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My passions are politics, feminism, and Corgi husbandry. I have a blackbelt in pro-choice.
Sep 25, 2018 13 tweets 2 min read
Stuff (too many) white liberals/centrists care more about than stopping fascism:

1. Being a @nytimes subscriber.

2. "Bipartisanship"

3. "Civility"

4. Getting along with MAGA relatives

5. NPR

6. Contrarianism

7. "Free speech!"

8. #NotAllMen

9. Bitcoin

10. Superdelegates 11. Bernie

12. Trump voters' feelings

13. How to save the GOP from itself

14. Trade policies

15. Chris Hayes

16. Rachel Maddow

17. Vaccination schedules

18. The DNC
Jul 15, 2018 44 tweets 23 min read
Did a google search of "Wikileaks Podesta emails" from June to November 2016. Time to expose some "journalists" who, wittingly or not, acted as Russian assets, starting with @elizacollins1 of USA Today here:… Here's @thomasfrank_ doing Putin's bidding:…