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Former minister of stabilisation and reconstruction, Libya NTC - 2011 Former country director and senior advisor- World Bank RTs/likes not endorsement
Jun 1, 2018 39 tweets 16 min read

The Case for a ‘Strategic Backstop' mechanism for Libya

#LibyaStrategicBackstop #Libya needs a strategic relationship with one member of the #UNSC to act as an International ‘Backstop’.

The purpose of the Strategic Backstop mechanism is to ensure effective 'Triangulation' of the #Libyan transition and ‘stop’ #Libya from falling ‘back’ into conflict
May 28, 2018 135 tweets 31 min read
Twitter Thread - #NewStartforLibya

Ladies and gentlemen, the political and economic situation in #Libya today makes life hard for everyone, for #Libyans, our neighbours and the rest of the world. But we may still have hope that this can change. I tweet today, not as a representative of any institution, faction or interest group but as someone who only wants the best for Libya; and #Libya surely deserves much better than she has had for the last fifty or so years.