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Ret./👩‍🦽 Disabled RN- MAKE RACISM WRONG AGAIN, #WearAMask, #Vaccinate, #ChronicPain, #CPP, 🚫trump #ClimateChange, #bluecrew, Bead Artist, Democrat, Widow
Jun 29, 2018 29 tweets 8 min read
Looonng thread! AND:
This is a dangerous post.

Read it at your own mind's risk

It's dramatic and crazy, the stuff of Hollywood

You'll say it can't possibly happen here... not IN AMERICA!

Or can it? In 2016, Donald Trump is elected President. Almost immediately, certain people begin to question how it happened and start collecting information on the FACT that RUSSIA, OUR ENEMY, has assisted Trump in his efforts

In the meantime, Trump begins to dismantle Democracy.
Apr 18, 2018 13 tweets 5 min read
1) I'm back. You may have noticed I've been suspiciously absent lately. Only a tweet here and there the last week.

I debated about explaining my relative absence, then reminded myself I'd always reveal when anything came up to help smash the stigma.

#MentalHealthAwareness 2) Let me remind you I'm Bipolar type 2. Hypomanic. I'm very well managed on my meds, and having been a Nurse for so many years, I'm a fanatic about taking my meds, I never miss a dose unless it's beyond my control.