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The Dutch Hansa takeover.
"They obtained at least some data on 420,000 users, including at least 10,000 home addresses, which they've turned over to Europol to be distributed to other police agencies..."

#Cryptocurrency map.

@ericgarland @patribotics
"We want people to be aware," says Ras. "We have the data. It's here, and it's not going away."
"Researchers have used the blockchain to tie years-old Silk Road bitcoin transactions to current, public accounts."
Please note those Dutch cops were presenting findings at a #Kaspersky conference & the bitcoin researches above were from Qatar.

Thought you might find the data interesting, though.
@counterchekist @911CORLEBRA777
"But as the Qatari researchers' work shows, even improving your privacy practices can't always erase years-old evidence from the internet, particularly when that evidence is captured in the unalterable record of the blockchain."
"Even deleting profile information that includes bitcoin addresses may not be enough if a post has been cached or captured by services like the Internet Archive, they point out. "If you’re vulnerable now, you’re vulnerable in the future," Boshmaf says."
"Your cutting edge stealth today, in other words, might not save you from the ghosts of bitcoin opsec failures past."
Re: @Thorn and @aplusk and tracking illegal videos through the #Darknet.

When I told you #cryptocurrency was key to unraveling everything, including the #Darknet, I wasn't kidding.

But every other evidence source multiplies its power.
Yes, I've gone on and on re: this subject elsewhere, & of course pushed the information the @FBI 's way in Sept 2017.

For those just catching up, *Every* #Cryptocurrency maintains a *public* log of all transactions in one form or another.
Even if you're a criminal who *didn't* use them, how many people are you connected to who *did?*

They make a *permanent,* *public,* *online* record of your *every* nefarious transaction.
That alone makes for a global map of crime. Who used #cryptocurrency and who *they* were connected to.

But that's just the beginning of the real map.
Take the map & superimpose #FARA, #FinCEN, #DeutscheBank, #Cypriot banks, money laundering, Transition emails, misappropriated copyrights, flipped witnesses, #Kompromat reaped by #botnets, online logfiles of everything, warrant-seized evidence, media subversion.
And #Darknet sites - seized or active, intelligence operatives, data sources like the al Qaeda donation/money-laundering records taken during the Bin Laden raid, deep-cover Russian spies under "re"-issued IDs that can be exposed by a #BigData search to check for the preceding ID.
By "superimposing" all of that I mean pulling up all of the automatic connections that become available simply by taking your de facto, voluntary, criminal-assembled database of crime & looking at what emerges. & *then* investigating & analyzing further.
If you're on their radar, when they investigate you, do they find emails, bank transfers, legal/financial connections tying you to your partners in crime?
& they don't have to prove espionage.

Tax evasion? Felony.

#FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violation? Felony.

Unreported income w/top-secret security clearance? Felony.
Worse, law enforcement had *already* shut down multiple #Darknet black-market sites *before* this was common knowledge.

They know *plenty* of radioactive accounts.

Sent money to a drug-dealer's account? Likely *another* felony.

And so forth.
The #FinCEN/IRS end of this does require probable cause, but you have things like #cryptocurrencies - not to mention the largest law-enforcement/counterintelligence/#FinCEN/tax-evasion investigation in human history already supplying probable cause on a host of crimes.
And if you can show a #RICO conspiracy, it becomes a lot easier to take down a *lot* of criminals on a very large scale.

If you were trying to show a conspiracy, do you think records of a vast number of nefarious transactions between them might help?
Speaking of which, there's been a huge upsurge in cases being dealt with involving corruption, money laundering, #cryptocurrencies, etc.


But then I know law enforcement was informed of all this at *least* 5 1/2 months ago.
is keeping track of the major corruption cases that Justice is getting indictments, guilty pleas and/or convictions on.
People, *Dutch* *Intelligence* had the whole election hack on *video* for somewhere between 1 and 2 1/2 *years.*
So this is why having so many of the world's money launderers - and spies, terrorists & assorted criminals - using #cryptocurrency is so much fun.

Especially in terms of a vast, global conspiracy being investigated by #FinCEN.

What else can be added to this, both in terms of the #Mueller investigation & generally shutting down organized/online crime?

The list thrown out above does not do them justice.
When I said a #FARA cascade could expose immense corruption in irreversible tide in DC & elsewhere, here's what I was talking about.

Imagine every compromised, low-level staffer in DC (& elsewhere) padding their proffers to the FBI w/obvious #FARA violations.
With a few exceptions, #FARA (the Foreign Agents Registration Act) essentially requires you to register as a foreign agent if you are taking money from a foreign government.

Evidently, a huge number of lobbyists & others have never done so.
It's not just that a staffer *can* expose this. It's once enough people realize it's their ticket out from under prison time (or effectively life in prison), it starts the dominoes falling.

Every staffer involved knows a few.

Most know dozens or hundreds.

& have evidence.
Email chains, meeting attendees, memos. It's an extraordinary array of hard evidence of felonies that low-level people can turn in to avoid very grim consequences.
But once *those* people turn in who they know, what do the next people in the chain do?

That's right. They flip also.

And eventually you have enough people making proffers that all *kinds* of things get exposed, in unexpected places.
No one is a bigger fan of normal #FinCEN or the #cryptocurrency global map of crime/espionage/treason than I am.

But you want multiple, vast sources of evidence - preferably either voluntarily delivered or already placed in public domain.

#Mueller has that.
Another example:
So after DOJ shut down BTC-E in late July 2017 for suspected laundering of billions of dollars in bitcoin, there still able to keep their relationship w/key partners.

Anyone heard of Alfa Bank, Sberbank, Perfect Money or Yandex Money?
95% of the ransoms this team observed went through BTC-E as #bitcoin?

At some point you're just reaping evidence.
Taking down #botnets that have been reaping blackmail information (#Kompromat) used by Russian intel?

Find the Kompromat, find the treason. & the traitors.
There's tons of ways in which #cryptocurrency/#bitcoin represent lethal exposure. If you know a ransom was paid in bitcoin, where did the ransomer have it sent?

Oh sure, there's further investigation. It's called locating that person and arresting them, though.
But we're not used to the mass confession & de facto suicide of the virtually the whole, global criminal underworld.

Each of these people exposed will typically be connected to yet *more* people. Some on crypto/some not.

Even if they don't flip, there's a seized evidence trail.
A single #bitcoin leading to a host of other crimes isn't a flaw in the flaw. It's the ideal.

Granted, I appreciate the vast global map of felonies this has created, & how much it is enhanced by factors such as #FinCEN.

But I let this metastasize for so long for this reason.
They already had tons of wallets IDed.

And that's *without* counting BTC-E getting shut down.

*Multiple* online black-market #Darknet sites were shut down before this was common knowledge.

@NeonaziWallets is automated tracker of known Nazi/white-supremacist wallets.
*Laundering* bitcoin?

There's no need to go into all the ways this is crumbling into mass exposure/mass suicide.

All those tens of thousands of accounts the IRS seized from Coinbase? The BTC-e shutdow?

Public examples.
And remember, this is all happening in the context of the largest law-enforcement/CI/#FinCEN investigation in human history.

And I personally find it *hilarious* that anyone thinks concentrating their nefarious activities in a big pile of "Here we are! Felonies!" works.
Clearly, it doesn't.

All* of this processes over a vast, fully exposed Internet.

The #Darknet is a bit of a joke, but, like #cryptocurrency, I want the bad guys using it as *long* as possible.
If you're ever a criminal, never steal and then use technology explicitly designed to destroy criminals who use it.

Don't know if #bitcoin was based on my *non*-digital-currency design or if they beat me to it, but tracking transactions was meant *for* *that* *purpose.*
The difference is: I had a mousetrap that gave a few mice "a stern talking to."

A Public? Online? Permanent? Record of transactions?

*Theirs* was a fusion-powered, screaming engine of death.
I will be dramatically expanding the above map of global/espionage/subversion in the coming days.

But the above is an overview of what I've said on it so far.
“I can calculate the movements of the heavens, but not the madness of men.”
- Isaac Newton
I should add *one* last point for now.

I & @ericgarland used to talk a great deal about it being well *past* time to be making a deal with #Mueller.

But the Dutch are doing presentations on #cryptocurrency data at #Kaspersky conferences, & *Qatari* researchers are chiming in.
If any signal is being sent here, it's that it's time - or *past* time - for conspirators in even tertiary or *unrelated* conspiracies & corruption to start making deals.

Law enforcement *will* take you down if you're in this net. But you may still have a chance to make a deal.
Remember, if the above deluge of data - only a partial discussion of what is *publicly* known - impacts you, then they don't *need* your confession & willingly supplied evidence.

But it may speed things along.
& either one of your conspirators will give you up or law enforcement will close the net on all of you.

The days of this corruption are done. The Internet was always an elaborate deathtrap for criminals, the #Darknet even more so.

& now the jaws are closing on everyone. Guilty.
Explaining why the #GoingDark problem is to a large extent going away for the .@FBI & .@NSAGov-CI if certain technical steps can be implemented is beyond the scope of this thread. Or how easily dangerous substances & activities will be tracked.

For now.

But change is coming.
“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end… there it is.”
- Winston Churchill

• • •

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@ericgarland Only the beginning, Eric.


I considered the flaw in cryptocurrency enabling the mass tracking/takedown of organized crime/Russian intel a modest side project for more than one reason. As we proceed, *why* will become more apparent.
@ericgarland So, SS7 protocols represent a massive flaw in cell-phone security.

Likely useful for years, but less so as it becomes public knowledge.

But sources & methods you *can* safely declassify?
cc: @LouiseMensch @ninaandtito @thespybrief @911CORLEBRA777
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But let's start with Eric's documentation of media-influence operations & go from there.
@ericgarland @911CORLEBRA777 @JamesFourM @thespybrief @patribotics @LouiseMensch @ninaandtito @DirkSchwenk @xtrixcyclex @colinkalmbacher @claytonpurdom @emzanotti @RoyBlunt @FBIWFO @NewYorkFBI @FBILosAngeles @INTERPOL_HQ @DHSgov First, remember @ericgarland initially just released the public, executive summary of his research into *one* aspect of this - a consistent pattern of harassment in response to his original Game Theory thread.
@ericgarland @911CORLEBRA777 @JamesFourM @thespybrief @patribotics @LouiseMensch @ninaandtito @DirkSchwenk @xtrixcyclex @colinkalmbacher @claytonpurdom @emzanotti @RoyBlunt @FBIWFO @NewYorkFBI @FBILosAngeles @INTERPOL_HQ @DHSgov There are so many critical details to go over here.

One, the patterns were easily detected, & hard evidence could be found in abundance.

Two, Eric *didn't* stop with documenting & researching just that one piece.
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@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ @LincolnsBible @USTreasury @BarackObama @NATO @DARPA @JohnBrennan @GenMhayden @CIA @TheJusticeDept @gametheorytoday @DEAHQ So, to list of other things .@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury could use in a #BigData search to pull any remaining deep-cover spies:

Yes, as I've noted before, you can pull all the "re-issued" credentials, then check for any preceding ID.

But that's just a start.
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ @LincolnsBible @USTreasury @BarackObama @NATO @DARPA @JohnBrennan @GenMhayden @CIA @TheJusticeDept @gametheorytoday @DEAHQ That's an obvious thing .@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury could do, given the supposed tendency of deep-cover operatives to request "re-issuing" of a "lost" ID that never existed in the first place.
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Aug 21, 2018
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ @LincolnsBible @USTreasury @BarackObama @NATO @DARPA Again, there was a warning about more evidence being released in tandem with egregious attacks on Kremlin's critics.

Given the targeting of Brennan, we’ve hit another tipping point.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ @LincolnsBible @USTreasury @BarackObama @NATO @DARPA I was planning to drop more evidence sources, but I don't think everyone yet realizes the security-clearance fiasco is a giant evidence-reaping machine *in* *itself.*
@JohnBrennan @GenMhayden
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ @LincolnsBible @USTreasury @BarackObama @NATO @DARPA @JohnBrennan @GenMhayden As discussed previously in this thread, we have no shortage of people who direly need to proffer *something,* in the face of an investigation that needs neither their testimony nor their evidence.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ .@USTreasury
Read 227 tweets
Aug 4, 2018
@ericgarland @20committee So, .@ericgarland gets a new kind of botnet targeting, & .@JamesFourM runs into issues w/his article on @Medium?

There was a warning about harassment & the countering release of evidence on the conspiracy.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ The warning: Any egregious harassment of Kremlin critics could release or expedite yet *another* major evidence source against the conspiracy.

While unpleasant, I think these two each warrant something modest… yet formidable.

& apropos.
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
@ericgarland @20committee @JamesFourM @Medium @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @GCHQ So, Eric you brought up the agencies rating investments recently, as well as AIG, stock markets, etc.

What, you might ask, is so deadly about global finance & the conspiracy? Beyond the obvious flows of money & influence?
.@FBI .@NSAGov .@DHSgov .@GCHQ
Read 322 tweets
Jul 28, 2018
@TheRickWilson @LouiseMensch Oops.

For everyone seeking a deal w/law enforcement, there is one *small* detail we may have glossed over for all parties.

Asset forfeiture. To the government, and... to civil suits.
cc: @thespybrief @ericgarland @TrueFactsStated
@TheRickWilson @LouiseMensch @thespybrief @ericgarland @TrueFactsStated And if you're thinking you'll fight - *great!*

A #RICO conviction proving guilt up front?

Involving treason, organized crime, media collusion, child trafficking, etc?

*&* you harassed or threatened people's kids? *Not* just the adult ones?
@TheRickWilson @LouiseMensch @thespybrief @ericgarland @TrueFactsStated I'm sure jury pools drawn from DC, New York, London, etc will be sympathetic.

But do remember a couple of *other* trivial details.

One, the Democratic Party already filed such a suit, and named Russian intelligence as a defendant.
Read 11 tweets

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