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Wanting to 'cleanse humanity' of women with opinions they don't like, but please, tell me again how feminists are the problem.... #WarOnWomen #transcult #VAWG
The language is fascist : non-Terfs are normal human beings, bullet in the brain, cleanse humanity.
Look at the violent and dehumanizing rhetoric:
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1. I am generally disillusioned with politicians, I believe that if they speak of issues which impact women's lives they are only paying lip-service. @SarahChampionMP is one of the only MPs I truly believe cares about women & girls. She co-chairs the APPG on Sexual Violence
2. and listens, takes notes and engages with the speakers during questions. So far, as I have seen, she always attends session. She prioritises hearing women's evidence and improving the lives of women & girls.
3. After seeing her dedication and genuine passion to fight against #VAWG the only negative I can say about @SarahChampionMP is that she is not my MP.
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Off to Parlaiment today to hear evidence about the funding landscape for sexual violence survivors (hint: it is barren). All in the shadow of the Conservative MP being defended for sexual violence against women. #WarOnWomen #VAWG
One thing that caught my eye today was Emeline Pankhurst's medal for her imprisonment for the 'Rush'. H.2 4 was her Holloway cell number.
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Yet another example of the threat that women's words and concerns will be met with violence. Notice how this is international, not a small minority movement... #WarOnWomen
It is public - what photo do I put on my profile to tell the world something about me? - male violence against women is being celebrated as progressive #VAWG
If beating women with a baseball bat is a symbol of your movement, you really need to ask if you are the good guys and gals, is male violence really progressive? #VAWG #WarOnWomen
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Been checking out the manosphere and incels. After wading through a quagmire of d**k pics can report back that there is a large, misogynistic subculture that needs to be dealt with as a public health crisis. It is porn sick. *Content Warning for this Thread*
According to this TIM reverse rape (a.k.a sexual rejection by a women/girl) is worse than real rape and should be included in #MeToo
There appears to be some crossover between incel (involuntary celibate) - trans. - anime and MRAs. I present Svetlana who looks forward to a violent rape and maiming of a woman
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Out of politeness I have not yet commented on your use of "Women like me & you". We are not the same. Being a woman is a biological fact, not a feeling. Being female is a biological reality not a feeling. Men cannot become women.
Least anyone think that I am making assumptions about Stephanie..

Meet Lincolnshire’s first transgender councillor…
I am not saying that all transwomen are a threat - some are, just as not all males are threats. Statiscally transwomen have the same rate of offenses against women as men.
But the point I am trying to make is that a #VAWG survivor will almost certainly feel threatened. Women know
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