This is gonna be long, but I think it's worth it. A well-regarded twitter poster, let’s call him Giorgio, has recently publish a thread stating among other things as follows. “The pathways to stopping or delaying Brexit are blocked.
But once the mandate is discharged, the pathways to UK rejoining, or being in a close association agreement with EU, within the single market and customs union, will be open, with no obstacles.”
This approach annoys me for two reasons, one because Giorgio seems to be attempting to cajole Remainers to put all activity on hold until we actually leave the #EU.
I wd place that in the same league as Gove's “prize”, most of the main brexiteers’ efforts seem to be directed now at containing Remain until Brexit is done & dusted. Please fellow Remainers we must not, must not fall for this ruse be it voiced by a Con a Lab or a "friend".
The second reason is this thing about the Brexit mandate “being discharged”. now Giorgio is a lawyer and doubtless a better one than I ever was, but after castigating Remain as “generals fighting the last war”
he tells us that after 29 March 2019 all the obstacles to an association with the EU, will suddenly fall away. Like, really, dude, just like that?

Let me offer you a darker picture.
Once we leave on 29 March 2019, dear Remainers, we are FUCKED. The transition means nothing because the deed has been done. Transition doesn’t mean remaining it means finalising the arrangements to leave.
And if you think Remain will suddenly be able to regroup and start influencing those preparations, well, you just haven’t been paying attention, have you?

Nope, the brexiteers will be reinforced, they will dig in mightily and they will have a finalised status quo on their side.
There will be despair and though some will vow to fight on, and fight on they will, many will step aside and give up. I myself am planning to leave the UK.

That’s what will happen to Remain internally.
Externally things will happen too, there will be a clampdown, don’t know whether you’ve noticed but everything that lends succour to the disaffected and the poor has been whittled away remorselessly over these last few years:
the BBC, the justice system, social security, the NHS, the police, the doctors, the judiciary.

This govt we have already behaves like a dictatorship… Ministers used to resign when they lied to Parly, now they laugh and carry on.
Govt used to be accountable, now it doesn’t even bother to turn up.

Our voting system is sclerotic, will we ever be able to vote out the Cons? I now seriously doubt it.
They will have all the levers of power at their disposal and they will use them remorselessly or perhaps with a happy little grin on their smarmy faces. Our institutions are weak, weak, weak, the BBC, the Electoral Commission, Parly, the opposition, publicly funded education.
Opponents, dissidents will be oppressed and harried if not actively prosecuted. Can’t happen in the UK? Why would you think that? What is so special about us? Why does our govt want to do away with the HRA?

Wait and see what happens when people get poorer and liberty scarcer.
The Con govt will clamp down even harder and its opponents will have even less resources. We will become like Putin’s Russia or Franco’s Spain.

And let’s remember Putin’s been in power now for 20 years. Franco lasted 40.
My father left Spain because he grew tired of the oppression. The cowed, lying media, the complaisant pop the token politics.

This is it Remainers, if we leave on 29 March 2019, we will not be re-joining the EU in our lifetimes, how about it? Sounds like fun?
Sure! Let’s give up right now and just wait for all those obstacles we face to melt into thin air…

Or fight it. Fight it NOW with all our might. #FBPE #FinalSay #WATON #ExitFromBrexit #WATON

• • •

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