A short thread on #RemainerNow-acceptance. To my pleasure, I have noticed that when someone declares herself or himself a @RemainerNow the recepetion from the Remainer-community and particularly the #FBPE communitiy has been largely enthusiastic. 1/
However there invariably seem to be somebody that is so furious about the whole Brexit ordeal that they fire all cannons upon meeting a #Remainernow. I find that at the same time completely understandable and a very dumb move. 2/
It's completely understandable because Brexit is such an enormous act of stupidity on a national and international level that it must get tempers rising. In particular, of course, tempers with continuous remainers who have seen Brexit for the shambles it is from the start. 3/
To them the Leave voters en bloc are guilty of bringing the UK - and with it to a certain extent the EU - into hot waters, they is guilty of betraying the trust of the @The3Million, and of risking the chance for the EU to provide counterforce to totalitarian regimes globally. 4/
And they are right in one, very real, sense. It's not just a minor blunderer; it's a screw up of staggering proportions. 5/
However if you look at the people who come out as #RemainerNow they are almost to a person keenly aware of this. They are generally NOT in denial, and they are not making excuses; they are making apologies. 6/
(aside from the #genre researcher: the apology is a very interesting genre that can be studied in a fairly simple, but very convincing, rendering here: amydevitt.com/genre-colored-…) 7/
Not just that but when you read through the actual descriptions presented by #RemainerNow-people two things are readily apparent. One: Many of them had very good reasons for voting leave. Two: Most of them had very good reasons for their change of heart. 8/
Don´t get me wrong; by "very good reasons for voting leave", I don't mean anything that turns turns leave into a rational choice overall. But wanting to protest austerity, challenge Cameron, fund the NHS or shake up the establishment are completly relatable motives. 9/
They are misguided too as reasons to vote leave; but that is exactly what the #RemainerNow-people have been realizing. Too late to change their votes, but not too late to play a part in the attempt to overcome the catastrophe that is Brexit. 10/
Moreover, the very good reasons #RemainerNows have to change their stance are crucial, because they point to the arguments that have been proven capable of swaying a leave voter's opinion, so they are of a very particular value. 11/
Then of course, there is the overall question of #FBPE kindness. It applies here as well. 12/

Finally, as has been remarked a number of times, it takes courage to change your mind, it takes even more courage to apologize, and it takes a truckload of courage to do so publicly and in a way that may make you estranged to old friends without winning you new ones. 13/
As pro EU-peeps we should have every kindness towards the difficulty of that challenge and even if we deplore the original stance, we should admire the willingness to admit a serions mistake and come out in force for a new won (and much wiser) conviction. 14/
We need leave voters to change their minds, and then we need them to engage in changing the UK's catastrophic course, and we need them to help win over voters on the fence or on the other side of it. 15/
So we should meet our new #RemainerNow-allies as exactly allies and new-won friends. #FBPE 16/16

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Jun 25, 2018
Listen, please. I think this is important, crucial even.

I assembled this thread of #FBPE people attacking tories. It repeats the same point over and over and over. I tried to be somewhat entertaining in my presentation, but there is basically only one thing demonstrated. 1/
It was very easy to do; part of the material simply came to me while establishing the thread, and the rest was easy to find. I could literally go on with it forever and ever, and if I feel like it, I might still add new material; easy piece. 2/
But since every tweet basically demonstrated the same point: #FBPE person attacking tories, it only gets more trite tweet by tweet. @audreidana said I was boring, and she was spot on. 3/
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Jun 24, 2018
Hmmmm, I am running too many threads already. But how about a "#FBPE-people attacking Tories"-thread? It's clearly a worthwhile endeavor. Feel free to pitch in.
Exhibit one is a complete Role Playing Game adventure. Man. did they have an anti-tory blast with that one:

Just copying in from old threads. Exhibit two #FBPE-person stomping a tory. Well-deserved I might add.

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Jun 14, 2018
The #threats invaded my #Brexit #genre #thread. It was supposed to be mostly fun and #FBPE-games, but the threads turn it grim . So. I'll establish this new thread of uses of the threat as genre in the Brexit debate. It won´t be a lot of fun. #forensic #linguistics #genrestudies
Before I get going, a little piece of research dissemination on threats by my good colleagues @TanyaKaroli and @MarieEBM:

Exhibit A: @cliodiaspora has had to bear a truckload of abuse and quite a few threats for her engagement. I admire her intensely for sticking to her guns. This one is ugly in many many different ways.

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Apr 11, 2018
At the University of Copenhagen we are going to have SUCH a Brexit dividend when we appropriate your EU-research funding and take away your researchers.

But still, most of us would still rather have you stay.
I've said it before, but I'll repeat it, as it actually makes me slightly agitated: The British public seems to have little-to-no idea about serendipity involved in the prominence of British universities.
Because English has become the international Lingua Franca of research, British researchers and research institutions have an priori advantage over the rest of us that could not be bought for money: They are "International" to start with.
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Apr 2, 2018
After an intense vote (see below), it was decided that my 5k-followers celebration thread should be on genre and fake news. A topic which I, for fairly strange non-standard reasons, happen to know a little bit about.

Thanks to all who played in particular The Usual Suspects, @IAmMardikins (who suggested the winning topic; hail the chairman!) @Dogtrouser_PI @Ferretgrove @TanyaKaroli @MarieEBM and a truckload of others. Anyway. Here goes:
A thread on genre and fake news. 1/
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Jan 14, 2018
So, while we are resting on the #FBPE-laurels after a hot chase of #WATON, a few very preliminary thoughts on #Brexit and #genre. As my handle indicates, I came to #Twitter with an intent to talk about genre #research, but I have ended up talking about Brexit instead. 1/
Or is that indeed "instead"? A central finding of #genrestudies is that #genre is well nigh omnipresent in human culture, cognition, and communication. Thus, we think, react, and act in genre patterns, and we all have a surprising aptitude for understanding and using genre. 2/
Thus, it may never have entered your mind while discussing #Brexit (or, hopefully, the lack thereof) that you are constantly using and discussing #genre. But you are. Allow me to show you. 3/
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