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01] A Message From Father #God for Sunday November 12, 2017

Establish My Kingdom On Earth Before #Jesus Returns…

To all My Beloved Children, so few of you ask what is on My heart for Mankind on Earth? I seek to close out this age.

02] All My prophecies will fulfill themselves automatically, but the how of what happens is up to My will together with your collective wills.

In My Word, in the Bible, My plan is revealed. I plan to come Myself, yes, I Father God shall come to My Overcomers and ...

03] hand the Kingdom to them to begin establishing it before My Son returns. In the books of Isaiah and Daniel, everything is laid out. Isaiah Chapter 60 informs you all that I plan to fill you with My glory which will ...

04] cause you to be a sight for sore eyes to everyone that you contact.

Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
Isa 60:2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: ...

05] but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

Remember that Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within you. Therefore, those who realize the Kingdom within them will carry it around wherever they go.

06] Remember Jesus said that the Kingdom has come upon you, because He was in your midst. So now, you will be like Jesus and bring the Kingdom to those around you.

Dan 7:18 But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, ...

07] even for ever and ever.

So many have missed My true timeline because they have been taught and believe a scenario like the following:

The world will get darker and more evil until suddenly, like a thief in the night, Jesus will return, and lift up His people to Heaven.
08] This doctrine actually teaches fear and escapism to My Children. No. My plan is for you to manifest the Kingdom and Overcome your enemy who was defeated at the cross.

The Christian lifestyle culminates in glorification.

09] Your obedience to the leading and cleansing by the Holy Spirit is a sanctification process that leads to a life of Holiness. Your Holy life makes you a candidate to receive My glory when the time comes.

10] Therefore, My Children, what you are waiting for is the “Trigger” for when I choose to release My glory into all the prepared candidates. They will go about the world doing miracles greater than Jesus ever did.

11] The Spirit will lift them up and plant them wherever they are needed in the world.

So, the real question you should be asking of Me, is WHAT will trigger My decision to release My Glory? Instead of the world getting darker and darker, ...

12] in truth, the Light is increasing and pushing back on the darkness. Isaiah warned:

13] People covered in gross darkness are deceived. Therefore, to help them, more truth has to come to them. Not only just the truth about Jesus being the Saviour of the world, but also all truths bring light to darkened hearts.

14] You now know that more secrets of the doings in darkness are being revealed on a daily basis.

15] You now know that you are within this period of the secrets coming out. This process of revelation will continue and come to a peak point when I send My Two Witnesses to Earth, as promised in the book of Revelation, Chapter 11.

16] The Two Witnesses will prophesy which means they will reveal #truth. When you study about the Two Witnesses, you will understand that they are two olive trees that stand before me and are full of my #Glory, or anointing oil.

#Prophecy #TrumpTrain
17] Ahhhh. Now put two and two together and understand that the Two Witnesses will release My glory. Let us return to your question of Me:

WHAT will trigger My decision to release My #Glory?

#Prophecy #trumpTrain
18] The answer is, when the time comes that so much that is hidden is released that it is time to send My Two Witnesses to finish telling you all the #truth. They will release My #glory and you, being filled with My glory, will go about establishing My Kingdom on Earth.
19] It is then after all this, that Jesus will return to set up His 1000-year reign.

Do you see now that the reign of the Antichrist is an afterthought? He will be dismissed in an instant and there is no need for anyone who has been loving the truth to be deceived by him.
20] You need to become lovers of the #truth right now, while so many truths are being revealed. Please understand these next verses:

21] Please understand that if you are a lover of the #truth, you will be protected from deception.

To put all this plainly, the so-called New World Order plan is on the decline right now with all their secrets coming out.

#Prophecy #NWO
22] The plan is for #Satan’s order to decline while My Kingdom order is on the rise. My Will is for My Children to have a glorious finish to this age, not one of defeat. Remember the book of Revelation talks about you being Overcomers.

23] Yes, it warns that the saints will be weary and some will be martyrs. However, you do know that #Satan is a defeated foe. You need not be overcome by him. And his #Antichrist and false prophet will be tossed into the Lake of Fire.

24] You will be so busy with Me and doing miracles that you will end up saying, “was he the #AntiChrist?” Therefore, stop focusing on evil, stop worrying about when the #tribulation is, stop fearing and then hoping to escape in a #rapture.

25] Instead, get on board with Me and My true timeline and will for these end times. Be awakened to the truth; all and any truth. #Truth shall prevail. You are now already in the time of truths coming out.

26] Allow the #truth to set you free from deception, wrong thinking, and erroneous mindsets.

You are a potential receptacle for holding My Kingdom within you and to spread knowledge of My #glory worldwide. That scenario is what is foremost on My Heart.

27] Habakkuk complained to Me that I was looking upon all the #evil and doing nothing. But I answered Habakkuk and told him that the #truth will be written on tablets and people will run to spread it. The just shall live by his #faith.

#Prophecy #TrumpTrain
28] You need, as your lesson assignment, to read all of Habakkuk, which is only three chapters.
29] I do see the evil and I am doing much about it. I am revealing the #truth to the world. If you want to help, then find yourself spreading the truth in your social circles and on social media. You become the #media.

#Prophecy #TrumpTrain
30] You change the narrative. Be a part of the solution. Your work, spreading the #truth, will bring Me closer to deciding to send My Two Witnesses, fill you with My #Glory, and finish this age with the sure establishment of My Kingdom on Earth.

#Prophecy #MSM #TrumpTrain
31] Then #Jesus will come, and they lived happily ever after!




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