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1/Children & young people with autism and learning disabilities who could be living in the community with specialist support are languishing for years in Assessment & Treatment Units, some of them locked up 24/7 in isolation rooms, bec of severe financial pressure on Local Auths
2/ At the same time, private providers running these ATUs are raking in profits, being paid £452m per yr in what has become a market driven provision where autistic and LD people are little more than commodities
3/ This in spite of the fact that caring for them in the community would be far less expensive not to mention far better for the individuals concerned, their quality of life, their security and safety and their wellbeing
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A lot of brouhaha in the #gunviolence world about this well-reported article showing that @CDCgov data on the number of NON-FATAL gun injuries is not accurate.…

I want to highlight a few things about this article.
1. First, kudos to the writers for highlighting an issue that all of us #gunviolence researchers bemoan: that there are NO GOOD SOURCES OF DATA on non-fatal gun injuries. As the article reports, even the CDC admits that its data on #gunviolence injuries are unreliable.
2. Please note that this issue is not unique to #gunviolence non-fatal injuries. It’s also observed for other types of injuries (like drownings).

It’s because of the way that the CDC is forced to collect non-fatal-injury data.
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Labour's Shadow Chancellor, @johnmcdonnellMP, has released a statement regarding the sickening news that single parents and families will lose £200 per month under #UniversalCredit.
His statement is in response to this.

#DWP boss Esther McVey admits millions to lose £200 a month on #UniversalCredit

McVey has been forced to admit single parents and families face a £2400 a year benefit cut next year…
Just the day before this came out;

DAMNING study shows Universal Credit to blame for dramatic rise in foodbank use.

#UniversalCredit to blame for a rise in claimants experiencing debt & #mentalhealth issues

Not to mention a 52% increase in #foodbank use…
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I know there’re many sad & depressed people on twitter seeking whose light to put out at the slightest sign of happiness that eclipses their forlorn desire. I need to appeal to u to seek help. You don’t need to respond to any Tweet that intimidates you or questions your sanity.
As they say 25% of people you meet here will never like you regardless of what you do to appease or please them for reasons best known to them. So you might as well be yourself. Another 25% will be on the fence- join praisers & critics alike on your case depending on their mood.
25% Will love you even after witnessing your committing murder. They will make enemies on your behalf and spend blood for your sake regardless of how much you push them back. They are your fans for life in riches and in poverty till death do you part.
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Lung disease.
Heart diseases.

These noncommunicable diseases are the world's biggest killers, responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths worldwide.

Today more than ever, we need your help to #BeatNCDs & promote #MentalHealth!

The #UNGA High-level meeting on noncommunicable diseases just started! Let’s #BeatNCDs
📺 live: via @UNWebTV
“Noncommunicable diseases are widespread. I call on you leaders to fulfil commitments you already made to integrate action on NCDs”—@AminaJMohammed, @UN Deputy Secretary-General at the #UNGA high-level meeting to #beatNCDs
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#Florence is finally moving away from the Carolinas (severe flooding still ongoing for several more days), and the long-term recovery process is beginning. It's important to keep in mind the psychological impacts of disasters on humans. (Thread)
Many people impacted by a disaster, especially those with direct experience, endure temporary distress after the event, which can take days or weeks to diminish.
Symptoms of temporary distress include trouble sleeping, becoming angry or upset more easily, problems at school or work, a sense of isolation, flashbacks or nightmares, and difficulty concentrating or listening.
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Recent article of mine on “organized stalking” or “gang stalking.” TransLink says they are obligated to run these ads promoting what experts call a “delusional” belief system that could be harmful to #mentalhealth (Thread)…
It was fascinating to research but also incredibly sad to think about the people who believe they are being gang-stalked but are more likely suffering from some type of mental illnesses and need help.
Research has found these people are more likely to change jobs, cut social ties, move and even carry weapons. How can you possibly trust anyone when you think a vast conspiracy is out to get you and anyone could be part of it? It must be so incredibly lonely.
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This is a thread on the repealed #Ontario health & education curriculum. Let’s start with the most important point. IT IS NOT SEX ED. The curriculum is HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION. @fordnation uses hot button terms like #SexEd to fire up religious extremists
Before you make any comments regarding the content of the it: ……
Since so many critics of the updated curriculum are aghast at the disgusting content to be taught to our innocent lil munchkins starting at the tender age of 5, this thread focuses only on gr 1-3
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1/ Lots of people asking me lately about how I public speak to large groups so frequently despite having struggled with anxiety. Here's some advice.
2/ First, I will say as someone who had GAD, panic disorder and OCD: not all anxiety is what it looks like on TV. I did not struggle with hand-washing or organizing with my OCD. I did not have problems with social situations despite GAD.
3/ We have so much work to do with #mentalhealth in the media to change the misunderstanding and stereotypes.
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1/ In case we needed more reasons for building better cities, the evidence is growing that #mentalhealth is significantly affected by #urbanplanning and #urbandesign ... whether for the better or the worse is up to us ...
2/ Exposure to natural light is linked to better sleep, reduced stress, and better work/school performance A well-designed city ensures access to natural light on sidewalks, in public spaces, and inside homes and offices.
3/ Boring streetscapes, with monotonous, feature-less facades and lack of sensory stimulation, can increase sadness, addiction and disease-related stress
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Know Your (Personal) Rights…
#1: I have the right to ask for what I want.
You are allowed to ask. You don't have to mind-read beforehand to make sure the answer will be yes. You don't have to swallow everything you want or like or need. Sure, it's possible the answer will be "no," but you can prepare for that possibility. It's not wrong to ask.
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Dear white sisters & brothers in #TORONTO,

I’m asking you a question that may make you uncomfortable, that may make you recoil, that may make you hide, &/or that may make you retaliate in various ways.

You are the majority of people who vote.
Your vote has impacted our lives.
Yes white sisters & brothers, your. Your vote has impacted our lives.

#TORONTO #TOpoli #ElectionTO

This thread is not about making you feel guilty. Know that I write this with love to you because I love you & want better for our City. In order for our City to thrive we must work towards certain goals together.

We must ensure #CommunityWellness!

#TORONTO #TOpoli #ElectionTO
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1. Today’s word of the day:


View or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is.…

3. If you haven’t been following the story:

- Black activist posts to Facebook alleging theater is racist. Doesn’t mention that the people in the confrontation involved her white boyfriend in conflict with two other men they thought were white.

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@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @BrightonSurvivorsNET “In the light of a highly disturbing increase of #transphobia locally & nationally…” IF everything anybody says or does is #transphobia, of course you can say it is rising. Any reputable statistics?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK “…so the date @Womans_Place_UK event feels like a concerted effort to make #trans ppl, & particularly #transwomen, feel #intimidated and #invalidated” Is it the position of SN that the sensitivities of #transwomen mean that #democracy should be suspended any time they say so?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @Womans_Place_UK #Transwomen do face special challenges but they remain #bio #logical #males but it is fine for them #Gender express as ‘women’ but with the best will in the world, they remain #bio #logically #male @WomenEqualities @Commonswomequ @PennyMordaunt @MariaMillerUK @LesleySemmens
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8 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About #Depression As A Black Woman x @CulturynLife… #MentalHealth
"I didn’t realize it was depression at first..."… @awkward_duck #MentalHealth
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 12, 13, 2018
1. Former Border Patrol Agent Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute 4ANPP Used in the Manufacturing of Fentanyl

#BorderPatrol #fentanyl #4anpp #drugtrafficking #SanYsidro #mexico…
2. Phony “Prince” Charged with Committing Child Sex Offenses

#DavidMilliner #childpornography #childabuse #childsexabuse…
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This has played on my mind for a few months now because the conversation keeps popping up between myself & a handful of close friends. I am regularly & consistently asked how I made changes in my life. Referring to the last 3 years & specifically the last 6 months (all of 2018).
Change wasn’t easy for me. But the choice to change WAS. Let’s deal with the drugs and #ChemSex stuff first. I eventually began to emerge from some crippling emotional trauma in 2015. My reality was not as bad as it had previously been.
Then the whole #HIV thing happened which very quickly sparked the whole #PrEP thing. I very unexpectedly found myself working intensely and passionately on something I cared about. That I loved. There was a responsibility that came with it. The responsibility not to screw it up.
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The intellectually indolent sons of perdition have finally given up digging for dirt but have clung unto the rhetoric “he campaigned for Jonathan” I’m I not a citizen with the inalienable right to choose who leads my generation? Is this a crime? How does this taint one? 🤔
Aren’t you glad I’m not part of the intellectually bereft who hailed the Trojan horse of a phantasmagoric Change and now had to watch thousands of innocent souls perish based on their political illiteracy and aversion to history? 🤔
I understand there is no coming to consciousness without pain. But can’t U suffer from the consequences of your choice without projecting your personal failure unto others to punish? Unlike others I have moved on & chosen a path, why can’t u do the same? Why seek to discredit? 🤔
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1 like = one thing I think about #mentalhealth that I will probably will never get commissioned to write about.
Things I'll not get asked to write about 1: The things that people use their #mentalhealth medication for apart from the reasons they were originally prescribed it and what cool 'off-script' uses people have found
Things I'll not get asked to write about 2: Whether rigid CBT for #mentalhealth can deal with the reality of class and other structural inequality
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The few methods of communicating info in immigration prisons (call ctrs, word of mouth) are not accessible for disabled/deaf folks.

Attorneys/advocates, please actively look for disabled folks during visits & ask your clients if they've seen disabled/deaf folks in their prisons.
Rapid response teams are noting extremely high need for #MentalHealth support for hearing/non-disabled folks due to the psychological toll of separations/conditions.

The need is magnified with Disabled/#DeafInPrison.

You can submit info anonymously here:
Folks keep mentioning detention & deportation as though they're unaware of how deadly our system is.

US jails & prisons KILL
Deportation KILLS
Family separation KILLS

This is being done in our names & now is not the time to sit down quietly.

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What the fxck is #MentalHealth ?

A Thread
RT to save a soul.
What the fxck is #MentalHealth ?

Part B
Behaviours associated with #MentalHealth conditions.

Part A
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How can I explain #mystory to people who think #depression is sadness and #PTSD is something only war veterans get? Normal people rely on their moods being stable, their thoughts being their own, their long-term plans coming along in satisfying stages./1
Now pretend you get kidnapped, randomly, every few weeks. You’re dumped back into your life and have to somehow pick up where you left off. It takes time. Sometimes you’re just getting oriented when it happens again./2
Sometimes you go a long time without getting kidnapped, and your life is going really well, getting a lot done, and you think you’ll never get kidnapped again. Then one day, you do. For two weeks. /3
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I am startled that at an event aimed at supporting women in higher education & in addressing social media trolling, the President of UUK decides to use – at least according to a tweet from @AdvanceHE – such profoundly stigmatising #mentalhealth language #mentalhealth #LFAurora
I have been disturbed about this all day. Not least because Janet Beer sits on @REF_2021 Equality & Diversity Advisory Panel Could we please receive clarification, after @AdvanceHE's tweet of Janet Beer's apparently direct speech? #LFAurora
Furthermore, it would be helpful to have clarification on the trolling alleged in @AdvanceHE's tweet () in light of this #LFAurora
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