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Head of Engineering, Ford Digital | Co-founder & Consultant with @RiverGlide | Advisor to Driven by Diversity | creator of the #ScreenplayPattern
Feb 8, 2018 25 tweets 7 min read
Some great questions from @tpflug on #cryptocurrency that I thought others might also be asking... And, in this thread, I'm going to try to answer them...
Why care about crypto?
What can we do with them?
So much fraud & wasted energy: what am I missing?
Why care about #cryptocurrency?
Crypto-currency is to banking, payments and (soonish with Atomic Swaps) currency exchange – as the internet was to high-street retail, music buying, movie rental and more. It's going to change these industries. It's already beginning to change them
Oct 26, 2017 5 tweets 2 min read
#Thread 1/4
If you work on #OpenSource Software and wish you were making a living from it...
These are three must reads, by @mperham... 2/4
"How to make $100k in OSS by working hard"…