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Imagine you are having a STEMI - a thread in 5 parts...

You call an ambulance, but the police arrive. They handcuff you and bundle you into the back of their van.

You are carted off to an emergency department, where the doctors only have a vague understanding of your disease.
They are unable to prescribe any treatment other than painkillers, and nothing to treat your MI

You are then left in a cubicle without a trolley to lie on for 4 hours until a specialist nurse comes to see you.
They understand your condition, and diagnose it well, but don’t explain to you what is happening.

You wait in the cubicle for another 18hrs for a bed. If you are lucky you might get some food and drink, and if you’re really lucky a trolley.
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We need to talk about mental illness within the asian/muslim community because the stigma attached to it is massive. Parents are more likely to push the narrative that their child is possessed than admit that they need help with their mental health.
And this is seriously toxic, it's not something that can carry on because we will lose a whole generation of young people. In my experience the greater stigma is attached to mental illness within the older generations.
When word goes round that someone is suffering from mental illness then that person goes through what is effectively a social boycott. People stop associating with them and start distancing themselves.
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Medicine vs. The Machine (thread)

For doctors, nurses, and other healers these are distressing times. The epidemic of depression, suicide, anxiety and burnout that consumes our profession is at least less hidden than ever before. I don't know anyone who is spared.
Let me share a mental model that has provided comfort to me. Perhaps it might resonate with you too. You see, I believe that we exist in two worlds: the world of Medicine, and the world of The Machine.
Medicine is why we are here, why we have worked, sweated, and suffered. Medicine is the calling, and it is an ancient good. There are good days and bad days in Medicine. The days when you save a life, comfort the suffering, support a colleague, make a deductive leap...
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It’s mental health awareness week-and as 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental illness I’d like to share with you my story.I have nothing to hide and no qualms about delving into my very candid story about my mental health. Trigger warning: suicide idealisation and a long read..
began feeling ‘strange’ around August time 2017. I can’t put my finger on what triggered it or what led me to decline so quickly but I just didn’t feel ‘right’.It all came to a head at Christmas time when I drove home on the motorway drunk after a fall out during a night out
I didn’t fear for my life, I already had it in my head that I was ok if I didn’t survive. Things got worse after that. I made it into work the first day back after Christmas and honestly didn’t know how I hadn’t crashed my car because that’s all I was thinking about doing
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1) I'm back. You may have noticed I've been suspiciously absent lately. Only a tweet here and there the last week.

I debated about explaining my relative absence, then reminded myself I'd always reveal when anything came up to help smash the stigma.

2) Let me remind you I'm Bipolar type 2. Hypomanic. I'm very well managed on my meds, and having been a Nurse for so many years, I'm a fanatic about taking my meds, I never miss a dose unless it's beyond my control.

3) Many bipolars are noncompliant with meds bc they like the feeling of their mania. They feel energized, in control of the world, able to accomplish anything. People often don't sleep much during a manic phase, feel focused even though they're scattered.

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Borderline Personality Disorder aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is one of the most misunderstood, stigmatised & complex mental health diagnoses (Thread) #BPD #EUPD
One could write pages relating to the condition BPD and a layman’s understanding would still be incomplete. For this reason I am going to try and keep it short, simple and concise as I can and explain to you what BPD is to me.
BPD is intense feelings of loneliness & an inability to sit with myself without resorting to poor coping behaviours #BPD #EUPD #MentalHealthAwareness
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