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Been checking out the manosphere and incels. After wading through a quagmire of d**k pics can report back that there is a large, misogynistic subculture that needs to be dealt with as a public health crisis. It is porn sick. *Content Warning for this Thread*
According to this TIM reverse rape (a.k.a sexual rejection by a women/girl) is worse than real rape and should be included in #MeToo
There appears to be some crossover between incel (involuntary celibate) - trans. - anime and MRAs. I present Svetlana who looks forward to a violent rape and maiming of a woman
An incel desiring to be a trans sex slave for a Chad (popular 'alpha' man) :
A combination of anime, incel and objectification of teenage girls
On the Incel boards, women only exist to be f***ed
This handmaiden of Twitter recommends sex slavery to make men feel better:
To the angry boy boards of 4Chan who recommend rape and revenge porn as a kind of catchall Sudocrem for men's modern woes.
Porn culture is festering on the internet message boards and creating a male anger which we haven't seen before. Its getting so bad that Reddit, the bastion of modern morality, even banned the incel board nytimes.com/2017/11/09/tec…
The notion of Incel - that women should always be sexually available to men and rejection is violence - has inspired a few mass shootings already. The prime example which is celebrated on many Incel boards to this day is that of Eliot Rogers washingtonpost.com/news/the-inter…
Inside Eliot Rodger's online life:
A year later Chris Harper-Mercer, the Roseburg shooter, blamed women who didn't want to sleep with him for his killing spree. jezebel.com/once-again-mas…
Another Incel Nikolas Cruz blamed his mass shooting on women being in control of who penetrates them and when. babe.net/2018/02/15/nik…
Incels with their seemingly never ending anger are also angry at.... Trans. This incel complains that he has been telling lesbians that they must suck his d**k to no avail, but wrap it in a rainbow and its 'progressive'
The incel advice, become trans:
There is a huge internet movement of teen boys and men playing as what they perceive as cute girls online. They are spending hours discussing fictional cute girls, it is eye-opening. This 'Cute Girl Chart' generated over 200 comments. Often its objectified & sexualised
A great piece on masculinity, anime and gender dysphoria by @rftbk is here: medium.com/@rftbk/masculi…
Notice how Svetlana - the non-binary incel individual from earlier in this thread - has as their profile pic the newspaper image of Nikolas Cruz and references him in their bio. Another example of transgender & incel crossover & hatred of women.
Notice how Svetlana - the non-binary incel individual from earlier in this thread - has as their profile pic the newspaper image of Nikolas Cruz and references him in their bio. Another example of transgender & incel crossover & hatred of women.
The alleged murderer of at least 10 people in Toronto, Alek Minassain, was an Incel and purportedly lionised Eliot Rodgers. nypost.com/2018/04/24/pol…
Thread by @ArshyMann on Incels, Toronto and the Manosphere: threadreaderapp.com/thread/9888187…
Here we go, someone arguing that prostituted women should absorb & neutralise male violence. These men in the incel community hate women, why would they be non-violent towards an individual women?
According to the poster, prostituted women exist for men to 'get rid of the build up of rage'.
brings our attention to the fact that 'If you include yesterday in Toronto, the three worst mass murders committed in Canada in the last 30 years were committed by men whose motivation was revenge against a specific woman or women in general'.
shows how 'In December 1989, Marc Lepine murdered 14 women engineering students in Montreal, declaring feminism had ruined his life'. cbc.ca/radio/asithapp…
She then highlights how 'In April 1996, nine dead when Marc Chahal killed his estranged wife and multiple members of her family. His wife had previously filed complaints against him with the RCMP that "fell between the cracks" cbc.ca/news/canada/br…
After this latest mass murder by an incel/ man motivated by misogyny we agree with @AmyfStuart that 'Maybe it's time to redefine terrorism'.
Thanks to @PankhurstEM for this: 'San Francisco Public Library is currently holding an exhibition which celebrates violence and threats of violence towards women'. sfpl.org/index.php?pg=1… #VAWG #MisogynyAHateCrime
As @Janice5e has neatly argued regarding Incels 'Because women aren't really humans, are they? Just a resource to be distributed by the males authorities'. @Janice5e has brought this Incel thinking to wider attention:
Niraj Chokshi, 'What is an Incel?' mobile.nytimes.com/2018/04/24/wor…
Southern Poverty Law Centre which tracks hate speech: 'added male supremacy to the ideologies tracked on the hate map this year, because of the way these groups consistently denigrate and dehumanize women, often including advocating physical and sexual violence against them'.
Is there a connection - other than message boards, users/posters, online sub-culture etc. - between trans viewing woman as a costume & collection of parts and Incels seeing women as 'Foids' (not really human, just appearing as such)?
This poster is transitioning from 'Incel' to 'Femoid' :
The question of Incel trans to femoid again...
If you were under any illusion that the hate is pornified and sexualised on the Incel boards, here you go (get a sick bucket).
The misogyny and #WarOnWomen goes on...
More Trans-Incel-'Femoid' cross over. The term Beta comes from MRA & Incel boards where they divide men into Alpha (Chad) and Beta. #WarOnWomen
As the many men & boys on the Incel and MRA boards argue that women exist only to be F***ed & for men's pleasure alongside the cross over between these boards/posters and TRAs, is it a mere coincidence that TRAs are aggressively advocating for the removal of sex segregation when
women would be in a state of undress and vulnerable? Shared ideology of women not being fully human and objects for men's pleasure, and a shared ideology of women being forced to be naked and vulnerable around men?
Are there TRA's who aggressively argue for the removal of sex segregation in academic or religious spaces? Spaces of the mind? Or is it wholly focused on where women require privacy and dignity?

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@Docstockk is a brilliant scholar and a champion of the rights of women. Solidarity with her against the abuse and defamation of @WelfareUSSU @USSU. What is happening at the @SussexUni ,it is not a safe environment to be a female academic or student?
The @SussexUni does have a history of failing females, here from 2017 after an inquiry it was found to have failed in its duty of care to a female assualt victim. From the @USSU letter it looks like it may be a breeding ground for misogynistic attitudes. independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-n…
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How does Penny Mordaunt's position that ‘Trans women are women, that is the starting point’ fit with the Nolan Principles? This Equalities minister appears to be breaking the 7 Principles of Public life....
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'3. Objectivity
Holders of public office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias'.
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