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1/ ISIS files I found in Syria show slavery of Yazidis much more institutionalized than previously known.

Docs reveal:

ISIS paid fighters $50 p/m per slave
ISIS Human Resources booklets give number of slaves
ISIS Ministry of Health cards mention nbr of slaves

#ISISfiles 👇👇👇
2/ I found ISIS receipt book with “records of financial support for Mujahid”. It shows monthly salary each fighter gets from ISIS, based on family situation.

Receipt book shows ISIS fighter gets $50 per month if he has a slave &$35 if he has child of a slave.

@akhbar #ISISfiles
3/ I also found booklet issued by "ISIS Human Resources department". Booklet must be carried by all ISIS administrative workers.

In it workers had to answers questions like: How much furniture, weapons did u get from ISIS? Also: How many slaves do u have?

@akhbar #ISISfiles
4/ Among #ISISfiles I found in Syria is a card with title "lack of disease card", issued by ISIS Health Ministry. Everybody who wanted to marry in ISIS territory had to fill out one.

Questions on card include: Name, country of origin, number of wives &number of slaves.

5/ Also found pamphlet of “ISIS committee of Research &Fatwa”.

It includes 6 reasons for enslaving women &children. “Enslavement breaks the woman psychologically, makes her choose Islam by force or choice."

This doc already known but again found near Raqqa.

@akhbar #ISISfiles
6/ After collapse of ISIS in Syria/Iraq, many arrested ISIS members now want to whitewash their role &claim they had no idea slavery existed in ISIS.

But the #ISISfiles I found show slavery is very much widespread in ISIS ranks.

ISIS institutionalized slavery.

7/ Based on #ISISfiles I found, these people in ISIS territory knew about slavery:
-ISIS fighters
-ISIS financial officials
-ISIS administrative workers
-ISIS Human Resources department
-ISIS Ministry of Health (doctors, nurses..)
-Civilian couples wanting to get married
8/ Let me explain now how I found the #ISISfiles.

In 2017 @haralddoornbos and I were in Tabqa (80km west of Raqqa).

Not easy to find ISIS documents because the group destroys it before they retreat. Or U.S. special forces arrive before reporters &take it to gather info.
9/ But we were lucky. Locals in Tabqa told us that during ISIS times there was an ISIS court located in the Omar ibn al Khattab mosque (location: ).

People connected to the mosque let us in &said many ISIS documents were still there.

@akhbar #ISISfiles
10/ We then entered the mosque. Locals opened a cupboard that had 1000's of #ISISfiles. They let us take it with us. Unfortunately we couldn't carry everything; it was too much.

We then quickly left because Tabqa wasn't very safe- ISIS cells around. Pic of me in mosque. @akhbar
11/ Inside the mosque stood a huge sword. Locals explained to us it was used by ISIS to chop off heads, hands, feet.

One man took sword &put it on neck of his friend &demonstrated how people were beheaded during ISIS time.

It was a very eerie atmosphere.

#ISISfiles @akhbar
12/ Eventually we left Tabqa with 5000+ #ISISfiles in bags.

It took us months to copy all files &go thru them, categorize &understand the content.

Files consisted of tel numbers, names, pics, court cases, notes, etc. Of course not all is publishable.

#ISISfiles @akhbar
13/ Yazidi member of Iraqi parliament @VianDakhil speaks to @akhbar about the importance of #ISISfiles I found in Tabqa, says these documents could be used in Iraqi courts to prosecute Daesh members.
14/ Grateful for prominent Human Rights lawyer Amal Clooney (a fellow countrywoman, we're both Lebanese! ) for commenting on our story, urging the UN team to head to the ground in Syria/Iraq &collect evidence before it's destroyed. @akhbar #ISISfiles
15/ Dutch member of parliament @Martijncda comments on the ISIS documents I found in Syria. Says: "If documents show that slavery was institutionalized then it will be easier for us to prosecute ISIS returnees to Europe."
16/ Thank you all for reacting, sharing and taking interest in my story on the #ISISfiles related to the enslavement of Yazidis I found in Syria. Much much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Sep 17, 2018
1/ Much cultural heritage was destroyed in Mid-East. Look at Palmyra, Mosul...

Luckily ancient Greek city of Cyrene in east Libya was spared.

We took a drone to Cyrene +horse tracks of Benghazi +ruins of Susa.

Fly with me above a Libya u don't often see
2/ Cyrene (in the town of Shahat) is just a stunning place.

Luckily ISIS/Qaeda never reached it but were kept near to Derna, around 60 km to the east. Nothing in Cyrene was vandalized.

The tribe of Shahhat protects this historic site.

3/ These days Cyrene is open to the public.

Not a lot of foreign visitors due to Libya's problems but many local people visit it.

I wouldn't say it was crowded but I saw around 100 visitors in one afternoon.

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Sep 11, 2018
1/ Six yrs after US consulate attack in Benghazi, I got NEW FOOTAGE.

In Benghazi I identified 17 extremists seen near/in consulate during attack.

6 out of 17 are in vid.

Witnesses say: Most of 17 killed/fled city. 1 lives in Berlin. 1 might be in Sweden
2/ As you know by now, my tv report for @akhbar is in Arabic.

But please do follow this thread where I will tweet out the relevant details in English.

3/ Ten days ago I left Benghazi where I spent 3 weeks.

Ansar al-Sharia, the terrorist group that attacked US consulate on 11 Sept 2012 is now dismantled, defeated by Libyan army.

Although it happened 6 yrs ago, I used my time in #Benghazi to re-investigate the attack.

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Sep 5, 2018
As world focused on ISIS in Raqqa& Mosul, another city was destroyed: Benghazi.

After ISIS &AlQaeda took city in 2014, Libyan army fought extremists &defeated them end 2017.

Price of victory high.

Our drone footage shows what's left of center Benghazi

2/ I have to tell you that when I recently arrived in Benghazi, I was really shocked by the destruction of the city.

Much worse than I thought it was.

As you can see in our drone video, center is fully destroyed during fighting between extremists & army.

Very painful to see.
3/ I had tears in my eyes seeing Benghazi like this. I can't even start to explain to you how the people feel.

This is for example the now destroyed court building.

This was the center of 2011 uprising against Ghadaffi. It was blown up by Al-Qaeda group Ansar al Sharia.
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Sep 4, 2018
1/ I spent 3 weeks in east #Libya.

We were 1st foreign journalists to enter Derna after Libyan army began operation to clear city from ISIS, AlQaeda etc.

Army now controls large parts of Derna but extremists still in old city.

We took drone with us.

2/ Happy to be safe after 3 weeks in east Libya. Difficult area to reach.

I met great people in Benghazi. Thank u all for keeping me safe &helping me get great stories.

I'll update this Derna-thread in English later today. But 1st let me call my mom that I'm okay.

3/ As East Libya is largely forgotten by int media, a bit of context:

Benghazi was center of Libyan uprising in 2011. After Gaddafi’s fall, extremists took advantage of the chaos.

From 2012-2014 Al-Qaeda +ISIS linked groups started reign of terror in Benghazi +Derna.

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Aug 8, 2018
1/ After recent gains by Syrian regime, all eyes now on Idlib.

Via intermediary I got in touch with 3 European jihadists in Idlib. I sent my questions+fixer to Idlib.

Jihadists expect an attack &say they'll fight till end.

My story, English subtitles.👇
2/ It's difficult to reach foreign jihadists in Idlib. And even more difficult to record interviews with them.

The 3 foreign fighters in Idlib I got in touch with via intermediary are from Holland (2) &from Belgium (1).

They've been in Syria 5+ yrs.


3/ The foreign jihadists in Idlib answered my questions in Dutch &Flemish. They also know Arabic.

Their (jihadi) names are: Abu Mohammad alHollandi, Abu Zubair alHolandi & Abu Abdul Rahman alBelgiki.

Here is same story but with Arabic subtitles. @akhbar
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Aug 3, 2018
1/ Today is 4th anniversary of Yazidi genocide by #ISIS. Thousands of Yazidis killed &enslaved.

In Syria I found #ISISfiles, some on treatment of women by ISIS.

Here my story for @akhbar

It's in Arabic but in thread I'll explain in English
2/ The #ISISfiles about women can be divided into 2 categories.

a. Restrictive laws mainly meant to control local female population in ISIS parts of Syria.

b. Rulings regarding behavior of ISIS-female members. What work can ISIS-women do? Can ISIS-women fight? Etc.

3/ ISIS files show court cases whereby (male) ISIS “spies” accuse Syrian females of having attended "mixed" weddings (males and females attended wedding). Also women were accused of wearing make-up.

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