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Brilliant piece by Sabrinna Valisce who explores systemic societal gaslighting framing it within established Radical Feminist Theory and Praxis.…
The essay moves the abusive technique of gaslighting from the micro – interpersonal relationships and domestic violence – to the macro – the endemic abuse of women and global subjugation of women. #WarOnWomen
The techniques of Gaslighting are:
Blocking (or Jamming)
Diverting (the big switchero – what about____)
Countering (DARVO)
Trivialising and
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We Need To Talk formed in September 2017, when a group of women organised a talk in London called ‘What Is The Meaning of Gender? The GRA and beyond’.
We asked @PeoplesMomentum to facilitate a debate, with speakers arguing for and against the @Conservatives proposals to reform the GRA. They refused. As they stated this week, Momentum would rather ‘just skip’ this conversation 🧔👇

So we decided to host the event ourselves, booking our local community library @newxlearning. We invited over 20 trans activists to speak and finally @Bex_Stinson, @stonewalluk’s trans inclusion officer, agreed to take part
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The Green party's Caroline Lucas has been added to TERF blocker because she has tentatively suggested that she may now, finally, listen to some women. Welcome Caroline!…

#WarOnWomen #SilencingWomen
Hi, welcome, @CarolineLucas , we have books, biscuits and a feminist understanding of sex-based oppression and gender as a social construct imposed on sexed bodies in order to oppress and exploit. Oddly, Lidl is also on the list but we don't get mates rates!
I was added to the list and declared TERF because I was tweeting about academic apologia for child sex abuse. At the time I was staying out of the public trans debate because I was scared. Women and Lidl, please comment why you were added:
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No one who lived through the Bush2 admin, from the stolen 2000 election to the torture, war crimes, two wars we are STILL in, millions of maimed Americans, brutal attacks on women & #LGBT "misses" Bush.Stop saying this for cheap clicks just because you escaped being hurt by Bush.
Pretending the Bush/Cheney years were benign when literally 2 MILLION Americans have been wounded/maimed by the wars in #Afghanistan & #Iraq is #GOP disinformation.

Also, Bush began the #WarOnWomen.
Bush helped stack the #SCOTUS with far right judges. Bush attacked #LGBT folks.
"Trump makes me miss Bush" is a statement of extreme privilege. It means you weren't hurt by Bush's domestic policies that made some of us feel we might have to flee our own country.These glib takes dismiss damage done by #GOP prior to Trump and how GWB opened the door for Trump.
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These comments were made on stage at Manchester Pride. They were directed at lesbians, are sexist and the violence is sexualised. Once again this ideology allows men to make and celebrate threats of violence against women. Male violence, so progressive, so woke.
Is this a bit like when racists say 'but I have black friends'? Mr Cooper believes he cannot be a sexist and lesphobic because his mother was female and he is friends with some women... #misogynist #WarOnWomen
This is the thread that Mr Cooper is referencing, those nasty women of Mumsnet having opinions and arguing that Lesbians are same-sex attracted!…
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if you ask for the definitions of words like woman, girl, female, man, boy, male
if you use transphobic dogwhistles like “sexually dimorphic,” “biological reality,” and “sex stereotypes”
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We were shocked, and it often shocks others, that Amnesty International is in favour of female sexual slavery and sexual exploitation - here is their prostitution policy:…
'Amnesty International believes that seeking, buying, selling and soliciting paid sex are acts protected from state interference as long as there is no coercion, threats or violence associated with those acts'.
What about financial coercion?
Do Amnesty think the power balance is one of equality? From Dt. Superintendent Sporer 'Several women finally stated that these men had exploited them and had put pressure on them. ..
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Wanting to 'cleanse humanity' of women with opinions they don't like, but please, tell me again how feminists are the problem.... #WarOnWomen #transcult #VAWG
The language is fascist : non-Terfs are normal human beings, bullet in the brain, cleanse humanity.
Look at the violent and dehumanizing rhetoric:
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Off to Parlaiment today to hear evidence about the funding landscape for sexual violence survivors (hint: it is barren). All in the shadow of the Conservative MP being defended for sexual violence against women. #WarOnWomen #VAWG
One thing that caught my eye today was Emeline Pankhurst's medal for her imprisonment for the 'Rush'. H.2 4 was her Holloway cell number.
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Welcome to topsy-turvy world were the Guardian condems but the Country Squire supports Lesbians. Tarquin Sutherland does have a lovely writing style though.…
'look deeply at this canary dropping asphyxiated from its perch, try to see the emerging pattern of behaviour and use that wonderful imagination to extrapolate where all this is inevitably headed'. #GetTheLOut #WarOnWomen
Sutherland questions what is this 'de facto ‘hate speech’. What could this vile message have been? “Lesbian = Female Homosexual”. #WarOnWomen #GetTheLOut
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Here we have a striking example of what is being termed the 'post-truth era'. A director of the Women's Equality Party believes that sex-stereotypes are innate and female homosexuality should include penis (pre-op). #sciencedenial #WarOnWomen #GetTheLOut
It appears that Ms Duffy is infact celebrating that some are calling lesbians bigots for not wanting to have sexual interaction with male genitalia. The notion that lesbians must accept hetrosexuality is homophobia.That is the 'Women's Equality Party' for you. #WarOnWomen
It seems that Ms Duffy justifies her stance that lesbians need to accept penis in their sexuality from ancient Maori sexual fluidity. I wonder, does Ms Duffy request gay men become 'sexually fluid' to include heterosexual sex with women as well? #WarOnWomen #GetTheLOut
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In light of the Huntley revelation I think it is important that people see this page of the Manifesto produced by Edinburgh Action for Trans Health which demands the immediate release and pardon of all trans prisoners
Link to the Manifesto here:…
They were supported in a protest by Sisters Uncut in Edinburgh against a @Womans_Place_UK meeting, wrong side of history and all that. Link here:…
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Yet another example of the threat that women's words and concerns will be met with violence. Notice how this is international, not a small minority movement... #WarOnWomen
It is public - what photo do I put on my profile to tell the world something about me? - male violence against women is being celebrated as progressive #VAWG
If beating women with a baseball bat is a symbol of your movement, you really need to ask if you are the good guys and gals, is male violence really progressive? #VAWG #WarOnWomen
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Been checking out the manosphere and incels. After wading through a quagmire of d**k pics can report back that there is a large, misogynistic subculture that needs to be dealt with as a public health crisis. It is porn sick. *Content Warning for this Thread*
According to this TIM reverse rape (a.k.a sexual rejection by a women/girl) is worse than real rape and should be included in #MeToo
There appears to be some crossover between incel (involuntary celibate) - trans. - anime and MRAs. I present Svetlana who looks forward to a violent rape and maiming of a woman
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In the flurry of attention to #KevinWilliamson, there's been zero mention that the exchange that resulted in Williamson's firing from @TheAtlantic was with the insufferable editor of @NRO, Charles Cooke, who agreed 100% that women should be executed for having abortions.
"I would totally go with treating it like any other crime up to and including hanging,” Williamson said.
Cooke quickly concurred: “I absolutely agree.” (see @Shareblue for more of this exchange)

Whither comment from @NRO either affirming they are fine with hanging women or no?
In February I had a testy exchange with Cooke who called me "stupid" for calling him out for being the first person to attack David Hogg. Note that because he's a white guy with a British accent, neither he nor @NRO received any internet penalty except, apparently, from me.
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You hear a lot in America about the "war on women," but it's men in America who are failing. We have some shocking statistics:
The signs are everywhere. If you’re a middle aged man, you probably know a peer who has killed himself in recent years. At least one. If you’re a parent, you may have noticed that your daughter’s friends seem a little more on the ball than your son’s. They get better grades. They
smoke less weed. They go to more prestigious colleges. If you’re an employer, you may have noticed that your female employees show up on time, whereas the young men often don’t. And of course if you live in this country, you’ve just seen a horrifying series of mass shootings, far
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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Trump's administration made it clear last week there IS a #WarOnWomen. #womensrights #ReproRights #CivilRights #HumanRights #GeeksResist 1
Trump's appointees are anti-woman, homophobic and all have a reputation for bigotry or outright racism. 2…
3 groups have formed a task force to coordinate info about issues affecting women. Introducing Resistance Women Unite. #RWU 3
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