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Matt Palmquist, writer/editor. Connoisseur of the last Civil War. Here's hoping we avoid another one. I block neo-Confed and MAGA.
Sep 20, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
#OnThisDay, as the devout William Rosecrans galloped to the rear and, in his own words, “prostrated myself in spirit at the feet of our Crucified Lord and implored His most Sacred heart to pity us,” George Thomas was NOT in the mood for pity. He was too busy building a line. Rosecrans was a complex dude and a titan of his era, but at Chickamauga, his wild temperament got the best of him and he became one of the few men on Earth who could say, “I was outgeneraled by Braxton Bragg.” (It hurts just to type that. Let’s give Longstreet the credit.)