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Dear Brexiters,
Politicians made it so your completely understandable decision started a fire in our house.
You're in here with us. It's your responsibility to help us put it out.
If you voted Brexit because you were worried about globalisation hurting normal people, well Brexit has brought about "Global Britain".
(Exporting our goods beyond Europe is more expensive, so smaller companies won't cope as well as Multinationals)
If you voted Brexit because the EU is "letting in everyone so they can steal benefits and cause an #NHSCrisis".... it turns out the UK simply wasn't enforcing the EU's restrictions on immigration.
If you voted Brexit because "we don't have a say in the decisions the EU takes".... I don't know what else to tell you... The Parliament is elected by you, the Council is made of national ministers and the Commission is chosen by heads of government.
If you voted Brexit because you were worried about a federal United States of Europe, well that's up to us. A Federal EU would mean transferring power from the National Level to the European level. That would need a Treaty change. That only happens if there's unanimity.
If you voted Brexit because you felt the Single Market wasn't worth it.... that might be because neither the Remain camp or the Leave camp bothered to treat you like an adult, and tell you what the Single Market is.
If you voted Brexit to make the UK more Sovereign and to limit the control of Big Business...
Regulations are mainly about consumer protection. For the UK to remain attractive to businesses after Brexit we're going to need to cut them. A lot of them. To keep business happy.
If you voted Brexit because the "Commission has too much power over legislation", what Remain/Leave failed to tell you is:
Any proposal the Commission makes can be rejected AND largely re-written by your elected MEPs so even if the Commission proposes rubbish MEPs have control.
If you voted Brexit because you feared the EU was letting millions of refugees enter the UK. In fact the UK, unlike other EU countries, has complete control over which refugees it lets in. We have a special exemption.
If you voted Brexit because of your concerns for the UK Fishing Industry. I understand that but:
A) Limits are unavoidable to prevent over-fishing which would be worse for us.
B) Those limits are calculated by sustainability experts
C) NATIONAL ministers then decide who gets what
If you voted Brexit because you were worried EU migrants were putting too much strain on the NHS, in fact, EU migrants contribute more doctors (per head) than UK nationals, so they increase our Doctor-Patient ratio.
If you voted Brexit to create a more British Britain for your kids, your kids are adults and they really don't want the kind of Britain Brexit would create.
If you voted Brexit because you've been voting UKIP for years and you haven't seen the reforms you were looking for.
A) There have been changes (see transparency register, Lisbon treaty...)
B) Might I suggest voting more constructive MEPs
The decision is yours.
Help us put out the fire, or burn with us because your pride is more important than your country.

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Oct 8, 2018
"The EU need us more than the UK needs them." Let's rephrase that:

The market of 450M people, a $19.7 trillion GDP, and 27 countries... needs the market of 65M people, a $2.6 trillion GDP and one country, more than the other way around.
Does that makes ANY sense to you?
If you believe that one country can negotiate against 27 countries and come out on top, especially if one of those 27 countries on its own has a larger economy, you must believe that the people of that one country are inherently superior to those in the 27.
So stop pretending that a committed brexiteer PM would have just walked in there, been firm with the EU and gotten everything we wanted. Because you're right: Our only leverage is to walk away. But the EU already knows that would hurt us a hell of a lot more because of the above.
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Oct 6, 2018
This. Was. Exhausting. I tried to engage with an EDL-affiliated group... Yes, I know. But I thought it was important to at least try before things inevitably turned nasty.
I can't be bothered subtitling this. But there are some gems in here. #March4Sunderland
What's important to remember is: These people are trying to keep our national dialogue broken. They want us to give up on rational discussion because they know that if the country has a rational word with itself, Brexit won't happen. They're not the ones we need to reach out to.
When a local shouted "We already voted!" I jumped out of the #March4Sunderland line to chat with him. Shook his hand and explained why voting on a text is more democratic than voting on a theory. He got it and he thanked me for taking the time to talk to him.
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Oct 5, 2018
Brexit is a slow death.
Anything made in an EU country is automatically legal across the EU Market. No costly checks, delays or tariffs. So having factories in the UK made sense.

Some companies already have mainland factories to shift production (JOBS) to. Some will need time.
This isn't complicated. If you're looking to set up a factory somewhere in Europe, do you put it somewhere with easy access to the markets of 27 countries (430M consumers), and then pay a little extra to get it into the UK (65M consumers).
Or do you do it the other way around?
I mean, for crying out loud, we're already on an Island that only produces half its food here. We get most of the rest from the mainland.
Which bright spark said "You know what we need?.... Trade barriers!" ?
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Oct 4, 2018
Jesus Christ. A whole 10 minutes on "uncontrolled" EU immigration. Someone finally mentions the EU Law on Free Movement and they ignore it!!!!
Are you fricking KIDDING ME!!!?!?!
For GOD'S SAKE #BBCqt. You make us listen to a 30 minute shouting match without any substance, and then you just skirt over the first piece of actual fact!!
I know I might be ruling myself out of getting on #BBCqt by saying this, but this is frankly disgraceful.
You have TWENTY MINUTES on "Uncontrolled immigration".
And then you dismissed the laws that control it!!!
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Oct 4, 2018
Brexit hurts the people the Left is supposed to care most about long-term. Yet we're bickering over general elections, who's centrist etc...
No wonder people think we're elites who sit in big cities talking in ideals but don't prioritise what ordinary working people actually need
I honestly don't know if people would benefit more from nationalising railways or from just having a Transport Sec with a brain and a heart.
But I do know Brexit would eat up the time, money & political capital needed to give the North & Wales independent successful rail links.
I honestly don't know if the NHS will survive the next 20 years. But I do know that if the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nurses, and the Royal College of Midwives are all saying Brexit is bad for the NHS, nobody who cares about the NHS can let Brexit happen.
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Oct 3, 2018
Rules for the #PeoplesVote:
1️⃣ Nobody can call anyone stupid for not understanding EU law.
Most Remain voters don't know what the Single Market is, any more than Brexit voters do. You just trusted people who claimed to.
2️⃣ They'll tell you "We'll negotiate a better deal during the transition period". BULL!
We've tried that for 2 years! If we couldn't get one while we could still just call off Brexit, we won't get one when the EU is able to say "Do everything we want or you leave with no deal"
If Tony Blair tries to speak up, someone turn off his microphone.
If George Osborne tries to speak up, steal his brief case.
If David Cameron DARES to even show his face, I will personally lock him in a room with Danny Dyer and just walk away. #WhatHappensHappens (JOKE)
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