Short Thread:
The effort would be massive; prob. started LONG before the timeline that the media has pushed!

** Liberals have been howling about Cambridge A. & saying it ties Trump to Russia

** I looked into their claims & you have to see this!
2/ Some housecleaning:

- C.A. is definitely ‘complicated’
- Liberals believe it’s a slam dunk ‘Russia Collusion’ connection
- There are some journalists who have dug in and found good/relevant data, though I disagree with their conclusions — here is one

3/ @NafeezAhmed did an exhaustive piece on facebook that includes a lot of relevant info.

** Its long & detailed
** I commend him (too) for the amount of research involved
** His stance on C.A. is different than most others - I suggest ppl read it too…
3/ I also find this thread by @JohnWHuber relevant...

** Shows the intel ties that exist in the precise location this group originates

** Indeed the news is talking about #StefanHalper a lot; ppl want to know where he & #Misfud are

4/ Last background point and then I’ll cut to the chase:

** Idk what ALL of this means yet

** Misinfo & Misdirection is always a part of espionage & counter-intel ops

** Ppl would do well to drop their historical bias — this was always asymmetrical
5/ When I hear someone that is supposedly on Trumps side get injected into ‘Russia Narrative’ it grabs my attention

🚨 When they inject themselves the lights & sirens go off!…
6/ The parent company of Cam. An. is SCL Group — they specialize in information warfare!

And they are freaking good at it — US & UK military pay them for it!

Here’s an archive of their website — check it out.
7/ I’m going to stress again — these are NOT the types of guys that simply make unforced errors!

We have used them in Iraq/Afghanistan — they have a history of being involved in this EXACT type of scenario!

NATO uses them to battle Russian Propaganda.…
8/ So you tell me: is this an unforced error?

** I LMFAO at the dopes that buy this hook, line & sinker

** I focus more time on the media — which ones are agents of this information warfare and which ones are useful idiots?

The latter are much prefered, but still unfortunate.
9/ How good are they at their jobs if a ‘Whistle Blower’ can cause conflict that drags more than just Trump into the fray?

** Can anyone think of how a story like this could be usesful?

⚠️Caution: It can be useful for multiple scenarios!!…
10/ CNN makes the case that this is Russian Collusion throughout the whole election.

They point to financing by Mercer & the ‘alt-right’ Bannon. Alexander Nix was ‘caught on hidden camera’ offering Ukrainian women to the gents from Singapore.

Christopher Wiley = ‘Whistlebower’
11/ The ‘unforced errors’ are all over the place but to move forward... here is the guy that was thrown under the bus: Aleksandr Kogan

** Cambridge Professor from Moldova
** Just happens to have been paid by Russia for Research
** Blamed for ‘stealing the data’ from facebook
12/ Kogan now runs a different company involved in AI — all of these guys are extremely smart in different ways.

There is a complicated corporate structure & its alleged that Kogan stole the facebook data via GSR under the cover of academic research.
13/ 🚨ICYMI: Mr Kogan also had a name change (aka Aleksandr Spectre)!

** Unforced error??

Media & Liberals went🍌 and as there is an appearance of hiding his real identity.

These dude’s are good!!
14/ There is much more(!!!) to each one of these guys that 90% of #FakeNews media covering them ought to be interrogated regarding their intentions!

** I suspect that some in media are active misinfo agents 🤨

Moving on...
15/ If #FakeNews media had done an honest & competent job they would have been terrified to cover this story!

** Facebook is saying that our #whistleblower was involved in the data theft as employee of “Eunoia Technology”

** Parent company in Cambridge w/sub in Deleware
16/ In fact, that company did contract work in Canada as well

** Its currently under investigation

** Is #FakeNews interested in Mr. Wylie’s first political job... for the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada??

18/ We are witnessing very good information warfare — these guys are experts!

** When Kogan’s name changed to ‘Spectre’ he said it was due to his recent marriage...

** He met his wife in Cambridge, but is from Singapore

** Several hits on that company name in Singapore
19/ Interestingly, there is also one in Malta, of all places!

Is it related? How the hell should I know — Malta is the kind of place where it is difficult to track this info.

** #FakeNews would establish this a ‘muh Russia’ bc they haven’t connected #Whistleblower with Eunoia
20/ But as a @realDonaldTrump supporter we see Malta and perk up bc we want to know:

1. Where the hell is #Misfud !!!

2. Who in the hell is in this photo with him

3. Who in #FakeNews can’t put this together vs who is gaslighting the piss out of ppl
21/ I haven’t shared 1/2 of it, but I’ll say this:

⚠️Be careful what you read & what assumptions you make

** These dudes are professionals

** This started a lot earlier than almost any of us realized

End: And for god’s sake, don’t let the media or anyone else tell you there isn’t spying or manipulate who you trust!

The more you learn the more you realize about the ENTIRE ordeal, like this other spin-off, the fact is:

👉🏻 It’s Complicated!👈🏻…
PS. I want to make this absolutely clear:

This situation with Cambridge is so F-ing complicated that I’m not even going to point out who I think is doing what...

Just know there is WAY more here than being told.

** watch out for the BS because its Deep

** Support POTUS!

• • •

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Sep 1, 2018
There is something strange going on with Stephan Halper’s Federal Contracts...

I’m not going to thread conclusions (yet) - I’m going to show some surprising anomalies and let the twitter collective go to work.

🔥Ready to be pissed off?🔥

Quick Reminder: Halper has had a variety of contracts - it appears to start in 2013 and last one ended March 2018...
When you see multiple contracts year over year w/same agency (like Halper’s history shows) you often to see what is called an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

It is a multi-year agreement that helps streamline the process - I couldn’t find one.
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Aug 21, 2018

Any plans to update your story? You should...

As you can clearly see, there is evidence that Ms. Brazile didn’t leave DC for Seattle until after the murder.

See below - it will fit in nicely with the ‘twitter evidence’ you used in your article!

And lastly, Andrew - was this your attempt to reach @RealMattCouch for comment on your article?
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Aug 19, 2018
Who the hell is ‘our guy’?

@dbongino did an awesome show on this topic, but...

Maybe we should look at a couple candidates that everyone is missing.

Even if they aren’t ‘our guy’... it’ll be good to get better acquainted, bc there is something BIG there!

New Thread
2. 99% of the ‘inter-webs’ are already familiar with this topic, but for those that aren’t:

* Listen to Bingino’s podcast, and
* Read this article from @themarketswork…
3. There are several being considered; here are a few common names:

Deripaska, Rinat Akhmetshin, Mifsud & Milan, etc

But, are we missing the forest for the trees? Stick with me here...
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Jul 13, 2018
1. Yes, it is devastating. And @lukerosiak has been talking about it for 2 years now!

Time to catch up!

2. Here is the video - @replouiegohmert gets straight to the point about the ICIG findings that Strzok ignored.

(PS: There’s some pretty decent fireworks there too.)

3. Quick Background: The ICIG they are referencing is Chuck McCullough

🔥You may remember him as being targeted for blowing the whistle

🔥This is not exactly how whistleblowers should be treated!!

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Jul 7, 2018
A massive story! I caution heavily about stories that run on ‘scoops’, I want to look at a small portion of that article and a couple texts.

[Very Short Thread]
2. The portion of article I’m referencing is below - it identifies that FBI sent a liaison to the Trump Transition Team

“... with expertise in FBI’s most sensitive surveillance equipment”

I agree — that is weird!
3. Is this claim bolstered by the Texts? 🤔


Check this one out:

“If [redacted] husband is there, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential relationships.”

11-17-2016, pg 443

Read around that text - sounds like they are sending someone in.
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Jul 6, 2018
1. Original Source article:…

Here is a translated version, but I’m going to make a couple comments below:…
2. I’m not going to disclaimer this piss out of this - I don’t know (or care who this group is that translated it.

They have a Russia flag on there, but I don’t give a crap who translates it — I care if it translated correctly, or not.
3. I ran spot checks via google translate and it checks out...

Done! I’m using it!

But I had to lmao...
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