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Lets try something. Lets take ALL the stories about #TrumpCorruption that've been lost in the chaos. Stories that haven't gotten enough exposure. Stories that on their own would have toppled any other WH but get lost in the craziness of Trump. Lets put them together. I'll start..
#DidYouKnow Ivanka Trump's been subpoenaed by the Commercial Bank of Dubai for an alleged scheme to help a Dubai Oil family fraudulently HIDE $100M by buying diamonds through Ivanka's Jewelry line? And the guy she partnered w/ has a criminal history AND introduced her to Jared?
Did I miss it? Did I blink? Has this Ivanka story been talked about? These kinds of stories are getting buried. The story itself is only half the story. COLLECTIVELY how many corrupt & criminal ties have been linked DIRECTLY to Trump is the bigger story. Here's another one...
-Kushner's family tried & FAILED to get $500M dollars from Qatar.
-After the denial, Kushner led a WH initiative resulting in a blockade of Qatar.
-Since the Blockade Qatar bought a Trump Apt & NOW Qatar's giving Kushner the cash
-Suddenly Trump sees Qatar as an Ally
#DidYouKnow Federal Investigators suspect Michael Cohen got his job w/ Trump in 2007 as a favor to Cohens Father-In-Law who was convicted of Money Laundering in 1993. Federal Investigators suspect the Father-in-Law was a Trump silent partner & perhaps funneling Russian💰 to him
#DidYouKnow there are at least FIVE Trump related FIRES

Jan '18 Trump Tower NYC: Roof Fire
April '18 Trump Tower NYC: Art Dealer apt Fire
April '18 Trump Tower Baku Fire 1st fire
April '18 Trump Tower Baku 2nd Fire same day
Dec '17 Ivanka's biz partner's house - Arson suspected
Here's a link to a great thread by @gregolear delving into whether Cohen's a Trump loyalist or maybe he's more of a Russia loyalist?
It also links to a prior thread I did on the Trump Fires.
DM me for links to other past threads on the fires or Cohen

#DidYouKnow the prior Finance Director of Bayrock, a partner on the Trump Soho project said the bldg was "a monument to spectacularly corrupt money laundering"
Trump said Bayrock (& Felix Sater) approached him about the deal
Another tie from Trump to Corruption & the Russians?
We know China's Govt donated $500M to Trumps Indonesian project & Trump suddenly tries to SAVE a sanctions busting Chinese biz who US intelligence community says is spying
But #DidYouKnow at least 15 out of 27 of Trump's 'License' Deals are linked to CORRUPTION & foreign govts?
#DidYouKnow Ivanka was directly involved w/ some of the most corrupt licensing projects in Trump's portfolio?
She's been under investigation for Trump Soho & now the Vancouver Deal.
In interviews on Trumps potentially corrupt projects, principals typically say she's very involved
#DidYouKnow that in '09, AFTER Stormy Daniels slept w/ Trump, & while Cohen was working for Trump, Stormy ALMOST ran for Senate?
Coincidentally 2 of Stormy's Campaign advisors both had suspicious fires ON THE SAME NIGHT. Was this the work of the Fixer?

#DidYouKnow that AFTER the FBI Raid Michael Cohen put his Trump Park Ave apt up as collateral for a big loan w/ Sterling National Bank related to his taxi biz? With news of significant deposits into Michael Cohens secret bank accounts why does it appear he can't pay his debts??
How many stories there are relating to #TrumpCrimeFamily is the bigger story
RT & Add #TrumpCorruption stories
We need to expose & TALK about Trumps criminal ties BEFORE midterms so EVERY person who votes understands
A VOTE for GOP is a VOTE for CORRUPTION & keeps Trump in office
We've got to make the Mid-Terms about more then BLUE its about
Corruption's currently winning & we must overwhelm the polls to make a change
GOP don't fight fair so this election will be hard
Lets be LOUD w/ the truth & stop the spin
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Oct 4, 2018
@JeffFlake @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @ChrisCoons


I posted the tweet below last night after work👇
I didn’t expect it to get the reaction it received because to me it just represented a hard day but not out of the ordinary. In fact I’ve had much worse..

I’ve been reliving my own event since Dr Ford came forward. My event 25 yrs ago was so similar & I understand better #WhyIDidntReport
I just told my family about it in the last few weeks but I won’t discuss it here. Instead I want you to see everyday life for a woman..
In my last job the CEO was a spoiled rich guy. He wanted to create a “fun” culture for the staff & regularly took us all out for drinks. One night there were about 40 of us at a bar & I talked to my colleagues when he came up & put his arm around my waist & his hand🤚on my a__
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Sep 23, 2018
This should NOT be framed as a He Said, She Said
Whys the @GOP rushing to dismiss what SHE SAID. Fords allegations are supported by the fact that Kavanaugh,in his & Judges own words,seemed to have an alcohol & party culture. Its disturbing to look at ALL we already know..THREAD👇
👉Kavanaugh says 'What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep'
👉The potential witness during the attempted rape refuses to testify & wrote a Memoir called 'Wasted'
👉Why are the GOP hiding 90% of Kavanaughs documents
👉It appears he already Perjured himself
👉Kavanaughs email after a "boys boat trip" mentions 'blacking out' & cautioned confidentiality-WHY?
👉Judges memoir is corroborated by Brett Kavanaughs own disturbing Yearbook entries
👉GOP indicate that even if Brett DID attempt to rape Dr Ford he should still be confirmed
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Sep 17, 2018
Orin Hatch says he believes "this woman, whoever she is, is mixed up"

Yeah, cause us Women get confused & mixed up real easily. Especially about Attempted Rape

This woman, a DOCTOR, a clinical psychology professor & a biostatistician at a University, got MIXED UP

STFU old man!
So sorry #OrrinHatch I misspelled your name....I must have been MIXED UP or maybe its because

"I Really Don't Care Do U"
@SenSusanCollins Don’t you see?👇
You’re not only siding AGAINST the millions of women who want to be able to make decisions about their own body...

But you side w/ sexist pigs like @senorrinhatch when you do it. A vote for Kavanaugh is standing w/ the rich old sexist white men
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Aug 20, 2018
I thought I would bump up some of my old threads for those who haven't seen them. Trumps Corruption runs deep - Here are some of my deep dive attempts to delve into some of Trumps shady dealings...

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Aug 7, 2018
Asbestos is now in.

Don’t worry Formaldehyde - I’m sure Trump is working hard in the background and your day will come. Patience, he will get to you all
In a cruel twist of irony, the Trump Govt is bring back Asbestos, the Green Party gave that same party a boost last night in Ohio. 1,127 people cast their vote for the party they thinks gonna save the planet, instead they may have put a nail in the 🌎 coffin & helped the GOP
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Aug 6, 2018
This weekends Portland stand off between the Far Right & citizens who came to say Fascism isnt welcome in Portland, Police stood btwn the 2 groups. When the stand off became tense Police threw flashbang grenades AT the citizens AGAINST fascism PROTECTING Trump supporting fascists
Portlands Hate Crime Laws say a Hate Crime is the threat of violence towards people due to their race, religion, sexual orientation
The fascists threaten violence against all these groups yet the Police attacked the group protesting Hate.

Trump has officially incited violence
In Trumps World White Supremacy is protected by the Police despite the fact that they brought weapons and were purposefully inciting violence

The people protesting White Supremacy were charged by Police w/ their batons drawn

And as we predicted a reporter was hurt covering it..
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