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Yet another example of the threat that women's words and concerns will be met with violence. Notice how this is international, not a small minority movement... #WarOnWomen
It is public - what photo do I put on my profile to tell the world something about me? - male violence against women is being celebrated as progressive #VAWG
If beating women with a baseball bat is a symbol of your movement, you really need to ask if you are the good guys and gals, is male violence really progressive? #VAWG #WarOnWomen
The notion that the bat is a phallic symbol raised earlier by @athenaussie is supported by the 'Rape a TERF with a baseball bat' trope #WarOnWomen #VAWG
This celebration of men's violence against women who wont submit has been going on a long time #WarOnWomen #VAWG
Don't like penis... i'm going to take a baseball bat to your teeth! So progressive! #WarOnWomen #VAWG
More baseball bats! And knives, don't forget the knife and stabbing is now so progressive... the new civil rights amirite? #WarOnWomen #VAWG
If these are the symbols of your movement... (taken from Facebook). #WarOnWomen #VAWG
A few more, celebrating the love and civil rights properties of the baseball bat and #VAWG #WarOnWomen
In response to this thread, Thom has attempted to re-educate my PhD out of me. Thom is of the belief that violence against women is justified because women have been oppressing men and created institionalised oppression.
Notice how Thom has colonised language we usually see actual minorities make? The argument is often, and has been recently, used by anti-racism campaigners.
The 'Degenderettes', a group of trans activists particularly enamoured with violence against women, has as its symbol a 'down with women' image...
(This is the group of the knife and barbed wire baseball bat pin badges from earlier in the thread)
This is also the group that was exhibited at San Francisco public Library, 201 8 and violence against women celebrated in an exhibition. sfpl.org/index.php?pg=1…
On the Library website the 'Degenderettes' are described as a 'humble and practical club, fighting for gender rights within human reach rather than with legislation and slogans'. It would appear the 'human reach' measures the length of a baseball bat.... #WarOnWomen #VAWG
I'm aware the 'Degenderettes' symbol is meant to look like a middle finger yet by turning a women symbol upside down combined with the violence they threaten women with and thats how I reached my interpretation of it.
More I hear you ask....
The Degenderretes also celebrate the notion of knifing women, so progressive and so brave. But as Maria Miller claims - the most oppressed and suffer the worst hostility and violence...
The weaponry is not limited to bats. They promote to younger teenagers online to carry knives and guns, so progressive and inspiring.
On and on the orgy of violence goes...
Robert J. Lifton writing about forced social acceptance of the Nazi regime pre-holocaust: 'Militant behaviour from the National Socialist Student League, which organised early, soon came to dominate or replace traditional student groups and formed an arrogant subculture
'with intense camaraderie and more than a tinge of violence. Its members broke up lectures that displeased them, and understood their task as opposing all teaching that was not rooted in National Socialist doctrine'.
All these baseball bats, knives, broken bottles, axes and guns but what is real violence... women's words. In response to public criticism of the exhibition glorifying violence against women at the San Francisco Public Library the Degenderettes had this to say:
In case I had inadvertently created the impression that this was just one bad group of angry young men or that it was limited to the English speaking world I shall close this thread with another example from Spain. It shall end as it begun.
A Spanish sister, @ImperatrixF , sent me this screen grab this morning. She has kindly translated it into English and explained that it comes from a supposedly feminist webpage 'Locas del Coño'.
This group has been taken over by trans and the admin, a trans woman named Magnus Regina Von C, threatens feminists with violence.
The message from Magnus reads “Carmen, girl, with all my respect the fact that you are calling me “man” when I’m a transwoman is well worth to crush your mouth with a hammer”. #WarOnWomen #VAWG
The violence is translating into reality and more worringly being celebrated openly. These screen grabs were taken by @Iitmustest
The violent homophobic assualt supposedly led by one Natalie Welage of @NewAmericanTeam is recounted here by one of the victims friends.
We return to Spain with a screengrab and translation by @almaguisante . This is another one of the TraedTerfs crew. 1st tweet: 'don't you want to break the head against the asphalt of every terfs that opens her mouth?' 2nd tweet: 'I do, a lot'.
Back to America and the viscous gang beating of a lesbian. Claims she deserved it because she won't have sex with penis (Terf). This appears to ba movement of corrective rape under a new name.
What are the party decorations at this 'Queer Party' hosted by Transgender Alliance? Streamers, fairylights? No, hanging women who wont comply or lesbians who maintain sexual boundaries by their necks... ( screengrab captured by @GIdentityWatch )
In response to this thread and the violent homophobic attack I received this, notice how violence is supposedly justified, not accepting a political ideology is worse. Drama Lama or fascist?
While feminist continue to criticise violence against women, TRAs & 'Queers' continue to celebrate the actual violent attack of a lesbian for asserting her sexual boundaries (she didn't want to suck d**k)
'When we deem the language of dissent, of rational critique, to be "life-threatening", then we open the door for any intellectual discord to be met with actual violent opposition: we invite barbarism' - 'Hypotaxis', Female Erasure, p. 178
Zil has arrived to inform me of what I do and do not know in the face of evidence and teach us all that refusing to suck d**k is actually harrassment, which of course should be met with violence...
Zil has had quite the mantrum at me and this thread. It includes justifying violence against women, enjoy:
Althou Zil thinks 'beat women with baseball bats' is just edgy talk, here are examples of young twitlers taking public pride in a homophobic assualt. Thanks to @GirlsMatter_Too for the grabs!

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Oct 4, 2018
A detailed look at the U.K. Serious Case Review National Repository suggests to me that Susie Green of mermaids is making up statistics and in my opinion behaving unethically and in contradiction with the Samaritan guidelines around suicide.
This has come out of work @AlfredBelpaire has done and privately shared with me. The 'stats' Susie Green and another Mermaids mum are pushing, the sensationalist Guardian article do NOT agree with the research by GIDS of the Tavistock and Portman.
The GIDS evidence base is here: gids.nhs.uk/evidence-base
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Oct 3, 2018
This is a fabulous thread and was a brilliant project by three academics. This is very important and concerns knowledge, truth and teaching.
Who sent me this thread? I want to thank you but I can't find the notification.
Sokal squared set about to expose the sophistry and forgery of knowledge in academia, particularly 'grievance studies', and it has been marvellous. I was even dealing with this just this morning (see screen grab).
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Oct 3, 2018
This is in the comments section below. This Professor Emeritus of Applied Philosophy doesn't think that biological sex is real, that women are disadvantaged by systemic oppression based on biology. It is, frankly, batsh*t.
Prof.'s Stock rebuttal of five common arguments that men are women on their self declaration is beautiful. Proper reasoning and argument has returned to the room!
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Oct 2, 2018
According to @StopFundingHate talking about women's rights= hateful, speaking about safeguarding= hateful, biology= hateful, speaking of sexism= hateful, women defining themselves= hateful, advertising government consultation= hateful.
I'm starting to suspect @StopFundingHate haven't done the reading.
Are they really going to start a campaign telling women to just be nice? @StopFundingHate
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Sep 29, 2018
Jess is under the impression that women, and some men, meeting to discuss potential legislative changes is against UK law and council policies. Jess may have confused her anti-women feelings with actual legislation.
This is a personal favourite, Jess celebrating denying women their lawful rights by screaming 'mine' like a toddler. Thanks Jess, this really made me laugh.
There is a long heritage of women like Jess. Julia Bush has written a fantastic article on the women of the Anti-suffrage league bl.uk/votes-for-wome…
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Sep 28, 2018
Thread. I am very worried that the Girl Guides is creating an institution and climate which is conducive to abuse.
Those who wish to access victims will exploit situations and put themselves in positions where they are surrounded by children. It is why paedophiles entered the Catholic Church, sports coaching, gymnastics coaching, children’s hospitals and homes.
One is not going to get much access to children while working on an oil rig.
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