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1/36 This threads about the cigar show Michael Cohen put on & connecting some dots w/ the Trump Tower Fire & Mueller investigation. I’ve done 2 past threads specifically on the #trumptowerfire (links at the end of this thread). Let me start w/ when I passed by Cohen & Rotem Rosen
2/36 As I went by 61st & Park on Friday the 13th I saw Paparazzi on the corner. It’s not unusual in NYC & if they’re just hanging out they’re usually waiting for someone to arrive/leave. That was how they looked & since it's the Regency Hotel I figured they were waiting on Cohen
3/36 At this point I was convinced the Trump Tower Fire on Saturday was a factor in Cohen’s FBI Raid the prior Monday, so Cohen was on my mind & I was paying attention but I didn’t expect to walk by the Papparazzi & straight into Cohen standing on the street chatting w/ someone.
4/36 Since the Paparazzi weren’t taking any pictures & were leaving him alone it was a surprise to see him, but I had my phone in my hand & started taking pictures. I’m pretty sure Cohen saw me taking pictures as he said goodbye to the guy he was talking to & sat down w/ his crew
5/36 It wasn't til the next morning that I figured out that Blue Suit in my photos was Rotem Rosen who was gonna build Trump Tower Moscow, was at Miss Universe Moscow w/ Trump & is biz partners w/ the former CFO of Deutsche Bank. So this guy may be key in Mueller's investigation.
6/36 Why the hell was Cohen sitting with a guy who’s seems to be at the center of Trump Russia when Cohen’s under FBI criminal investigation?! I looked online & saw other pics of them all smoking cigars. But not all the people in the other pictures were there when I saw them.
7/36 A few days later I'm on the street to meet a friend & 20 ft away a guy was smoking a cigar. It was pungent & I moved to get away from it. That’s when I realized -I was only feet away from Cohen & his Bada Bing crew but I didn’t smell any cigars? And Paparazzi left him alone?
8/36 I checked my photos & I don’t see cigars. The cigar photos were obviously staged w/ the Paparazzi. They were putting on a deliberate show. A message? I walked by at 4:45pm & they were probably sitting there for a while. People said it was staged for the Judge? But WHY?
9/36 Here's where I start to connect dots. The fire seemed suspicious. Unit 50C had a significant Art Collection so he could've known about art💰laundering or gotten involved. Was he a target? I can’t quite see Trump or Cohen giving the order to set a fire but could Russia do it?
10/36 Purely speculating but what if Russia was solving a 'problem' for the #TrumpRussia crew w/ the fire? And sending a message to Trump? Coincidentally the day AFTER the fire was the first time EVER that Trump called out Putin in a tweet & Trump began really talking about Syria
11/36 Look at the timeline of the last 2 wks in a Trump-Putin context? Trump Tower Fire THEN he calls out Putin & a Syria Missile strike? As Mueller/FBI get closer is the Trump-Putin relationship imploding? Trump warned Russia but its still his biggest move against them so far
7th-Trump Tower Fire
8th-1st Tweet calling out Putin
9th-FBI Raids Cohen
13th-Cohen hangs w/ Russian crew (Message to Trump🤔)
13th-Trump bombs Syria
15th-Niki Hailey on Sunday media circuit announces Russia Sanctions
18th-Trump decides NOT to impose Russian Sanctions
13/36 Was Trump's Scooter Libby Pardon a message to Cohen & an attempt to keep him from flipping? But Cohen knows Trump can't pardon State charges. Days later Trump seeks advice from a former lawyer who warns him Cohen will most likely flip. Trump's behavior seems really worried
14/36 Some said the 'show' was sending a message to the Judge since Cohen wasn't in court but it seems more like a message to Trump (why would Cohen send the judge a🖕?)
The message may be that Cohen is w/ Russia not Trump?
btw,look at his newspaper -Coincidence or twisted humor?
15/36 Is Putins crew sending a message that they own Cohen? And does Cohen not care about being in the court cause Russia's going to protect him? Is Cohen showing his allegiance & has Russia promised him he's safe? Or is Putins crew testing Cohens loyalty w/ the public display?
16/36 Another thought to keep in mind was that Trump talked to Cohen that day. What if he told Cohen about the Syria Strike that he was already working on & Cohen passed it on. The cigar show could have been staged to warn Trump to lay off Russia. It seems like their style.
17/36 Then look at Syria. Trumps live statement was a Reality Star staging a dramatic moment to deliberately make it look like we were going to war. This was a wk after the fire & the Raid. DISTRACTION! Trump may have had his own agenda but thankfully Mattis may have contained it
18/36 A single strike AFTER Russia was warned? If Russia was behind the fire was it retaliation? & or a panicked move to distract from Cohen Raid? Unable to stop him did our Military,UK,France join since they believe in the humanitarian goal of eliminating Syrias chemical weapons
19/36 NYTimes reports the Syria Strike was “mere “show strikes” designed to ”send a message”“ to back up his series of tweets. What if BOTH the tweets & Syrian Strike message were part of an escalation between Trump & Putin? Is this less crazy then a Strike to back up his tweets?
20/36 Mueller & FBI appear to be closing in on Trump? Then the fire. In panic/desperation did Trump start to push back on Russia since his silence on Putin to date has lent credence to his guilt. If Trump was standing up to Putin was Cohen's Cigar show a message to rein in Trump?
21/36 If Friday was a message then the Nikki Hailey piece fits. She was SCHEDULED to go on the Sunday shows discussing sanctions. She didn't get confused. The WH was PLANNING Russian Sanctions. After Cohen's staged show did Trump rethink going against Putin & cancel sanctions?
22/36 Trump called lawyer Jay Goldberg for advice Friday morning & Goldberg cautioned that Cohen will likely flip. Trump also called Cohen Friday. Friday sure seems like the day when Trump tried to figure out if he could trust Cohen. The sidewalk show may have been an answer
23/36 We also learned that Cohen DID go to Prague to meet w/ the Russians confirming another piece of the Steele Dossier. Interestingly, Cohen validated that by dropping his Steele Dossier libel lawsuits. Cohen seems to be very tied in w/ Russians & may be a key Back Channel.
24/36 But is Cohen's allegiance to Trump or the Russians? People say Cohen will be scared of prison so he may flip on Trump. But is Putin scarier then the FBI? Maybe the Russians are LETTING Cohen work w/ the FBI to ultimately screw Trump? Is Trump no longer useful & a Scapegoat?
25/36 How does Sean Hannity fit in? Hannity says he spoke w/ Cohen 'Exclusively Almost' about Real Estate (another nugget from the folks who brought us 'Alternative Truth'😉)
The 'almost' may indicate 1 or 2 of those Trumpesque sex scandal cover ups that Cohen specialized in
26/36 But Hannity's comment on Cohen advising him on Real Estate may be more interesting. Real Estate transactions may be key in Mueller's money laundering case. Could Hannity have been brought in on Trump's possible Money Laundering through Real Estate & Cohen did the paperwork?
27/36 To launder money you set up layers of shell co's. Does Cohen have records connecting Hannity & Trump (& hopefully others in RNC?) to the shell co's involved in a larger money laundering piece of the Trump/Russia investigation? If those records exist Cohen could have them
28/36 If Trump's been laundering money for Russia through Real Estate for years (& he may be using Art too). What if some of the documents taken in the Cohen Raid will expose a large part of that laundering operating? That may explain why Trump seems very panicked since the Raid.
29/36 Trump seems to be flipping out. Maybe the Trump Tower Fire, the ‘staged’ cigar crew & the probability of Cohen flipping are ALL responsible for Trumps recent actions. Cohen may be the thread that unravels the complex #TrumpRussia puzzle that Mueller will lay out for us.
30/36 In the last 2 wks Trump can barely contain his guilt. You can’t “flip” on an innocent man, there would be no material to incriminate him. Trump's panicked. And Rotem Rosen's presence next to Cohen may have contributed to his mania. Trump hosted Rosens wedding at Mar a Lago.
31/36 Rosen wed the daughter of Trump Soho investor Tamir Sapir & Ivanka was at his sons Bris. Rosen's biz partner (also present) is the former CFO of Deutsche Bank. Rosen's connected to Miss Universe Moscow & Trump Tower Moscow, all areas Muellers currently digging into.
32/36 Mueller’s also looking into Deutsche Bank. Trump defaulted on a loan & owed the bank $330 million in '08. Deutsche was NEVER going to lend to Trump again & shunned him until in 2010 Jerry Rotunda’s Private Wealth Division at Deutsche started loaning Trump $100’s of millions
33/36 Considering Mueller’s investigation & the FBI Raid, if Cohen was 'taking a bullet' for Trump he wouldn't be flagrantly sitting next to Rotem Rosen, who was the Right Hand man of Lev Leviev a Soviet-born oligarch w/ close ties to Putin, or with a former CFO of Deutsche Bank.
34/36 Rosen leads to dozens of ways linking Trump to Russia & Putin. Are they calling out Trumps biggest lie yet, that he had "nothing to do with Russia"? Is Putin sending a message to Trump to tell him there's no way out. Could this be Putin setting up Trumps fall?
35/36 Putin probably planned for Trump going down & he may not care. By the time we rebuild our Govt what are we going to do to Russia for their part in this? If Cohen flips does Trump go down for Money Laundering w/ Russia & it shows they helped elect him & still control him?
36/36 Alot of talk is of Collusion but the crux of Mueller’s investigation, & where Cohen may be key, is more likely #TrumpCrimeFamily & Money Laundering

Trump's been the VEHICLE, Putin's the DRIVER, the Mob's on BOARD & Cohen’s Raid & show may have shifted us into another gear.
Here is my first Trump Tower Fire Thread posted the day after the fire and the day BEFORE the Cohen FBI Raid

Here is my second thread on the Trump Tower Fire...

Well, well, well... this just came out. Wonder how many of the 870 properties ( yes thats EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ), worth $90MILLION that Sean Hannity is connected to are connected to Trump and maybe even Russia...…

• • •

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I didn’t expect it to get the reaction it received because to me it just represented a hard day but not out of the ordinary. In fact I’ve had much worse..

I’ve been reliving my own event since Dr Ford came forward. My event 25 yrs ago was so similar & I understand better #WhyIDidntReport
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This woman, a DOCTOR, a clinical psychology professor & a biostatistician at a University, got MIXED UP

STFU old man!
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"I Really Don't Care Do U"
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Asbestos is now in.

Don’t worry Formaldehyde - I’m sure Trump is working hard in the background and your day will come. Patience, he will get to you all
In a cruel twist of irony, the Trump Govt is bring back Asbestos, the Green Party gave that same party a boost last night in Ohio. 1,127 people cast their vote for the party they thinks gonna save the planet, instead they may have put a nail in the 🌎 coffin & helped the GOP
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This weekends Portland stand off between the Far Right & citizens who came to say Fascism isnt welcome in Portland, Police stood btwn the 2 groups. When the stand off became tense Police threw flashbang grenades AT the citizens AGAINST fascism PROTECTING Trump supporting fascists
Portlands Hate Crime Laws say a Hate Crime is the threat of violence towards people due to their race, religion, sexual orientation
The fascists threaten violence against all these groups yet the Police attacked the group protesting Hate.

Trump has officially incited violence
In Trumps World White Supremacy is protected by the Police despite the fact that they brought weapons and were purposefully inciting violence

The people protesting White Supremacy were charged by Police w/ their batons drawn

And as we predicted a reporter was hurt covering it..
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