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I don't think men really understand how different it is to be a woman out in the world and how quickly things can turn dangerous.
When I was living in New Orleans, I was walking home from work one night. It was fall--dark early & foggy.
A man came out of the fog toward me.
He said hi, I said hi.
As he started to pass me, he asked me if I had the time.
I looked at my watch, looked up, he had a gun pointed at me.
He hit me so fast I wasn't able to steel myself.
I fell to the ground.
He said, "I could rape you right now, but I don't have time."
He wanted my money.
I had the grocery money for the entire house (I lived with 3 other people) in my purse.
He took it and disappeared into the fog.
The whole thing was maybe ten minutes, start to finish.
I was shaking so hard I could hardly get up.
My head was bleeding.
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It is very, very tough for women to remember accounts of when they were touched inappropriately; a ‘harmless’ hug that looks OK but makes them alone cringe.
I was 8, maybe 9. I was sleeping. My mom was supervising a recording session for her documentary. Felt a man in priestly robes feel up my privates and I woke up. Told her ‘that uncle is bad’. This was in the studio called Santhome Communications that still exists.
Maybe I was 10/11, December Music Festival, ‘respectable mama’ whose name I dont remember kept pinching my thigh throughout a concert.
I heard more gross stories of Sabha secretaries.
In retrospect, a lot of children weren’t safe around some adults.
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Like many women l, I’ve been around a lot of really drunk men in high school, college, and beyond.

There’s only one whose name causes me to go into a cold sweat though.

Talk to women.
Brett Kavanaugh is not being questioned for getting really drunk, a lot—though lying about it a) is dumb b)speaks to character c) is a piece with his other lies. He’s being questioned for the actions he took while very drunk. Actions that most men do not take.
He’s trying out for one of the most powerful jobs in the country. With a lifetime appointment. Why are we even contemplating someone demonstrating—then and now—such low moral character?
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Stuff (too many) white liberals/centrists care more about than stopping fascism:

1. Being a @nytimes subscriber.

2. "Bipartisanship"

3. "Civility"

4. Getting along with MAGA relatives

5. NPR

6. Contrarianism

7. "Free speech!"

8. #NotAllMen

9. Bitcoin

10. Superdelegates
11. Bernie

12. Trump voters' feelings

13. How to save the GOP from itself

14. Trade policies

15. Chris Hayes

16. Rachel Maddow

17. Vaccination schedules

18. The DNC
19. "Messaging"

20. What inspires them to vote for someone

21. "Fake News"
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At this particular moment, @TheAtlantic dusts off a two year old story to go #NotAllMen.
The scene: a children's hospital cancer ward
The Atlantic's twitter account strides boldly through the doors: "there are actually lots of diseases that have tragic outcomes. Let's talk about *those*"
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Thread super relou contre la passivité et l'indifférence générale des gentils hommes :
Comme beaucoup, je n’en peux plus des #notallmen et autres chouineurs anti-féministes, mais au delà de ça, je me sens tout aussi lasse, de manière plus générale, par l’indifférence absolue de la majorité des hommes. Oui, des cools, des hommes décents, des real nice guys, aussi.
Sérieusement, où sont les types qui font réellement quelque chose, qui se remettent en question pas juste pour se faire mousser ou se sentir mieux, mais pour déconstruire le sexisme et les comportements masculins toxiques qu’on a tous internalisés ? Dans le désordre :
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99% Männer:
Frauen sind hysterisch, sollen sich nicht so haben, die paar nettgemeinten Klatscher auf'n Po, was zieht'se sich auch so an, wenn'se's Trinkgeld nicht in den Ausschnitt haben will? Vergewaltigt, naja, ob das'ne richtige war, weiß man ja nicht, Aussage geg. Aussage &
Frauen sind ja hysterisch. Immer viel zu emotional, auch wenn'se geil aussehen. Darf man ja ma sagen...antwortet nicht, die hässliche Schlampe? War ja klar, die will ja eh keiner. Zu mehr, als zur Tippse oder zur Saftschubse reicht's doch gar nich' & dann wernse alalong schwanger
1% Männer: grummelt unhörbar.

85% Frauen: (peinliches gekicher) das meint er ja nicht so, war ja nur'n Klaps, tut ja keinem weh. Und is' ja irgendwie'n Kompliment, wahrscheinlich. Jetzt trage ich eben hochgeschlossen und teil mir das Trinkgeld mit den Kollegen. Tränen, ach was,
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A lil depressed Gandhi's woefully inadequate response to Dr Ambedkar's Annihilation of Caste was... basically #NotAllBrahmins
Dr Ambedkar's response to Gandhi's garbage reasoning on #NotAllBrahmins will forever be my response to #NotAllMen
Dr Ambedkar's take down of Gandhi's position of Hindu privilege is brilliant. Esp as a response to the #NotAllMen argument when male privilege is pointed out.
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Sad that @DietlandAMC is over (hopefully just for this season). Plum (@JoyNash you were spectacular) was such a character for right now, for this angry, fight-back, badass, warrior woman moment.

That percolating revolution-- #MeToo #NotAllMen #YesAllWomen--touched deep.
The writing, the acting, the power, the hypocrisy, the betrayals, the realness--#Dietland/@DietlandAMC felt like such a big slice of Everywoman's life.

It was a refuge and a place to ponder. I know it opened doors for many women. (Mostly I needed the vent for my Trump rage.)
I hadn't thought at all about some of the issues in #Dietland and that embarrasses me as a feminist--that I hadn't thought about space in the world and how some women are taught to hide in ways I never had to or thought to. Those were powerful revelations for many of us.
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A thread: the responses to Eurydice Dixon's assault and murder that are framed around women's personal responsibility and men's collective innocence contribute to the very factors which lead to violence against women #auspol #EurydiceDixon #YesAllMen…
The most consistent predictors of violence against women are factors associated with gender inequality. These gendered drivers of violence include (i) condoning men's violence, (ii) limiting women's independence, (iii) beliefs in rigid gender roles and (iv) male peer culture
Societies which condone violence through social norms i.e. widely held attitudes experience higher levels of violence against women. People condone violence in a number of ways: by excusing violence, trivialising it or shifting blame from the perpetrator to the victim
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I can do this thing.

Ladies, circle up.
As @polotek points out succinctly, sexism and misogyny is what men do to women. Toxic masculinity is what men do to each other. AND women can enforce, perpetuate, encourage and uphold toxic masculinity in many ways.
For all the dudes who showed up to the #ToxicMasculinity thread asking about #toxicfemininity, well I stand by my point that it’s not a term, but it’s only not a term because it hasn’t been properly defined and researched.
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A group of men is called a threat
Okay this has too many damn retweets now so I’ve gotta clear up a few things about a tweet I didn’t expect to pop off
1. Men, if a woman in your life retweeted this pls just take a moment to really reflect on the unfortunate reality that she genuinely is frightened of men. If you’re truly a good man then that should upset you and make you want to help fix that!
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There's no contradiction.

When I was a kid I knew the difference between blackberries and any other berry you might find in the hedges.

But my partner was told "berries in the hedges can poison you". And despite the exceptions like blackberries, that's true as a general rule.
Similarly, "birds fly" is a general rule, despite the existence of ostriches and penguins.

You can expect to find exceptions to almost any real-life example of a general rule. But that doesn't mean "birds fly" is a lie: given a random bird, it's a safe bet that it flies.
Likewise, men as a whole can exhibit particular behaviour in order to be classified as men. (Even if you think a man is someone with a penis, presumably you can tell who is a man without checking their pants.)

Any statement about that behaviour will implicitly have exceptions.
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Hello dudes! Picture this: you’re scrolling through twitter, minding your own business, liking tweets about your favorite sports team or music artist, maybe even a funny meme or an article, and there it is...a tweet asking women about their experiences with being harassed by men.
You feel that little twinge in your chest, a clutch almost. Are they talking about you?! You could keep scrolling but you click on it and see the stories, so many stories being shared. You feel threatened. Small. You need to let them know... it’s time for... Not All Man!
Or maybe you go a different route. Maybe you want them to know that men feel this way too! Maybe you want to be What About Man. Stop right there! Take a deep breath. Don’t be this guy.
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Le site @NeoMasculin a signé un magnifique (non) article sur les tatouages et sur "pourquoi c'est pas bien". Vu que c'est un joli ramassis de pensées purement mascu et de grosses conneries, j'ai envie de vous en parler.
Déjà, on apprend qu'une femme qui a pris du poids a "perdu de la valeur sur le marché sexuel". Parce que c'est bien connu, les femmes n'existent dans le regard des hommes que pour être baisées, et les grosses, ça se baise pas. (Je vous met la définition en capture parce que lol)
On apprend aussi que les ne sont pas des personnes raisonnables, parce que les personnes qui sont raisonnables, elles font du sport et un régime, parce que c'est bien connu, ça marche même sur les personnes qui ont des problèmes génétiques ou hormonaux.
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I should be finishing my grad school application and writing sample. BUT, I need to write about Aziz Ansari. I'm getting tired of all the apologia, victim-blaming and using ambiguity to try and defend him from what he did. I will get flak for this, but I don't really care.
The point where Ansari should have stopped was this: "When Ansari told her he was going to grab a condom within minutes of their first kiss, Grace voiced her hesitation explicitly. “I said something like, ‘Whoa, let’s relax for a sec, let’s chill.’”

This is it. SHE SAID NO!
This is NOT rocket science. When someone says, " Whoa, let's relax for a sec, let's chill" when you say you want to go grab a condom so you can fuck them, your response must be, "I totally understand. What would you prefer?"

NOT what he did which was to pretend it didn't happen
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Couple of things, @sullydish...
Firstly, nice try but women will not be silent anymore, & you don’t get to tell us to shut up. Secondly, I believe @Lollardfish has already addressed this:

#TimesUp #MeToo #GTFO
Seriously, the fucking audacity of some ppl is astonishing. They never stop trying to silence survivors.

It’s incredible. The number of men accused is small compared to their victims. The number of men accused is small compared to how many men there are in Hollywood & DC.
I’m so done with this shit. Allow me to show y’all some shocking -yet not at all shocking to many of us- information.

*Trigger Warning*
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Ok dudes. Can we get real for a moment?

Men are:

15x more likely to be violent as kids

Responsible for 80%+ of all violent crimes

Culpable in 99% of mass shootings.

It looks like the problem might be us. Is it us?

If it's us. Any thoughts on why?
Like sure, we can go back and forth over socioeconomic status and race, etc... but the common denominator in violence is always men.
The data is there.

It's not a question of IF it's true. It just is.

My question is how the hell are we not discussing this amongst ourselves all the time?
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THREAD - Have been trying to determine exactly what is so toxic about #Cult45 recently. I understand disenfranchisement pre-2016, though #MAGA has now evolved into something much more diseased:
For over a year, myself & many others have been constantly mocked & force-feed sick propoganda in the ultimate act of Pathological Mirroring, accused of being fragile whiny crybabies,
"Libtards", "pussies", "snowflakes", "queers", "feminazis", "coastal elites", "communists", "animals", "cosmopolitans", laughing at genocide & rape, mocking the disabled, LGBT. Pick your poison.
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Misogyny and patriarchy aren't just a figment of women's imaginations. News at 11, y'all. 😒
The whole reason we're even stuck with a treasonous sociopath sexual predator in the WH is b/c too many millions of Americans were too hateful and stupid to vote for a qualified WOMAN.
So please spare us with your fake ass shock and awe that men with power and privilege abuse it. Wake the fuck up already and join us in reality.
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I wanted to write a full piece on this but meanwhile here's a thread on how I've been horrible to women in the past. #MeToo #SoDoneChilling
Men, please read this. Especially if you believe feminism is a fad or if you think #NotAllMen is a valid point.
In college, I popped girls' bra straps in class, from behind. It was a laugh, and I used to tell people about it with barely hidden pride.
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Allez, petite pensée au CONNARD qui m'a emmerdée hier dans le métro. En espérant qu'il se souvient malgré l'alcool et a un peu honte.
(j'y crois pas beaucoup et j'en suis limite à regretter de pas lui avoir démonté la gueule comme je lui avais promis)
Bon alors pas mal de gens qui s'inquiètent, merci à vous, et du coup j'explique en détail.
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Been working 4 over 20 yrs. had more than a few “meetings” where I brought my cousin/friend along. Never had 2 twist their arms 2 cme either
That’s what was so horrifying about seeing folks talk about Cosby. “Why’d they go to his house?” You know how many houses I’ve been to...
...for auditions? Lots. Ppl use their houses as offices all the time. It was just so strange watching ppl who knew nothing about the biz...
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In past week I've had men on Twitter telling me I don't look well enough for TV, how I *should* treat depression and that I shouldn't swear
I do realise it's #notallmen but there's still #ahelluvalottamen who think they have some claim on how a woman they've never met should be
And am genuinely intrigued as to how you can become so arrogant that you think women still exist you've told what to do and who to be
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