’ BEEN fucking me, the same one that took my virginity😂👐🏽 . Ok so like two weeks ago i mentioned to him that the next time we fuck i wanna make a tape🤦🏽‍♂️
So yesterday we planned on him coming over so that way when he leaves he can tell the guard that he’s coming back so that way they won’t call my house and get me caught😂. But he ain’t come cause my grandma was going out so she said that he can come today but I’m too tired
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1) Soyons brefs et factuels dans l'imbroglio #Kavanaugh. Dans 1h30, les 21 membres du comité judiciaire du Sénat voteront pour donner sa recommandation avant le vote de la haute assemblée sur la confirmation du nominé de #Trump. 11 républicains, 10 démocrates...
2) Il n'y a que 2 sénateurs républicains du comité judiciaire Flake (Arizona) et Sasse (Nebraska) à ne pas avoir encore dit s'il votait pour recommander #Kavanaugh. Sasse s'oppose à #Trump sur la méthode pour se construire 1 avenir post 2020 mais sur le fond, 1 conservateur dur.
3) Reste donc #Flake, dont le vote est décisif au comité judiciaire et qui ne sera plus sénateur d'Arizona en janvier. Il peut donc voter en conscience sur #Kavanaugh. Mais lui aussi est 1 opposant sur la méthode à #Trump qui a toujours suivi la logique partisane finalement...
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Je vais faire un thread sur une anecdote paranormal que ma mère m'as raconté apparement elle aurait vu mon sosie
#thread #Threads
C'etait en 2006, on habitait dans l'un des anciens quartiers de marrakech qui a ete rénové en debut des années 90 c'est devenu un quartier de classe moyenne que des villas et des maisons
Mon pere a construit sa premiere villa il en etait tres fiere, ma mere n aimait pas trop le quartier elle le trouver gloque, il etait bizzarement calme et les anciens voisins etait chelou ché pas bref
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So me and my ex boyfriend had very bad problems. I’d argue over who ate the last Dount, yes stuff like that 😩🤦🏽‍♂️ so one day he text me talking bout “i don’t wanna be in the relationship anymore” i’m okay i’ve been thinking that for the longest. We aruging. Then i get a
text from his mom. He like “Why you break up with my son???” i’m so confused i’m like your son broke up with me sister 😂 so i’m over her. I text him back with a long paragraph, longer than an essay. So he reply with a “🖕🏽👊🏾” i’m like he want to fight me 😂?
so next morning
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I was 16 years old and my mom was acting suspicious because she normally don’t leave the house as late as she was 2 months ago. So i’m coming home from school i see my mom sleep on the couch and she don’t get off until 5:30 and it was 3:50 that’s why i was confused.
later that night i was getting out the shower and i guess my mom “Friend” was walking by and i bumped into him and my towel spilt so my legs was out and he started liking his lips and i pushed passed him to go to my room.
It was like 7 men coming in and out the house. That
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There were five
of us in that
that dropped
It was
an everyday day
good weather
high hopes
We all ended our day
at the same time
which was why
five strangers
were in
that elevator
that #Monday
The doors closed
that #Monday
but nothing happened
He jammed the close button
The other grumbled,
some version
"Always when
your trying to
get home"
The doors
the elevator jumped
we froze
a collective intake
then we fell
we braced ourselves
and each other
one screamed
another managed
to hit the alarm
but it keep going
alarm screaming
us screaming
twenty stories
an impossibly
fast drop in
slow motion
three of us
on the floor
the handrail
then it was
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Two wildest times I’ve had sex 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 #storytime #threads
I’ll start with the more recent one. So this was this past weekend and Me and my girlfriend Jasmine were going out to eat for my birthday so I get ready and drive to her and when I get there her sister answer the door
So I was like “wassup Jessie is your sister ready yet” and she’s like “child you know she be taking the longest showers ever” so I go in the house and sit on the couch for a while then her sister left and Jasmine was still in the shower 🙄 BUT
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Vu que le 1er Avril est passé je peux donc reprendre mes #threads sérieux sans #FakeNews
Nos gauchiste/Insoumis/écolo/socialo n'arrêtent pas de critiquer le faite que 1% de la Population mondiale possède 99% des richesses
Et ces salauds de riche devraient rendre l'Argent #Thread
1% des riches mondiaux = 10% des riches de France.
Ces riches de France possèdent en France 50% du patrimoine Français, les 50% suivant (intermédiaire) possèdent 48% et les 40% restant seulement 2%
Mais là c'est du patrimoine donc de la pierre.
Source : OCDE-Données 2012-© ODI
Au niveau des Salaires cela va mieux.
Les 10% de riches Français n'ont que 25% des salaires de France, les 50% intermédiaires 55% des salaires et les 40% restant 22% des salaires.
Source : OCDE-Données 2012-© ODI
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💬 Do you think #threads can help make Twitter healthier?
Yesterday, @jack answered our question on Periscope 👇
#health #twitter
« I do think the more space we give people to think and be critical about what they see and express more critical thinking the more civil and civic these dialogs and debates become and the more we can really dive into the heart of the issue and move forward. »
« 280 and Threads have certainly allowed more depth in the conversations and a lot more critical thinking. One of the things we would like to see and enable on our platform is exactly that. »
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#Threads #storytime How I found out my cuzo was a thot
Okay so this all went down me an her freshman year
Okay let’s say her name is Nicole ( not really Nicole) okay so a lot of people thought Nicole was fine & a lot of dudes always tried to get at her
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Twas the night before #BikeSchool
And all thru the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse
The cables were strung past the headtube with care
In hopes that Prof @greg_loper soon would be there
The #BackRow was nestled all snug like some #Freds
While tweetstorms of #Tacos danced thru their #Threads
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It’s #thread time again and this week we’re going meta. Welcome to this thread about the rise of Twitter threads.
You either love or you hate Twitter threads.
We love them.
And we’re not alone. Here’s how threads have risen in popularity in recent months.
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