1/ Whenever I ask for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, I get this circular-reasoning response:
How do you know that there was no collusion?
My answer: I'm NOT claiming there was no collusion, but I see #ZEROEvidence that Trump colluded. SHOW me your EVIDENCE!
2/ If I were to claim that you murdered someone, I would need to provide evidence of this. My claim does not make it have some sort of merit. If you insist you did not do this and want me to stop pushing such as accusation in public b/c it really did not happen, that makes sense.
3/ Would an innocent person remain silent in the face of a massive campaign by those who don't like that person making unsubstantiated claims? Would they not want to put an end to it? If I were #Trump, I would want this thing shut down too as it looks to be a witch hunt.
4/ From all appearances and actual facts that have hit the public domain, the "investigation" into #Trump does note seem to be an innocent search for the truth but a frame-up effort to take out #Trump as #POTUS.
5/ While there has been zero actual evidence of Trump-Russian collusion, there is now massive #ActualEvidence of #corruption by those who have made the Russian conspiracy charge.
6/ We now know these important facts about the #Trump investigation:
Many of the key investigators (#FBI/#DOJ) desperately WANTED #Hillary to win.
7/ Many key investigators despise/hate #Trump and did not want him to win. In fact, they FEARED his winning. Not a single person on the #Mueller team supported Trump as a candidate.
8/ BEFORE the #FISA warrant were issued, it has been revealed that the #Obama admin was illegally searching on citizens using #Section702 About queries. They were admonished by the FISA court for this.
9/ Admiral Rogers of the NSA was so suspicious of #FISAAbuse that he ordered an #audit.
10/ #NSA briefed #AdmiralRogers on its #audit on October 20, 2016. The #FBI/#DOJ went before the #FISA court for a warrant the very NEXT DAY. Coincidence?
11/ The central element for the filing of the #FISA warrant was the fake #ClintonDossier. It needs to be labeled the CLINTON dossier, not the Russian dossier, as #Hillary and the #DNC funded the work and provided much of the contents.
12/ #HRC is renowned for her work w/shady people to smear the opposition. Hillary's muckrackers (#SidneyBlumenthal & #CodyShearer) were key sources in fabricating a document used to justify the spy operation.
13/ Part of "corroboration" for the Clinton dossier was a Sept 2016 #Yahoo article. THIS ARTICLE WAS SOURCED from the actual dossier...incredibly circular sourcing...not discovered/reported by the #FBI! If this alone does concern a neutral observer, what will?
14/ The #FBI did not disclose to the #FISA court the provenance of the dossier, namely that #Clinton & the #DNC FUNDED the dossier. It was OPPOSITION RESEARCH by a politician against a competing candidate! THIS is HIGHLY RELEVANT & discredits the dossier as a legitimate source.
15/ The "author" of the #ClintonDossier (#ChristopherSteele) had communicated to the #FBI in September, a month before the #FISACourt filing, his HATRED for Trump, highly relevant as evidence of bias yet hidden from the court.
16/ The wife of one of the #FBI's investigators (#Ohr) was actually involved in CREATING the dossier and feeding it into the FBI. Behind the scenes, it came out recently that Clinton dirty tricksters and #HRC's old #StateDept were key sources for the dossier. Credibility?
17/ #BillPreistap indicated the #ClintonDossier wasn't corroborated by the #FBI. In fact, #Comey literally termed it "salacious and unverified." This appears to blatantly violate the Woods Procedure.
18/ For some more analysis of issues with the #FISA filing, this provides perspective.
19/ #McCabe testified before the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017 that "no surveillance warrant would have been sought" without the #ClintonDossier. This has been confirmed by multiple people present. #ReleaseTheMinutes!
20/ The #DOJ severed its relationship w/#Steele as a source due to serious violations in media disclosures, making him a "less than reliable source." Despite this, the #DOJ/#FBI continued to rely on his sleazy piece of fiction to justify espionage on the #TrumpTeam.
21/ Despite knowledge that the now discredited and unverified piece of garbage was funded by Clinton, the #FBI/#DOJ hid this and used the #ClintonDossier as key justification for the #FISA warrant, which continued to be renewed, w/o mentioning the severing of ties with #Steele.
22/ As important backdrop to the massive problems and duplicity already revealed with the #FISA warrant application and renewals, a number of other facts are extremely relevant.
23/ Key investigators #LisaPage & #PeterStrzok, who had cleared #HRC of any crimes & who led the investigation against #Trump, had extreme bias IN FAVOR OF HRC and AGAINST #Trump.
24/ The extreme bias is revealed in multiple texts between Strzok and Page pair, who were having an affair, something that exposes them to compromise as investigators. They were rooting for #Hillary to win & were horrified at idea of a #Trump presidency.
25/ There were many texts that showed a desired outcome to their investigations and an effort to hide their work/texts...and we've not even seen the five months of texts they TRIED TO DELETE (sound familiar?).
26/ One of texts even references meeting w/#AndyMcCabe to discuss an "insurance policy" against Trump's election. The Trump-Russia-Collusion Conspiracy WAS the insurance policy, intended not just to cripple #Trump but to justify #impeachment.
27/ #McCabe HATED #Trump. He was over top of the day-to-day investigation. This article highlights how BAD McCabe's bias was. Much of the details, such as the falsifying of official 302 reports, will be detailed in the forthcoming IG report:
https://t co/XcZkhfeFYQ
28/ The people who "sparked" the #FISA investigations have extremely suspicious backgrounds that will ultimately be uncovered. George #Papadopoulis, who was considered the "starter" for this Russian collusion investigation has some 'splaining to do.
29/ Papa claimed he "had been told that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton." BIG problem: This claim was made in April 2016. You see, #Wikileaks didn't even get the #DNC emails (from a #leak and #NotaHack) until May 25!
30/ Liars often get caught in timelines. Take a look at this tweet by #Assange, who has intimate knowledge of the timing and source of his information. BTW, the source for the #DNC emails was not Russia but #SethRich.
31/ Papa also was obsessed with getting Trump to set up meetings w/Russians but was repeatedly DENIED. NYT: "[Papa] continued for months to try to arrange some kind of meeting with Russian representatives." Papa looks very clearly to be a #plant in a frame-up operation.
32/ While the idea of a "plant" may seem far-fetched, consider these facts:
The single meeting the #LSM has called a "smoking gun" was one in #TrumpTower that included Trump Junior, #Kushner, and Natalia #Veselnitskaya.
33/ This "Russian-collusion" meeting was supposedly set up under the pretense of discussing dirt on #Hillary. Instead, the meeting focused on the Magnitsky Act and discussed Russian #adoptions.
34/ #Veselnitskaya had previously been BANNED from entering the US. For her even to make this happen, she needed special approval for a #VISA. Guess who made an expedited approval for her VISA to enable this meeting?

The #DOJ!
35/ Natalia #Veselnitskaya was VERY closely connected w/#FusionGPS, the firm behind the #ClintonDossier. They not only had meetings to coordinate this #TrumpTower meeting (really a sting op) but had provable financial relationships (see #BakerHostetler).
36/ Now look at the situation of #CarterPage. The #FBI ALLEGED Page to be a Russian agent...THE underlying reason for the #FISA warrant that has garnered so much recent attention.
37/ Thing is, #Page was an actual FBI undercover agent since 2013, involved in Russian sting op.
38/ All appearances are that #Page was EITHER part of the sting to frame Trump...or Page was used as the faux target to enable #eavesdropping on #Trump and his team. You will soon learn that this "collateral targeting" was a common practice under #Obama.
39/ Get This: Page NEVER even met with or talked to #Trump! This begs the question: How is #Trump or his team implicated by two people who had virtually no role in the campaign...and what surveillance could occur when they weren't even communicating?
40/ Despite over 18 months of monitoring #Trump, the #Cabal could not come up with anything (Russian collusion, illegal behavior, bribes). This alone is amazing given all the scrutiny and the obvious desire of those involved to stop, and then dethrone, Trump.
41/ This thread could expand exponentially to provide much more data supporting that #Trump had no involvement in collusion w/#Russia...while #Hillary did, in fact, collude w/Russia. Evidence I have seen of this is massive compared to zero evidence by Trump's accusers.
42/ This thread was created to answer the circular-reasoning questions asked by a Russian-collusion conspiracy theorist.
43/ He had also asked "why are they all lying about their Russian contacts?" This has been the pattern: Throw out charges against #Trump w/o any substance behind them.
44/ After asking for substantiation of this libelous charge, I once again asked the #Trump hater to do the one thing that I had ORIGINALLY requested, and which NO ONE has been able do.
45/ Please answer this one, very simple, question...
46/ What evidence at all exists of Trump colluding with Russia?

This link inexplicably broke. Here it is:
In the #Irony of all ironies, the #ClintonDossier is a document sources from the same Kremlin agents who wanted #Trump to win. So these Russian conspirators supposedly shared their scheme to collude with Trump with people working in support of #Hillary! How stupid can you be??

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018

#JudgeKavanaugh #TRUTH

Given the spin in the media and by leftist Hollywood/celebs + skewed (or fabricated) polls , it can sometimes be hard to know where the public stands on an issue. People tend to live in their "bubble" and get affirmed w/in their own echo chamber.

While this is not a scientific method, I thought I would analyze data available on Twitter, which is open to all people but is known to skew things to the left, to see what the numbers tell us about support for or opposition to #JudgeKavanaugh.

My method was simple. To avoid being "served" input from within my bubble, I did this analysis anonymously while logged out of Twitter. I pulled the 15 top results served by Twitter on a search of "Kavanaugh" and compiled these results, which are VERY interesting.
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#QAnon Update

I wanted to post this update to give a quick interpretation to #Q's latest posts this evening.

In 2017, Q had posted about "The Hunt for Red October."
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So what did Q mean in this and the many other references to Red October?
When the phrase included "The Hunt for"...Q was giving a clue that it was a reference to a rogue nuclear sub, likely the one that went missing from North Korea in 2017. It was being controlled by the #DeepState.

Recall the "false" [not false] Hawaiian Jan 2018 missile alert.
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#QCLock Theory

#Q's posts are monitored by both #Patriots & the #DeepState, so Q cannot telegraph every move. However, there's seems to be a clock in place, w/post numbers essentially acting as a countdown to 2400...midnight for the #cabal...w/a planned #RedOctober take down.
#RedOctober has clearly referenced a timeline where the coordinated arrests will occur this month, prior to the 2018 election.

"Red October" was first referenced on 11/20/17 as "The Hunt for Red October."
"Red October" has appeared 20 times in #Q's posts.

The reference to "The Hunt for Red October" was thought to have many meanings:
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- Cyberespionage malware
- The plan culmination in the plan in October 2018 (#RedOctober)
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There are many inconsistencies, or even outright lies, when it comes to the "story" outlined by #ChristineBlaseyFord. Here are a few:
# people at party
# timing/year of party
# location of party
# never mentioned Kavanaugh by name until July 2018
# layout of party
# your self-identified "witnesses" all refute that they attended any such party
# your long-time friend #LelandKeyser further states she has never met #JudgeKavanaugh
# you never mentioned this assault to anyone prior to 2012 therapy session...including during long-term relationship
# you claimed the revelation of abuse came from a therapy session in 2012 w/your husband, prompted by an argument over wanting 2 front doors to your home...
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Happy Anniversary to #TheStorm! One year ago today, #POTUS announced to a confused press corps: “This is the calm before the storm!“

Those who have done their own research, or who are lucky enough to have discovered #QAnon, know what was meant by the reference to “The Storm.” It is now upon us, and the Deep State is in full panic mode.

Many months ago, some smart anons who are very good at seeing patterns discovered that #Q”s posts seem to relate to a clock dial in terms of timing. The dates of posts and the post numbers sometimes contain their own meaning.
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Oct 1, 2018
"Trust the Plan."
"Trust Wray."
"Sky is Falling Week."

Let's interpret.
Anyone who supports #JudgeKavanaugh should not be concerned w/a one week investigation as long as:
- #POTUS has control over the rogue #FBI.
- #RuleofLaw is restored.
The #WhiteHats are now in contol...including of the #FBI. Witness the ouster and/or referral for prosecution of #Comey, #McCabe, #Strzok, #Page, #JamesBaker, et al (T makes it hard to ID ALL of the traitors).
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